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  • These restaurants are a plague in this city. I mean, decent food, but the pricing is out-of-control and the workers always seem so miserable. Added to that I had the misfortune of seeing the founders speak at their Georgetown reunion last year and the entitlement, privilege, and cynicism of their talk was astounding. I mean it’s cool to get young rich and everything but is it really necessary to be such a twat about it?

    • + infinity

    • *I meant “get rich young,” but the words “get” and “rich” and “young” and “quick” sometimes seem to mash together when I start thinking about Georgetown.

    • That’s too bad. I go to 19th & L occasionally, and the workers there are usually pretty friendly, but yeah, I’m sure it’s not the greatest job in the world. (I don’t know first-hand if this is true, but I’ve heard that Pret has one of the better reputations in the grab-and-go food industry for wages and working conditions. I wonder how Sweetgreen compares.) And like you say, kudos to successful entrepreneurs, but a little humility would be nice, too.

  • “Our demographic are the people who shop at Apple, the people who shop at Lululemon. That’s why we always try to build near those places. Would we consider building in other neighborhoods? Sure, if an Apple or Lululemon were there.” Paraphrased from that speech.

    • Well, they are clearly venturing away from their business plan with this location. I can guarantee Apple or Lululemon will never move into that market.

      • Why would they need to? By all appearances they’re building close to a Vida Fitness, which might as well be a Lululemon, Apple, Whole Foods, et cet.

        • Exactly!

          A Vida Fitness in the area says all you need to know. That area ain’t what it used to be. What was once the hood is now home to $500-$800+ homes (townhomes at that).

          Methinks whoever made the statement about that area hasn’t been there in awhile. And I would not be shocked if some higher end stores starting moving over there along M st.

    • My gut reaction was “but their restaurant by GW does a booming business, so they must not only be targeting the Apple/Lululemon demographic, because *I* could never have afforded to shop at those places when I was a college student!” Then I remembered…oh wait, it’s GW. And I remembered the tons of 19-year olds with top-of-the-line Macbooks that I always see eating in Whole Foods and Sweetgreen. So, yeah. (Not to overgeneralize about GW–I’m sure there are plenty of kids with modest means there, who just get overshadowed by the high-visibility, wildly-rich kids.)

    • Not saying their not entitled or assh*les, but as a business plan, that doesn’t sound like a bad strategy.

  • I met the founders while I was volunteering at a dinner they were being honored at a few years back. They were by far the most horrendous, rude, snide and entitled people I have ever met. I’ve worked my fair share of events and I’ve never been treated so poorly by an event guest, let alone an honoree, in my life.

  • I like Sweetgreen a lot, but the new one at 14th and W wasn’t very good at all. Hopefully they are just working the kinks out.

  • figby

    Salad! From a chain store! OMG you guys!

  • Wait…I’m confused. I’ve seen other renderings, and they have Harris Teeter facing M Street. This must be the back side. If so, the buildings in the distance don’t match up.

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