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  • They were built from 1972 through 1974. A rarity.

  • I have a 71′ P1800 . Besides it being a hatchback… It has all the same trim detail, lights, and wheels as mine. So I’m guessing a 70′, 71

  • The 1800ES (with the “Shooting Break” body style) was made between September 30th 1971 and June 27th 1973. Since there were no significant changes to the body during this short production run it is difficult to determine which year this is from. However the odds are that is a 1972 model since more of those were made than any other year.

  • Yeah, my dad used to have an old 1800, but not the hatchback. Personally, I always thought the hatchback version looked goofy, compared to the regular sport coupe (driven by the Saint!). Anyhow, when I saw Volvo’s C30 come out, it reminded me of the old 1800es, with the oversized rear window.

    • My stepmother had the coupe P1800, but there was one of these 1800ES’s around the corner which I lusted after – fuel injection!

      These were the same geometry as the coupes, but better power and sportier. I too was completely reminded of the this by the C30.

  • My first car was a 1966 P1800. Much sportier. However, the Swedish idiots put the gas cap on top of the rear quarter panel and later smartened up and moved it to the side as in the photo above. When it rained hard I would get water in the carburator! Yuk.

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