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  • is this in cleveland park? the cereal market is busted wide open there!

    • Nope – the Capitol Hill location.

      I have to say I wondered about it. I guess they got a lot of requests and the answer was always no and they just felt they needed to tell everyone.

  • Love the Cleveland park shop though, their courtyard is amazing! Not much money in selling oat meal tho.

  • And they said oatmeal civil rights would never be achieved!

  • Orally? Or the other way?

  • It’s nice to know Oatmeal can buy a nice cup of coffee and bagel if it’s hungry. I heard Starbucks banned oatmeal from frequenting its establishments.

  • Thats kinda country…

  • pablo .raw

    “We serve oatmeal” sounds kind of silly but I still ask myself “Why am I doing this?” when I find myself eating eggs, bacon and pancakes at iHop.

  • “Oatmeal” is standard DC gang patois for heroin. Just sayin.

  • They are clearly targeting me with these statements. My day is always better when I start it with oatmeal — particularly steel cut oatmeal. But I bet they do not serve steel cut oatmeal…

  • But is it locally-sourced, organic, free-range, artisanal oatmeal??!!

  • It is hilarious, but effective. I was stopped in my tracks by it the other day as I headed to Starbucks to get oatmeal. Went to Firehook instead and was pleased with their offering — thick oatmeal with options to add honey, walnuts, berries, etc. Usually they just have fatty pastries and bagels, which I’m guessing is why they’re advertising it.


    Another fact: Firehook is insanely active on twitter. Every single one of their locations is following me for some reason. And I am just a person who tweets about thoughts I think on the bus.

  • The soups are very good there.

  • Must.have.firehook.brownie.

  • People using think of coffee shops as just having pastries and bagels for breakfast, not hot food. I guess this is their way of letting people know they offer something warm and substantial and healthy.

  • How does it compare to their presidential cookie or whatever it’s called that’s all sweet and salty at the same time? That is some goooood cookie there.

    And the oatmeal at Caribou is pretty darn good – starbucks is “meh”, very wimpy oats in my opinion.

    • Still all superior to McDonald’s. Only they could take something like oatmeal and turn it into a sugar bomb.

  • This was the alternative to their original sign, “Come here instead of the Starbucks on the corner”.

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