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  • having built a bike before (steel) im amazed that its possible to align the chain properly on these things… you need the ability to do some pretty fine adjustments and it just doesn’t seem like bamboo is consistant enough for the job. would be curious if the OP posted a bit more about the construction process…

    • I’m sure there are other places that make bamboo bikes, but I know there’s a studio in Brooklyn where you can go and make your own bike over a couple days: http://www.bamboobikestudio.useful-arts.com/

      I hadn’t thought about the bamboo not being perfectly straight, but I imagine there are ways to shift the metal parts finely enough using risers, spacers and such to make it work.

    • Build bike a bike frame is no easy task but building one out of bamboo is slightly easier than steel. As I’m sure you know when you weld metal frames together the heating/cooling action will warp them out of align but since there isn’t any of this in nonmetallic frame building, using a frame jig will ensure everything is properly aligned (even if the bamboo itself isn’t 100% straight). Do you build locally? Let’s talk over a drink.

  • Hmm. No front brake and no visible cables to the rear der. Is that just a singulator?

  • One of the residents at 52 O St Studios makes bikes like these. I went to the open house last year and some some. They are pretty awesome and less expensive than you would expect

  • They are lighter and far less expensive than steel frames.

    • doesn’t seem that was from the Three Penny Bikes website ($1200+). I don’t see the value. A nice steel bike might cost $1500, but is probably much more reliable in the long run and less prone to strange misalignments and gear jumps.

      • I guess if you were building it yourself from scratch, the raw materials would certainly be less expensive. The price those guys are charging is pretty crazy.

  • austindc

    Yeah, it’s tons of fun. Until a panda eats your ride.

  • Made in Petworth! Philip from Corehaus on Upshur St makes bamboo bikes. I believe he does workshops where you come out with your own bamboo bike. I’ve talked to him a few times and he is a really nice guy.

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