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  • Pretty sure that’s not 14th and W.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha with all the development on 14th Street, it’s burned into my muscle memory and I automatically type it – sorry about that!

  • Pretty cool. I think there used to be a gas station at that corner back in the day.

    Anyone know future plans for the former Howard Inn next door? Is all of that office space for Howard employees? I know there’s a Starbucks in the lobby.

  • Glad to see Howard is doing something responsible with some of its property.

    Now when is Howard going to do something about the derelict buildings a little ways down — the one at the corner of Georgia and V, and the one just north of it?

    At the rate fancy condo buildings are going up in that area, you’d think they could sell the land/buildings and make a tidy profit.

    • said “responsibility” takes money……. and not to mention, the “fancy condo buildings” are in the middle of a formerly low income area that’s only been privy to development of this magnitude based on the flux east… most universities are in low income areas because land is cheap. here’s hoping Howard keeps ALL their property and doesn’t let it go because it’s suddenly hip and in…

    • I don’t care if Howard holds on to that property — I just want for SOMEONE to properly maintain it. So far it hasn’t seemed like they’re interested in using or maintaining it, which is why the idea of selling it seemed logical.

      Have you seen those dilapidated buildings?? For a long time I thought they were abandoned, as it never occurred to me that a university would be such a slack landlord as to let its property deteriorate like that. I grew up in a university town, and I never saw derelict-looking university buildings there.

      “[M]ost universities are in low income areas because land is cheap.” Huh? Universities are located in all kinds of areas. The area where Howard is has seen its fortunes rise and fall and rise again.

      I am glad that Howard is planning this building. If they were to do something similar with the buildings on the corner, that would be fantastic.

    • Sparta

      The run-down Howard buildings across the street from this new development and along Georgia in that area should be an absolute embarassment to any respectable university.

      When I see those rotting buildings, I imagine the campus tour guide showing them off to prospective students and their parents and trying to do a sell job on why they should spend tens of thousands of dollars to give their money to an absentee landlord purporting to be a university.

  • “It will include wet and dry laboratories, instructional space, research support space, ground floor retail, and centralized offices for faculty, students and academic staff.”

    The PhD students and post-docs who get to spend a few years in the labs there are going to have a really nice life between the location, and getting to use brand new everything for their experiments, even though they’ll struggle a bit with how slow it can be to set up/calibrate new everythings. Kinda makes me want to wear a labcoat again.
    Make the neighborhood proud and publish some high profile papers, or find a cure for something!

  • Does Howard search for the worst designs they can find? They have the most god awful campus i have ever seen design wise.

  • I’ll never understand floor-to-ceiling glass. Not in apts. or offices or anywhere. It is the most ridiculous design flaw ever. Who wants passers-by staring up your skirt as you sit at your desk or cook dinner? And then unless you go to great trouble and expense to get bottom-up blinds, you have to shut off your entire view to get any privacy.

    • If someone is so obsessed with looking up your skirt that they will stare up six stories from the sidewalk below with binoculars, waiting for you to cross your legs, I think you have bigger problems than floor to ceiling glass.

  • Two more buildings (dorms/apartments) are under construction on 4th St as well. Glad to see they’re doing something with all those vacant lots and unnecessary parking areas. Now it’s time for them to get going on Howard Town Center, sell/redevelop the CVS at 7th and Georgia, and deal with all that other property they’ve got…


      When is Howard’s community relations department (or Board or President, for that matter) ever going to respond to neighbor’s continuing concerns (as Howard owns the CVS land) about the petty crime, loiter and other matters that are continuing nuissances and dangers to neighbors and all unsuspecting vistiors?


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