Stolen Kitten has been Found by MPD!


From Washington Humane Society:

Five days after her disappearance from the Washington Humane Society (WHS) New York Avenue Adoption Center, eight-week-old kitten, Callista, is safe and sound.

In the frenzy of a busy adoption day, Callista the kitten was stolen from the WHS adoption center located at 1201 New York Avenue, NE on Sunday, May 26. WHS released the story on Monday, May 27, and what followed was nothing short of amazing. The community responded in outrage, shocked that someone would think of committing such a crime, by helping to get the word out quickly about her theft.

At approximately 5:30 pm last night, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) came to Callista’s rescue, retrieving the kitten from a residential address in DC and promptly returning the kitten to WHS. MPD launched a thorough investigation after viewing video surveillance footage from the adoption center which documented suspicious activity in the area where she was housed. Callista’s case is now a matter for the courts. Additional information will be released as it is available for the public.

WHS is urging the courts to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of the law.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the Metropolitan Police Department. They took this case seriously for what it was, a theft and a criminal act,” Lisa LaFontaine, WHS President & CEO stated, adding, “We can rest easy knowing that Callista will continue to get the care she needs as she awaits adoption into a responsible and loving home. And our community can rest assured that all animals in our care are precious members of our family, regardless of size, species, or age – and we will do everything possible to protect them.”

And adopted she will be. Since the release of the story, WHS has received numerous calls from individuals interested in providing her with a safe and loving home.

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  • Not to belittle theft and animal theft in particular, but it’s not like the kitten was stolen from its owner. It was stolen from the Human Society. Sure WHS would have been deprived of funds it desperately needs to keep operational, and sure there’s no way to verify the Kitten would have gone to a good home (one I question the thief would have provided as they stole the cat in the first place). But come on, investigative surveillance? How about catching the rapist from Columbia Heights?

  • Hooray! Great news after so many stolen/missing cat and dog postings this past week! Glad Callista is back in good hands. 🙂

  • If only real crimes were pursued as strongly and justice served as quickly! *rolls eyes*

    • yes, no real crimes in dc ever get solved. police and detectives don’t do anything but rescue kittens and ticket jaywalkers.

  • come on people, let’s give some props to the cops. the more cases solved the better, animal or human. plus have you ever met a kitten?

  • I’m shocked at the negative attitudes in this post and the other about this kitten; a crime is a crime and this poor kitten could have been used as bait for a pit bull fight. I’ve seen people get up in arms about the most trivial things on here, but screw an animal in danger?!?! Wow!

    • I don’t think anyone is saying screw an animal in danger. Just be nice if threats to people were treated with as much passion and “prosecute the culprit to the fullest extent of the law” as there was to a kitten (who while yes was stolen we don’t know if it was being treated poorly or wouldn’t have gotten their shots, etc).

      • Who’s to say they’re not? Just because this was a quick solved case doesn’t mean they’re not working just as hard on other human crime cases. The culprit probably didn’t feel the need to “hide out” and avoid being caught like a rapist does. Perhaps this loser was just easier to catch. Just because a case was solved quickly doesn’t mean they worked harder on it, it could mean the case was easy to solve.

        • Whatever hours spent investigating and searching for this cat were NOT spent trying to solve real crimes in the city.

          • I will never understand people who don’t think animal cruelty is a real crime.

          • Oh please. If someone stole your crummy $500 laptop out of your car you’d be on here complaining that the police weren’t moving fast enough to locate your missing property. When it’s someone else who has been robbed (and of a living thing, no less) you’re all concerned about the big picture.

          • Stealing a cat does not mean there was animal cruelty involved. Perhaps the thief is poor…

            Also, I have had my crummy $500 laptop stolen in the city. I counted it as a loss and moved on. I’ve known for quite some time now that you can’t have nice things here and expect them not to get stolen. I’ve accepted that police have more important things to investigate, but I guess they don’t.

      • Actually, I think for the MPD this was a welcome break from the pursuit of the uglier crimes they have to deal with every day. It must have been really embarassing for the thief to have to hand over this adorable little kitten to two heavily armed MPD officers.

      • So by your logic kidnapping shouldn’t be investigated vigorously because we don’t know that a kidnapped child is actually being treated poorly? In fact, their kidnapper is probably just showering them with gumdrops and cotton candy.

      • Not arguing that there should be equal attention to crimes against people, but to be fair the “prosecute to the fullest extent to the law” sentiment came from the WHS press release, not the MPD or the U.S. Attorney’s office. Naturally, WHS is brimming with passion about this because it’s their mission. Honestly, I may have gotten too cynical, but I have a feeling that when this arrest finally makes it to court, it’ll turn out that the person will take a plea and get probation or something.

  • Not to belittle the life of a kitten, but I wish MPD would put this much effort into combating real crimes.

  • At least now noone can say that the MPD doesn’t know how to catch cat burglars.

  • sad this kind of good work can’t be put toward finding missing people

  • Actually, the Humane Society is at 1201 NY Ave, *NE*. The NW address is a Bobby Van’s steakhouse.

  • Why is everyone (not everyone, but the seemingly large majority of the negative comments) assuming that massive hours/resources were spent on this issue? It may have been one or two officers who looked at some tape, got a face shot of the perp and cross referenced it with other surveillance, most of which is probably done by facial recognition software. OR, someone ratted their friend out. We won’t really ever know most likely. The assumption that the cops spent a lot of time on this case because it was solved quickly is flawed. None of us, including myself can make these assumptions on way or the other. Props to the cops IMO!

    • justinbc

      Because many people assume they know how to do other peoples jobs better than they do, contrary to any actual experience in the field.

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