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  • I feel like this place needs to go casual / cheaper, and fast. Otherwise they won’t make it in that awkward location.

    Is it true that they have an all you can eat & drink brunch with sangria and champagne? it’s tough to know since they don’t have a website.

  • That name alone will keep me from going there…

    • I’ve gone a few times for cheap happy hour drinks. The food is pretty tasty. But, I agree, the name is a tough one to remember.

  • I work around the corner, and did not know this existed.

  • Went with my friend and left unimpressed. First of all, ALL of the food (especially the reuben) was way, way, way too salty. Egregiously so. Secondly, we’re not quite sure what to make of it. They basically do sandwiches and tapas in a strange setting. If we wanted a quick cheap meal, we’d go somewhere fast casual. If we wanted a good sitdown dinner, we’d go to a normal restaurant. it’s kind of stuck in between

    • Umm, a Ruben is salt-cured meat covered with salt-cured cabbage. It’s never not salty.

      • Hmm, guess reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. You’ll notice that I didn’t say the Reuben was salty. Instead, I said it was “way, way, way too salty,” implying that I understand that it is supposed to be salty, but that this exceeded typical and acceptable levels of saltiness.

  • I loved their food at Fast Gourmet, but I was perplexed when they left. Well, not so much that they left (relationships break down, that’s understandable), but that they could have opened up anywhere else with the same Fast Gourmet menu and prices and done really well, based on their reputation alone. My confusion is why they upcharged (now the chivito is $18? how do they justify that?) in a lunch-only, business section of town.

    I was happy paying $13-15 for a meal at a gas station off W St, but I’m not going to deal with the downtown b.s. AND pay $25 for the same meal.

  • Went there for dinner last week, liked it. I tried a couple of tapas and a pasta special. good wines and a relaxed vibe.

  • I went with some co-workers for happy hour and it was great — good beer, tasty tapas, and not at all crowded. I’ll definitely suggest it the next time I’m meeting up with someone in that neighborhood.

  • This place is the business. I’ve been a few times and generally can’t believe that it’s not packed. Some of the best sandwiches in DC.

  • justinbc

    I always found that the appeal to Fast Gourmet was that it was one of the few places asides from Ben’s Chili Bowl that was open really late near most of the bars in the U St Corridor area, and not that the food was especially outstanding. I actually enjoyed both of the sandwiches we tried here more than their Fast Gourmet counterparts, although when we came for dinner we were the only patrons, so the location is definitely odd.

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