Three Row Houses Damaged by Fire on Grant Circle


@IAFF36 tweets:

“Working fire #8 Grant Circle NW fire on the roof, bulk of fire knocked down checking attic for extension”

If you can avoid the area as traffic is a mess.



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  • Oh my… looks like the grey house was the $750k house with the extravagant crown moldings that was on GDON not long ago…?

    I think it had a contract pending on it, or maybe that contract just closed… 🙁

  • I would HATE to be the person that’s under contract for 8 Grant Circle.

    Jack5 – that’s the house. It went under contract at 699K.

  • Just passed by on my way home. The fire investigators are on the scene.

  • Can anyone clarify? Was this a house that was recently on the market? Or a not fixed up house? If a recent flip, pretty scary! What does ‘on GDON’ mean?
    Is there away for public t find out cause of fire?

  • Good thing they haven’t closed yet. Lucky to find out now!

  • That’s a shame such a beautiful house. But if it was bad electrical thank God the house was not purchased and no one was hurt. Does anyone know what happen on Farragut st at New Hampshire Garden Co-op on Memorial Day around 4 pm. DC Fire had 4 trucks on the scene. Multiple firefighters climbing ladders on the truck.

    • What’s important is finding where the fire started. It may have well been in a house next door to the newly renovated one. I’m pretty sure insurance covers the damage, but it’s a big setback. The buyer has a means to back out of the purchase depending on where they were in the buying process. Reminds me of how vulnerable row houses are to what happens next door. I saw the house when it was listed the first time at $750k, shame this fire happened.

    • anon. gardener

      house fires are scary, and i can’t imagine what the buyers are going through today. however, if the fire was in Number 8, they should look at it as an opportunity to fix all the sloppy finish work in that house before they move in.

  • This was no electrical fire at all. The fire was an accident that started on the roof. The blow torch simply got away from the roofer and within seconds the fire spread.

    For the record the entire electrical system in the home was completely replaced and passed city inspection. If you had an opportunity to tour the home during the open house you would have seen the high end improvements that were done to this property. It’ll be back in tip top shape in 30-45 days.

    • so I guess that means there was an issue with the roof that was being fixed? What was the result of the fire? If it burned through, did the rain lead to water damage in the house? (or was there already a leak and that’s why someone was up there with a blowtorch?) Is there going to be mold? Did it damage anything structurally or find its way to cause electrical problems? Is the buyer still going to buy it, or is it going back on the market once it gets to ‘tip top shape’?

      I saw the price on this house go from $750 to $730 to under $700 – and it’s too bad the ‘bad juju’ seems to be continuing, but I hope that the buyer is well taken care of for the delays, in one way or another.

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