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  • Can one smoke there? Personally, I don’t prefer to eat a nice meal at a covered roofdeck with smoking present. Just a personal choice for where I like to enjoy nice food – not a statement against smokers.

  • sadly table is one of DC’s most pretentious restaurants that pretends to be a “neighborhood” spot

  • Looks like a Barbie Dream Home

  • For what they charge, I’d expect a little more elegance (for lack of a better word) and room between tables. And they should drop any pretense of being a “neighborhood place” as long as they’re serving $30+ entrees.

    But, they at least deliver a pretty decent meal.

    • Not sure how you define “elegance,” but those are Bellini chairs, which are rather well known in the design world. In my opinion, they are not paired well with the tables, but it appears that whoever decorated the place put some thought into it.

  • I totally don’t get the “roof deck” concept when it is just a viewless high-walled prison-yard space.

    • This concept is about increased seating for the owners, not an al fresco experience for the customers.

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