Scuttlebutt: Former Cajun Experience Restaurant to Become a New Restaurant from Jackie Greenbaum?

1825 18th Street, NW

Cajun Experience closed in mid-July 2012 at 1825 18th St, NW. In Aug. 2012 we noted the space was for lease. Now I’m hearing Jackie Greenbaum of Jackie’s in Silver Spring and El Chucho in Columbia Heights – is likely opening up a new restaurants here. Details are scarce but more info if/when it becomes available.


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  • This location is cursed. Buyer beware… Unless you actually make good food.

    • Owner of Sidebar – one of the best cocktails around. Owner of Quarry House – one of the best dives around. Owner of Jackie’s – a perennial top 100 restaurant. I’d say if anyone has a shot at making the location work, it’s her. Disappointed to see her new spot won’t be in Silver Spring, per usual, but I suppose a bit of diversification never hurts.

      • One of the best parts about living up in Takoma was easy access to Quarry House. If this place was simply a clone, we’d be there weekly for sure.

  • Love Quarry House and Jackies in Downtown Silver Spring. Can’t wait for this new location

  • Emmaleigh504

    This is exciting! Bring on the fried pickles and other goodness!

  • I can’t be the only one who misses the Caravan Grill that used to be in that space, can I?

    And Cajun Experience? Good riddance.

    • I do miss the Caravan Grill – and the Peruvian place that followed it wasn’t bad either. I don’t know if this location is more or less cursed than the place across from Lauriol Plaza that is now Zabb (formerly Straits of Malaya, which was formerly an African restaurant…)

      • Yeah, the African place. I can’t remember the name, but I remember it being very good right after they opened.

        If I recall correctly, they got a great review in the Post, got slammed with customers and had trouble maintaining a consistent product. By the time the hordes had moved on to the next well-reviewed restaurant, the customers who helped make the place successful before the review had given the place up and they had no customers at all.

  • One of the big problems is that Cajun food, while delicious, just doesn’t have the same widespread appeal as other regional or ethnic cuisines, like Mexican or Thai. Unfortunate but true.

  • I think this place suffers from being below street level and mid-block. Both of those features add up to less visibility and a generally dispiriting atmosphere. Best of luck to the potential new owner, but I’d agree with Enos that the buyer needs to beware (or the rent adjusted way down).

  • A year ago my friend and I ate there for dinner. We had a definite “Cajun experience” but it took place 6-8 hours later, lasted 24 hours and consisted primarily of sitting on the toilet.

    I wish them the best of luck but that was the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had. And the food was nowhere nearly as good as it should have been for that end result.

    Will also note that this was the third time I had gone there and it was mediocre both other times. Service was OK but inconsistent. Still, that fateful night we were feeling like some Abita and etoufee and were willing to deal with it. After that, no, no, no.

  • Hate to say it but I’m sure a Starbucks could survive there, just like the one at 1801 Columbia Road which was supposedly a cursed location: see story at this link :

  • Cursed just like 1801 Columbia RD? They said that spot was cursed on an old episode of This American Life but alas, the Starbucks lives on! Disclosure: I don’t work for TAL or Starbucks.

  • Thank you Jackie… Anon *cough* *cough* Jackie took over Quarry house and it pretty much blows now..also it’s in Silver Spring! Jackies restaurant top 100? maybe in SP..

    That location is cursed because of the management and the neighborhood..The only thing that makes sense there is a real Italian or Jewish Deli…

    • +1 for a good jewish deli

    • I’m not jackie, you troll.
      You’re probably the only person in the world who thinks Quarry House “blows”. It makes most “top DC bars” lists I see even though it’s technically across the boarder.
      “also it’s in Silver Spring!” – what does that mean, troll? Downtown Silver Spring too walkable/dense/diverse/vibrant for you, “city” boy?
      “Jackies restaurant top 100?” I’m obviously referencing it’s consistent Washingtonian ranking – do you even live in DC??

      That cover everything? Good.

    • Quarry House blows? Awesome burgers, killer tots? Great crowd and cool bands all situated in the usually suffocating confines of Montgomery county? Whatever.. it’s the best place bar none in the county and now that the Asylum is closed, it’s probably my favorite in the DC area next to Velvet Lounge. Jackie is a great person as well. I won’t tolerate your baseless slander.

  • troll? because i post the truth? lmao @ Washingtonian..They have a “best of” it seems like weekly and the same bars win the same awards..I mean it’s not like they’re begging people to vote for them..Oh wait; They are.If Washingtonian Rag is your guide to the best of DC or MD then you need to get out more..

    It’s like timeout mag for Japanese tourist except in this case it read by soccer moms in Fairfax..DCist is about is close is you’ll seem to get to a real review sadly.

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