Stolen – Vintage Blue Bianchi


Dear PoPville,

My vintage blue bianchi road bike (picture above for reference) was stolen from my garage on 17th and Euclid. It was my only mode of transport. It was also very special to me, as my parents bought matching bikes when they married and passed down this one to me.

It would mean a tremendous amount to me if this bike was recovered and found.

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  • That photo says you truly loved this bike. Good luck!

  • Best of luck. I’ve had 2 bikes stolen while living in this city and I know the pain that comes from it.

  • Search craigslist. Stolen bikes sometimes show up there and you can get it back surreptitiously

    • Also try Craigslist in other cities (like Baltimore, Philly, NY). I once heard of a ring that was stealing expensive bikes in Georgetown and selling them in other cities throughout the mid Atlantic. Try using, which searches every Craigslist in the country.

  • Keep an eye on craigslist…. The clown who stole it may try and resell it there after some time has past.

  • if you are going to search craigslist for your bike you might be able to save time by setting up some alerts with this website: best of luck… I’ve also had two bikes stolen in this city and they meant a lot to me too….

  • Wow – so sorry and I hope you find it! But coincidentally, I just got my own vintage Bianchi – 1982-3? back out of storage from a friend’s basement and will post it for sale tomorrow.

  • Check all the local thrift stores and L&N Thrift on Georgia Ave. Good Luck

  • I would notify the folks over @ the bike house as well ( They see lots of bikes around the area. If you’ve got the serial numberit is also very helpful in the event it is recovered. I actually had a bike make its way back to me a couple years ago up in Petworth…have faith & keep your eyes open!

  • There is a place on Florida Ave. called the gold factory, that is where my bike ended up. I checked craigslist religiously for about three months with no luck, then after about 5 months it was listed for sale there. After working with the police I got it back. That shop seems to get around the pawn laws since they only buy “used” merchandise and don’t loan money. It was a really sketchy place and not the owner’s first interaction with law enforcement.

  • If the bike is worth money, it was likely stolen by an organized band of assholes, in which case it will likely be resold somewhere in the mid-atlantic region.

    Otherwise, check the area craigslists and markets like Eastern Market.

  • Sorry to hear about the bike, it looks gorgeous. that said, I’m in market for one myself. what ate any and all measures an owner can take to either prevent theft or retrieval once it is stolen?

    • #1 thing you can do is don’t park it outside, especially overnight. If that’s not possible (due to your living situation), then don’t buy a bike worth more than $200. That’s just a simple fact.

      In addition to having a strong lock (get an On-Guard heavy chain or U-lock), you should also have a cable that is long enough to allow you to thread it through both wheels and the seat undercarriage. Thieves will steal anything that isn’t secured.

      Keep records of all bicycle serial numbers and an inventory of any after-market performance parts (and their documented costs). You’ll want all that when you file a police report and then make a claim with your renter’s/home owners insurance.

      • Thanks for that. It may seem cost prohibitive but is there like a lojack for bikes? Or some kind of tracker chip?

  • Do you live in the Euclid Mews? I live there and our garage has been broken. My boyfriend and I both brought our bikes inside once we saw it wasn’t shutting currently. Sorry to hear about yours 🙁

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