The District’s First Walmart at 77 H Street, NW Now Hoping to Open November 1st

77 H Street, NW Looking East

Incredible progress at the new 77 H St, NW building. CityPaper reports that the District’s first Walmart is now hoping to open by Nov. 1st. You can see what the building looked like in Dec. 2012 here. Nevermind the Walmart for a moment – do you like the way the building is turning out?

77 H Street, NW Looking West

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  • The building looks like a good fit for the neighborhood. The GPO’s less attractive little cousin.

  • I think the building looks great!

  • Yes, I agree. It isn’t bad looking and fits in with the neighborhood.

  • I think it goes nicely with the other brick buildings already on this block. It is certainly a better use of the space than the surface parking it used to be. Is there going to be room for small separate stores or is the entire front going to be dominated by the wal-mart? The only wal-mart I’ve ever been to, in middle of nowhere rural Ohio, had a bank, barber shop and chain sandwich shop in the front of the store. I don’t know if that sort of thing is standard, but it would be nice if they could provided additional store fronts.

    • brookland_rez

      It’s going to have street facing small stores on the H St front.

    • Not trying to sound rude at alll but it completely blows my mind that you’ve only been to one Wal-Mart! It’s incredible how people can grow up so differently in this great country. I grew up in an extremely small Texas town where Wal-Mart and one other grocery store were, and still are, the only source of food and other household items for a 20 mile radius even reaching into a different state (Oklahoma).

      • The first time I went to Wal-Mart was when I was 18 and traveling through the South. There weren’t any even remotely close to me growing up (in CA).

        • Very interesting. My hometown is completely fueled by Wal-Mart. There’s no interest in investment from anyone else. I’m not quite sure what we would do without it.

  • Walmart itself is nice to have as an option as its not in an area where small businesses surround it. Not sure if id pay 2,000+ to live above a Walmart though.

  • While I am hardly a WalMart fan, kudos to them for the building … you won’t find many new retail buildings, at such a large scale, that are so thoughtfully designed.

  • It’s ironic that the store is located just a couple of blocks away from Georgetown Law School which is often considered the Walmart of law schools (“Quantity over Quality” is their motto).

  • UGLY….looks more like a government building than it does residential. Why not add balconies, maybe some color or different shades of brick and different set backs.

  • Ugly. Looks like a goverment building than it does residential. Should have balconies, different shades of brick and step backs to add character. Looks like a Walmart corp office than a store.

    • except the wal-mart corporate office looks like a self-store shop

    • hahaha. if you don’t like governmental buildings, you must not like dc very much.

    • The balconies will be for the inward-facing units. There are two courtyards, and those will have balconies…much more useful than they would be on busy, noisy H Street.

  • DC’s sold its soul to Walmart. Hope they fail.

    • so, you’ve never shopped at target, giant, or costco?

      • Why Costco? I thought they provided better pay and benefits than other big box stores. Anyway, posters generally don’t treat all corporations that fund right wing causes equally. You’ll never read the same strident posts about Wal-Mart, Target and Whole Foods (all of which have been welcomed with open arms) that you do about Chik-fil-A. Convenience and selection breed selective outrage, I guess.

      • do a little research anon. walmart is nothing like those other companies.

  • Awesome!

  • Good filler and better than an empty lot. Nothing amazing, but also nothing terrible. All in a all, a perfectly average to slightly above average DC landscraper.

  • The end is near, has already happened in every town that allowed the walmart beast in them. people shouldn’t buy there, the cost of their cheap trash is very high for society (remember the unemployed they cause, the part time employment low payment no protection they offer, and the slave work they use abroad bangladeshi style they use).

    • But it’s so cheap!

    • Apparently they made the District government a deal they couldn’t refuse, and we’ll all be paying for it for decades to come.

      • correct: since walmart doesn’t pay a living wage or hire many full-time employees, we’ll all be subsidizing their employees’ welfare and food stamps….

  • They are using this as a building to show-off to congressmen/women and their staff.

    See… We aren’t so bad!

  • brookland_rez

    The building looks great. Walmart really did a good job with their first urban store. It’s good to see the poster child of big box retail move beyond a box and sea of parking.

    • Wal-mart did not have anything to do with building or designing this building. They are only tenents with a lease.

  • building is better designed than I expected. I won’t shop there, but it’s a compatible building with it’s surroundings. That’s a real feat for a big box retailer

  • i think the building looks pretty good. I know we aren’t supposed to talk about Walmart here (PoP’s direction)… but it’s my understanding that this one will be more grocery store than traditional Walmart.

  • justinbc

    Where will all the minivans park?

  • the parking garages are on the h street side? seems odd, right? i thought they’d be on the nj side.

  • I think Wal-mart is awesome! I’ll probably still drive out to Maryland for Wal-mart though, I have a feeling the city Wal-mart will be more expensive.

  • lovefifteen

    I’m a liberal, too, and I don’t like Wal-Mart, but come on, guys, if this were another corporation like IKEA, Whole Foods, Bloomingdales, Target, or World Market, we’d be like, “Yay!!!” If you don’t like Wal-Mart, like I don’t, just don’t shop there.

    • Whole Foods has a similar business model to Walmart, but they just pass the rip off to their customers instead of taking out of their own employees checks and benefits

    • i think people do not realize the scale and power that walmart has. if you want to compare it to another corporation, compare it to exxon, not target or whole foods or ikea.

      no other company in the world has had as much power on manufacturing.

      • And Exxon has ruined gasoline marketing in DC how…?

        • why are people so deliberately obtuse?

          scale and power. scale and power is what is comparable.
          are you blissfully unaware of the problems that walmart or exxon have caused?

          just look it up hack. find some sources. its not hard.

  • urban walmart will always be an oxymoron to me

  • i ain’t never met a wal-marts i ain’t liked. can’t wait to go there in my pick’em up truck. i need some stink bait, fishin line, ammo, mulch, socks, car battery, toaster oven, duct tape, baseball glove, innertube, giant inflateable ball, dish rags, ironing board, frozen veggies, some pop, glue, picture frame, candles, lawn furniture, ball cap, work boots, dvds, 2014 kitten calendar…………..

    • just don’t buy the bikes, they are sub-par

    • What a load of condescending twaddle.
      Sorry not everyone wants to, or can afford to, buy artisanal hand-crafted ironing boards.
      Don’t like? Don’t shop there.

      • simmer down, simmer down! Im an okie from…close to muskogee and Im being totally serious! i <3 walmart. the only thing i twaddle is your mother. ZING!

      • there are other sources of ironing boards.

  • I was secretly hoping Mayor Gray would LOLZ and say, “Just kiddin’ ya’ll, it’s a Wegman’s!”


    but at any rate, Walmart(multiple) in the city… NOT a fan

  • I like this building a lot.

  • this thing does a time lapse of the construction progress,

    which is Awesome –

  • this thing does a time lapse of the construction progress,

    which is Awesome – oxblue. com /open/JBG/77H

  • andy

    Finally, a convenient place to protest unfair trade practices . . . wait, are those $10 jeans?

    • Laugh now, but the protests in front of these places are going to be constant and disruptive.

  • I’m fine with the building. But not the company. I won’t be shopping there, and I hope others will think twice about giving their money to a company that just burned hundreds of workers alive in Bangladesh.

  • It fits the neighborhood and politics aside, I’m looking forward to it opening. I live nearby and currently my shopping options for too many things are Online or Not-at-All. The new rental units will help anchor what I hope will be a growing trend of less violent people moving into the area between here and the major NoMa developments.

    if we could replace all the mega-scary projects with more of this between H, North Capitol, & Florida with mixed use, mixed income properties, it’d be an awesome and dense new downtown area.

    • If you live near the Wal-Mart, you live near the entry ramp to 395 South, mere minutes from Northern Virginia. I take it you’re carless? Or just committed to shopping in DC?

      • Some prefer to shop in the district to keep sales taxes here. And “mere minutes” is a lot further than in your own neighborhood.

  • Good job! As mentioned before, it fits in well with the other brick buildings in the area. I wish more of the new development in DC looked this nice.

  • Ally

    Not that I’m a huge fan of Walmart either, but I wish that they’d chosen a slightly more metro-accessible locale for this one (like Target did).

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