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  • Just going off the fit and finish (panel gaps and condensation in the lights), I’d say its a one-off or a kit car. Definitely looks inspired by the Glickenhaus P4/5 or a Zonda.

  • It is probably a Panoz. There used to be a US dealership at the corner of La Cienega and Wilshire in LA.

    • No, not a Panoz — a car I followed for a while and considered buying. They had two models – the Roadster and the Esperante, and neither looked like this. Incidentally — had ford V8 drive train, and a tubular frame, made north of Atlanta in Georgia.

      Pretty serious car, especially the Esperante.

  • It’s a Superlite Cars SL-C. http://superlitecars.com/superlite-coupe/

    Pretty sick car (and dangerous for the front bumper) to be driving around in the city. All those Ferrari owners can’t say they built it themselves.

  • It’s a kit car, and I have a few pics from earlier when all the day doors and engine bay were open, he seemed to be having some trouble with it before the rain started.

  • What?!? A car made from a kit & stackable trailer homes?? What’s next??

  • Wow, and it’s all electric too……

  • those are some crazy side mirrors…

  • LOL it is clearly not eletric

    & yes, appears to be a kit car that does look like it takes some styling from the Zonda

  • ah

    Whatever it is, it is about the farthest thing from a “city ride” one could have. I can’t believe how close he parked it to the MB in front. Just looking for bumper dings.

  • It kind of looks like a Saleen S7

  • Costs about $45k (without drive train) and will get up to 130mph with a standard Chevy V8. Takes about 200 hrs to put together if you are experienced and know what you’re doing.
    Personally, I’d rather spend the money (and save the time) on a Lotus Elise.

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