Rendering for Tenley View Coming to former Babe’s Billiards Space in Tenleytown


From Douglas Development:

Located at the bustling intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Brandywine Street, the new building will include a modern, mid-rise atop the former Babe’s Billiards building. The property will feature over 19,000 square feet of retail on the lower two levels and five levels of apartment units. This project was the first new construction residential development in the District of Columbia to receive approval to be built without any parking at all.

68,500 rentable square feet (18,260 sf retail; 50,240 sf residential)
Historic building built 1949; Acquired 2009; Redevelopment 2013-2014
Seven-story building
60 rental apartment units

You can see more info and renderings here.


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  • Where’s the parking? Ha ha ha ha…I kid.

  • Ooooh, a Douglas Development. Looking forward to the opening in 2027.

    • To be fair you do have to take in the 6 or 7 years since babe’s closed. 2021 is more reasonable.

  • So the project is going to incorporate the current building? I don’t see what’s so special about it that it should be preserved …

    • It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been to Babe’s but it was such a dump back them I’m not sure what could even be preserved.

  • Wow, they tried to build that up maybe 6-8 years ago, and nothing ever happened.

  • Walls of glass – Always bad! ALWAYS!

  • I remember when they closed Babes and said they would build this property. Almost ten years later and I will bet anyone in ten more years it will still be vacate. Babes was such a good time.

  • Not the most interesting design but it will be great to have it rather than a festering eye sore tearing the neighborhood apart. I found the whole debate over this place to be a farce, a failure to accept the reality that there are actually people in Tenleytown that don’t rely on their car as much as others.

    I live a few blocks away and can attest that a lot of people around here are incensed that there is traffic congestion and finding a parking space isn’t an exercise in instant gratification. They expect Tenleytown to be Arlington when it’s not even Tenleytown 5 years ago.

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