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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Had such a frustrating experience with zipcar yesterday. Car was nowhere to be found, zipcar couldn’t get a hold of them, tried to reschedule me to a car 5 miles away, received 3 different replies on whether zipcar covered alternate transportation costs to get to destination.

    Rave: In the end, got where I needed to be, had a wonderful time, and I don’t have to worry about car payments, insurance, parking, or mechanics!

    Rave: Spent time with the extended family over the weekend. Just got off skype with the handsome hubby. US Germany with the family this weekend. Happy to be back in DC.

  • thats a pretty cute photo.

  • Rant: I feel like I squandered my 3-day weekend. Didn’t even leave the house yesterday.

  • Someone stole a rosebush from my front yard this weekend- right out of the ground! I moved into a house in Petworth about 6 months ago after 5 years on U street, and I know the neighborhood is great (despite the occasional shooting…), but a rose bush? Is this something I should report? Should I replant a new bush to show that I am not defeated, or just call it a loss for the season? I had a rusty bike taken out of my front yard a couple weeks ago too, but it wasnt locked up and I was just going to make it a planter, but still? Is this why we can’t have nice things, or nice yards?

    • How do you make a bike into a planter?

      • It had not seat, so I was going to put a basket/ planter on the back and one from the handlebars. It was an old beach cruiser style bike, so I thought it would look cute.

    • and yes report it. Otherwise crime stats don’t reflect reality.

    • Sorry to hear this – usually this happens before Mother’s Day (because nothing says “thanks Mom” like some stolen flowers).

      I’d replant. Is your yard fenced? If you put a (small) temporary fence around the rose until it gets settled that might deter another attempt

      • I’ve had more flowers stolen this year from my yard in Columbia Heights than I have in the past 6 years combined. Roses and tulips cut the moment they appear, flowers and plants dug up. It’s very frustrating. I’ve replanted twice already. I keep hoping to catch whoever is doing it in the act and spray them with my water hose.

    • You should definitely report it. My friend has a rosewood tree in her front yard (she lives in Eckington) and someone cut it down and she reported it and the police found it a few days later in an alley near H Street.

    • gotryit

      hah! we had 5 hedge plants ripped out from the front of our house one time. Replanted with rebar going into a big lump of concrete below and straps around each plant. Probably overkill, but I’d love to see the face of the crackhead (or other plant stealer) when confronted with that.

    • Same thing happened to me – roses taken right out of the ground. I even have a picture of the guy from my neighbor’s security camera. Definitely report it. After a brief respite, I have replanted. I got some steel wire from Home Depot which I strung around all of the roses and anchored at various points. It’s not foolproof, but it’s a deterrent that makes them a little harder to steal.

      • Wow- I didn’t realize that plant theft was such a prevalent problem. Do people really take these plants and plant them in their own yards? Do they sell them in black market nurseries? I had heard of people stealing flowers off of plants, but pulling a whole bush, with thorns, out of the ground is new to me. Thanks for the tips on tying down my plants. It is a bit comical to think I have to lock down plants in the ground. Have any of the plant thieves ever been brought to justice?

        • I wish I knew what they did with them. According to successive WP and NYT articles which appeared last month on this, the flowers are resold to local flower shops. Why a flower shop would buy from a random person is beyond me. The article also says that the police pretty much know who some of these thieves are, but don’t have enough evidence to convict. I’m pretty certain that flower thieves and package thieves have a special place in hell.

        • The plants are bought by, or stolen by, professional landscapers. They then turn around and charge their wealthy/upper-income clients for the new plants, as if they were purchased from a nursery. It’s easy profit for the landscaper and no one knows the difference.

          This happened to my mom – her very nice, mature palm tree was dug out of the ground and replaced with a crappier version by her very own landscaper. The replacement had crooked/warped palm leaves, was more asymmetrical in shape, and generally more sickly looking. The landscaper honestly thought my mom wouldn’t notice. She called him out on switch, he denied responsibility, and then he didn’t come back the next week to work on my mom’s garden.

          Apparently, this happens all the time among competing landscapers. They’ll steal from each others clients – or even their own clients, in my mother’s case – to resell mature plants at a hefty mark-up to new clients. It’s nuts.

  • Rant: Found out this weekend that two people from my class in high school recently died. I wasn’t extremely close to either, but still kind of a bummer. And to make things worse, I might go to one of the memorial services, because like Randall said in Clerks, it could be the social event of the year.

  • Rant: Had a breakdown yesterday– the stress associated with my partner’s medical issues finally caught up with me I guess. Cried my eyes out and then lacked the energy to do anything else all day. It was our 5-year anniversary, too.

    • I’m so sorry. Do you have someone you can talk to? Sounds like you need some support dealing with a difficult situation.

      • Not really; I realize now that we’ve unintentionally isolated ourselves over the years. I don’t have any close friends I’d feel comfortable unloading my problems onto.

        • Emmaleigh504

          If you have a job maybe they have a free confidential therapy program. The programs have a name that I can’t remember right now. They can hook you up with a counselor and you will have someone to talk to. It’s usually short term, but could help.

        • You might be surprised at your friends’ willingness to talk with you, even if you aren’t as close as you once were.

          • My partner also doesn’t want people knowing about her medical issues, so I shouldn’t talk to other people about it.

          • That is so unfair to you. When my husband got sick, I suffered along in silence for months, but then I put my foot down. I told him *I* needed support, and I was going to get it from my friends. This was after many failed attempts at getting him to talk to me, or talk to SOMEONE. I was open to joint counseling, or even just talking with him like two people who love each other. But he put up a brick wall. People who are suffering can get very myopic. They think that since your troubles aren’t as bad as theirs, that you therefore have no troubles and nothing to complain about. And it’s not fair to you. If your partner isn’t interested in (or can’t bring herself to ask for or accept) support, you have to look out for yourself. You can’t be dragged down with someone who refuses to swim.

          • I can completely emphasize with your partner’s need for privacy about medical issues. As soon as I told anyone about mine, I became a sick person to them. Not a real person anymore, just a sick person. Nobody talks to me like a human anymore. It is always as if I am fragile, and always about my symptoms or doctors or whatever. Frankly, that is why it is good you are respecting your partner’s decision not to tell your mutual friends. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t tell anyone.

            But you and your partner need to realize this is happening to you too. Someone once posted about concentric circles of need. The person the crisis is happening to is in teh center, then people are in different circles around him/her depending on how close they are to the orrson. You never dump into the circle. You partner is in the center circle. The health issue is happening to him/her. It is hard to pour your hurt/scared/frustrated/whatever feelings on him her. You, as the parter, are the next circle out. You need someone to talk to also. Talk to your work’s EAP or a support group through your partner’s doctor’s office. The theory of the circles was to acknowledge that those close to someone will need to deal with their feelings about what is happening, but that those closest to the issue have the most say in how to deal with it and should not be told how to deal with it by those less affected. so, generally each circle only can burden those in a circle outside of them.

            Good luck. I really am sorry this is happening to you both.

        • Maybe a support group?

          I also agree that friends are probably more willing to listen than you might think although I understand your hesitation. Perhaps try reconnecting with one or two, grabbing lunch or a cup of tea; you don’t need to talk about your partner’s medical issues.

        • I’m so sorry. Don’t beat yourself up about isolating yourselves, as this is very common–often, the person with the medical condition either physically can’t get out and socialize, or is embarrassed about their condition, or doesn’t want to burden others or subject themselves to people’s pity, etc. and the caregiver is consumed with the other person’s medical issues as well. I’ve never experienced this with a partner, but have had many family members with serious medical issues, so I’ve observed the dynamics first-hand. I second the comments about a support group–if you’re connected to a hospital, they will often have caregiver-focused support groups, or sometimes community organizations offer them. And I’m sure you probably know this–and easier said than done, right?–but it is just as important for you to take care of yourself and your own mental well-being.

          • I don’t know what the medical issue is, but the Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts on U Street has a lot of programs for people going through and recovering from cancer, as well as their caregivers.

          • Thankfully it’s not cancer.

        • Wow, thanks for the advice guys. I think a lot of stress is coming from not knowing what she has. She’s seeing about 8-10 doctors on a regular/weekly basis and has been to Johns Hopkins and GW and a lot of specialists. Sometimes we have to wait weeks to get an appointment with a certain doctor, and a couple more weeks for lab results to come back, and even more weeks for the doctor to analyze the results and get back to her. A few things have been ruled out, but the jury’s still out on whether it’s an infectious disease, a thyroid problem, something else, or if it’s all in her head. She can’t work right now because she believes whatever it is has been affecting her cognitive abilities, and she’s really upset that she can’t go back to work. And I can’t be there for her as much as I’d like because one of us has to keep working.

          • I feel your pain. My husband has bi-polar disorder and for years I wasn’t allowed to talk about it to anyone. It will seriously kill you to carry that kind of burden on your own. He finally allowed me to open up to some close friends. We did have some bad experiences because of one person I thought was a friend, but others have gone out of their way to invite me for escapes to help my mental health. You really can’t do it all alone. I am still searching for a therapist (the last one told me I should leave him. That was helpful) or a support group (in DC, they are all just parents of kids with mental illness and drug abuse and no inclination to work – my husband has a master’s degree and works full time, so it is very different).

            I was reading up on something the other day that it is like putting on your own oxygen mask first. For so long I tried to forget myself and my needs and it was really just making me angry and resentful and depressed. We are both doing better now that I am being certain to work on the things I need to do rather than getting lost in his illness.

            Hang in there – it is not easy.

  • RAVE: Successfully defended my dissertation proposal and my committee couldn’t have been more supportive and awesome, well except if they hadn’t added to my scope of work.

    RANT: Now I actually have to write my dissertation.

  • Rant: A friend of mine told me last night that my taste in clothing is basically horrible and that I should burn my closet. I always thought I was decently fashionable:

    Rave: I’ll be donating a lot of my clothes. Then going shopping with my friend. Goodwill is the best place in DC to donate clothing too right? Suggestions are welcome.

    Rave: Been on an antidepressant now for 18 days and definitely feel the difference. And it’s made me stop smoking too! This is the first time I’ve ever been medicated and I don’t know why I didn’t pursue this sooner.

    • I do Purple Heart because I’m lazy and they pick up from your home. Has anyone tried Tradesy though? Thinking of posting some of my old clothes on there. Even if I only get $1 or $2 a piece at least I know someone will be using it.

    • Donating clothes to Goodwill is easy and fine, but I hope your friend helps you pick clothes that let your personality shine through instead of make you look like everyone else.

      • Funny enough, that’s her issue with my clothing. That it’s too generic and I’m “too unique” a person to wear what everyone else is wearing. So no more Macy*s, J. Crew, Banana, Nordstrom, etc.

        • I’d love to know where she takes you, I’m stuck in the Ann Taylor/Banana Republic rut myself.

        • Meh. I’ve tried/wanted to go “unique” but I ultimately gave in to the pull of Banana and its ilk. A lot of the more offbeat and one-of-a-kind boutiques are out of my price range, and I’m not much of shopper (I don’t mind buying stuff, but I like to find what I want quickly, so I’m not much for rummaging around for hours) so thrift/vintage shops don’t really work for me. (And some of that vintage is not cheap either). I resigned myself to sticking with basics for clothing and then trying to punch those up with bold jewelry and quirky shoes–granted, that strategy might be easier for women than for men.

          • The idea of spending time looking at fashion blogs is as painful to me as spending time shopping. Any good suggestions for personal shoppers for someone with an Ann Taylor budget?

        • Please update with where you go shopping. It’s so easy to go to Ann Taylor and Banana for office basics.

      • If your clothes are in decently good shape, I would take them to Buffalo Exchange on 14th St. They go through them on the spot, with no appointment, and give cash or store credit for anything that they want to buy from you. I took in a few bags of clothes a few weeks or so ago and made about $95, so it is definitely worth the time to get some extra shopping money! Also, anything that they don’t take they will donate for you, to Martha’s Table, I believe.

    • The Salvation Army also picks up.

      I’ve donated to Value Village but then go into the store and end up buying more clothes. I try to keep a balance of shirt in = shirt out, dress in = dress out (with overall success).

    • Do you agree with her? I have a good friend I go shopping with all the time and we have totally different taste. I would never in a million years wear what she wear, how she wears it, but it’s her decision to make. She likes the way she dresses. Bottom line- don’t get rid of things you like just because someone else doesn’t.

      My recommendation is to check out Pinterest and some style blogs that you associate with. I get a lot of outfit inspiration from some instagrammers and Pinterst folks I follow.

      Which brings me to my last point- wearing something from J Crew, Banana, etc, doesn’t make you boring. Pick some new ways to wear things based on your outfit inspirations and see how you feel about it. I gave up retail shopping for all of last year and I only allowed myself a few second hand trips, but I feel like my style evolved more in that year and that I’m happier with it than I’ve ever been. So, an overhaul is not the only answer.

      • anon. gardener

        thesartorialist dot com has really changed the way i look at my clothes. a lot of the outfits depicted are ridiculous, but it made me start to notice what people wear and how they put things together. a look through that website might give you some ideas.

        • The blogs recommendation is a good one. I don’t use The Sartorialist for inspiration (very few of those outfits would be appropriate for a petite professional woman) but I found a few fashion bloggers with a style I wanted to emulate and used it to develop my own style.

        • I checked the website and I’m a guy so it doesn’t really apply to me. Nice website though.

          • Actually The Sartorialist features a LOT of male fashion:

          • anon. gardener

            For you: mensweardog dot tumblr dot com, and socialprimer dot com if you’re into preppy. Sartorialist does have a lot of men’s fashion.

            I don’t take the sartorialist photos literally. I look for color combinations, proportions, that sort of thing. Most of the actual articles of clothing I would never wear. Except for all the stuff the Italians wear – I covet those clothes.

    • msmaryedith

      As someone who knows who you are and how you dress, I disagree with that friend. I think you have a pretty distinct way of dressing, especially for a guy. I’d hold off on burning your closet.

    • Query why you would dump your entire wardrobe on the advice of one friend. Is she Anna Wintour?

      • I’m wondering about that too. If you like your clothes and they’re in good shape, maybe spend that money on getting them well tailored instead. Having classic clothes that fit perfectly will make you stand out too.

        • I’ve gained maybe about 10 lbs in the past year and my clothing was rather form fitting even before that (and more-so now). So she had a good point about me wearing way too much tight clothing.

    • Donate the clothing to Martha’s Outfitters on 14th St NW.

    • Your friend sounds kind of mean. Be yourself!

    • As someone new to anti-depressants, please carefully consider making drastic changes right now – even if you feel great, are ready-to-roll, etc. etc. I remember that time early on, when you’re wondering why you never did it sooner, everything’s better, etc. It sounds like the meds have kicked in – it takes up to 2 weeks for some – and you’re noticing they are taking ‘the edge off’ and now you really want to DO stuff, make GREAT strides, etc. Much as you may want to completely make everything new and better, you may find pitching your clothes wasn’t the best idea for whatever reason. Just speaking from experience re anti-depressants: they can be godsends, but they don’t fix the problem, only allow the person to function better with the day to day while dealing with the problem. Please be careful about being too drastic – throw out one pair pants or bad suit/dress and replace it. Having done that is a step in the right direction. Good luck to you in taking action on your own behalf!

      • Thanks for the advice. I definitely don’t plan on viewing these pills as a cure but rather a stepping stone on that path.

        And I love my suits, not throwing those away (or all my ties) just yet. I’m going to keep the majority of my “work” clothing and she is just going to give me advice on my “going out” wear.

  • Rave: The brisket I barbecued this weekend turned out perfect. And I still have leftovers.

    mini-Rant: Kind of disappointed by the new Arrested Development episodes. I’ve watched about 8 or 9 episodes and it hasn’t made me laugh much. I’m glad they made them, and I’ll watch the rest this week, but it’s not as clever or funny as the first three seasons. Or maybe my sense of humor has changed.

    • Agreed on not enjoying the Arrested Development episodes as much as prior seasons. Each episode focuses mostly on one character, which is a problem since Gob might be great for a scene here or there but 30 minutes of the character gets old. Same goes for just about all of them. The lack of interaction between characters is a big change from the originals.

      • While I am enjoying watching all the episodes, I agree. And the fact I had to wait 14 episodes to hear Buster’s story made me sad.

    • Agree about Arrested Development. I completely understand that they had a hard time getting the entire cast together all at the same time, so it was basically do the format the way they did or not do a Season 4 at all, but a big part of the reason I loved the show was watching the various members of the family playing off of each other. I don’t think this new format worked – each character isn’t as funny individually as they were when they were interacting with other members of their family, and some of the episodes were depressing, and not in a funny way. I barely chuckled, and it makes me sad.

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend weather. Quality family time across the board.
    Rave/Rant: 20 week ultrasound today / 20 more weeks of pregnancy!

    • YAY! An October mommy! I have mine a week from today…the time is goind by SO SLOWLY. I HOPE I’ll be able to relax a bit after the 20 week ultrasound.
      halfway sounds like a nice feeling! Congrats!

    • Did you find out the sex? I’m 24 weeks and looking forward to getting this little guy out. It’s fun to feel him move, but there are lots of prego side-effects that no one tells you about (e.g. numb hands!)

  • Ironic Revel: Six months ago, before a trip to NYC, I asked an old and wonderful friend who travels there often where she liked to stay. On finding out the room rates for her favorite hotel, I thanked her and told her that I’d hold off until I found a woman I was awed by/crushing on and truly eager to impress before I laid out a small fortune for a place to sleep — my son and I would stay somewhere a little more budget-minded on that trip.

    Three days ago I checked into my awesome friend’s favorite hotel. With her.

    Who knew?

    Further rave: she picked up half the tab.

  • Rave: Sweet wedding at the Outer Banks.

    Rant: Arrived back in town early and took my kids to the park in Petworth. My 4-yr old girl walks by 3 young kids on the swings and the kids say – we’re supposed to kill _____ people. I can’t stand such racist and violent talk from young people in our community.

    • So sorry that you had to hear that. I really hope your 4 year old didn’t hear or was otherwise oblivious to it. About how old were these kids?

    • gotryit

      Just imagine what their parents must be like for the kids to be saying things like that. I bet those kids have a very bleak chance at having any sort of good life. Sad all around.

      • They could also be picking it up from other kids. My sister is much younger than I am, and I remember her throwing out a couple of racist comments when she was a kid. This is not at all how we were raised, and our mother was aghast–I don’t know if she picked it up from other kids at school, or TV, or whatever. (I also remember saying some stuff, not race-related, but stuff that I knew was “bad” when I was a kid–it was partly my not understanding the full weight of what I was saying, and partly about wanting to sound “cool” by testing a boundary.)

        We can only hope that parents intervene and talk to their kids when they hear those kinds of statements, but unfortunately, I’m sure that doesn’t always happen.

    • A couple of weeks ago at around 5pm on a Saturday afternoon, a group of late teens/early twenty somethings pulled out a knife and threatened to cut up my 2 yr old son who was planting flowers in the yard bc of his skin color. They then left me alone to chase after a hispanic guy crossing the street threatening to “kill an amigo.” I called the cops and gave a distinct identification (the guy w/the knife was wearing hot pink pants!) but nothing ever came of it.

      • At that age they are no longer “kids,” just insects that need to be exterminated. How can anyone threaten a toddler??

      • valentina

        What?!?!?!?!? OMG, How horrible!!!

        • I like to think that they are just kids trying to get a thrill by scaring people but you never know. It’s sick. Columbia Heights on a busy street on a sunny afternoon. I don’t think my kid even realized what the hell was happeneing, it was so out of place. The 911 operator was very nonchalant about the whole thing – well, no one got stabbed so what’s the issue, what do you need? Very sad.

          • gotryit

            Yikes. That’s at least a misdemeanor, if not a felony threat, and sounds like a hate crime to me. Please consider reporting the 911 operator – that type of response is BS and discourages people from calling the police.

  • Rant: So bummed that the weekend is over and it’s back to “the grind.”
    Rave: I put my business card in for a drawing and I randomly won lunch for myself and five friends at Mai Thai. Score!

  • Rave: Went to the Meridian Hill drum circle for the first time…. why did I never do this before?? Such an uplifting experience in an otherwise sad weekend.

  • Rant: the age old DC rent problem. I’m tired of Hunger Games’esque open houses and apartments being rented out before I even get to my appointment to look at them. Who in this city is paying 2k for a one bedroom?!

    Rave: I made an incredible salad for lunch today?

    • valentina

      A lot of people , judging by the “great deal!” cries you see on this very blog when Pop post the rentals of the day. I’m amazed how anyway can say renting an apartment for 2-3K a month is a good deal for a basement apt because it has a parking space or close to U street.

      • I’m one of those people paying almost 2K for a 1 bedroom near U street and let me break it down for you. At the time when we chose the place my partner and I both worked near Dupont. So we faced the choice of renting something that’s in walking distance or being a little further away and paying for public transportation. (we’re not very comfortable bicycling with traffic so that wasn’t much of an option). When we crunched the numbers we found that if we were to commute on metro or bus we’d be spending anywhere from 100-200 a month on public transportation. So it didn’t make much sense to rent a cheaper apartment further away and waste our lives on a commute when we’d end up saving very little once we factored in travel costs.

        Yes, we could have lived really far out of the city but we didn’t want to. We both earn a little above 40K a year but we find that with two of us and a somewhat strict budget, a 2K rent tab that includes some utilities makes sense when we’re saving money on transportation (like not having to own a car, and rarely having to pay for metro).

        That being said, I completely agree that the rental market in DC is cruel and I was definitely really shocked when I moved here. Still, all those people paying almost 2K for a 1 bedroom near U-street aren’t crazy, it just makes sense given their situation.

        • Thank you for pointing out the cost (in cash and time) of commuting. All of the people advising everyone to live further out seem to forget that part of the equation.

        • Almost $2K for a 1-bedroom seems par for the course, if not a great deal, these days, at least for a decent building. My building at the Adams Morgan-Columbia Heights-Mt. Pleasant border has one bedrooms renting for about $2100, and while it’s a decent enough building it’s nothing super-fancy. When I searched (I live in a studio in that building, so I pay less than $2100), I found a couple of one-bedrooms on the nearby streets in the $1500-$1700 range but they all had serious negatives, like *really* small kitchens (and I’m used to New York apartment living, so if I think a kitchen is small, it’s small) or windows overlooking an airshaft that filled the entire apartment with a dreadful musty smell.

        • I think that leads to another good point: that there are a lot of couples renting those 1 bedrooms. With 2 incomes it’s very affordable for most professionals. But if you’re single you’re stuck either paying a lot (even studios aren’t that much cheaper) or living with roommates.

          • valentina

            I still couldn’t see myself shelling out that kinda money on rent and calling it a “good deal.” I guess it just speaks to the changing landscape of DC.

          • Yeah, I’m at that point where I’m tired of having roommates but I’m single, and there’s no way I can afford $2K a month. I can’t even afford $1500 a month unless I want to have zero savings.

        • Well, I don’t think it’s that weird, given that you have a partner to share it with. If I lived with someone, I could totally afford $1000 a month for my share. I just don’t know how I’m ever going to have a place of my own here without being in a relationship.

          • I think that’s why so many relationships jump ahead to the living-together stage so early on. Even if you’re not really ready to live together it often seems more appealing than living with a bunch of catty roommates or spending your entire salary on housing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: The Walter Pierce Park post reminded me of when my dad let his arm fall on my sister’s shoulders at Lafitte National Park. She thought it was a snake & gave up the will to live. hahaha good times ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rave: Spleens

  • Why does this have me signed in as jack5?

  • Had a glorious Florida vacation until the last day when a father and his teenaged son were trying to see how long the son could stay underwater in the pool. After about an hour of this “game” the father began talking to someone else at poolside. No one knows how much time went by until another guest noticed that the son never resurfaced. He had to be pulled from the bottom of the pool. His limbs were blue and his eyes vacant. A resort guest started giving him CPR but he began bleeding from his nose and mouth. His father was horrified and just stared in shock. His mother was hysterical and had to be held back. Fortunately the rescue squad was there in two minutes but the son had not regained consciousness when they took him away. We left early the next morning and never found out the outcome. I hope he’s alright.

  • Rave: Amazing weekend just enjoying the weather, and our puppy.

    Rant: I live near BToo & it just started its “outdoor seating,” which is really two small tables balancing on the tiny sidewalk. I really can’t see why any person would want to enjoy a nice dinner and wine, with crowds of people just ambling by. At least with other places (nearby Caribou), there’s a barrier & more than a few people outside.

  • Rant: Wonky Bikeshare bikes. Ever since the (amazing) new stations started popping up, I’ve had several bikes that have seat issues. Trying to adjust the seat height is near impossible, or it sinks to the lowest possible level, making riding feel like a low-rider. Hopefully these are just growing pains – I still love Bikeshare to death. Still, I wish there was a way to report specific issues on specific bikes without taking them fully out of circulation.

    Rave: My basement is now fully organized.

    • I hate that the Bikeshare bike seats don’t go low enough! I know a couple women shorter than I am who can’t use them at all.

      • They must be really short. I’m 5 foot even and put the seat at position 3.

        • Weird, I’m 5’2″ and have to put the seat as low as possible if I want my toes to touch the ground. The shorter female friends I’m thinking of are a bit shorter but not abnormally short. You must have long legs!

          • That’s your problem. Bicycle seats should be adjusted so that your leg is almost straight when touching the pedal at the bottom of the stroke. I put the CaBi seat lower than on my own bike because I’m doing more stop and go, but you shouldn’t need it so low that your feet are on the ground.

          • What if you have to stop at a light or something? Do you just jump off the bike?

          • I don’t jump off the bike, but do come off the seat. It’s especially easy with CaBi because they are “girls bike” without a big bar running just under the seat.

          • Yes, you should try raising the seat slightly as the other posted suggested. It really is more comfortable, and even if it seems a bit scary, you won’t fall.

  • My vacation rental apt. guests just cancelled a reservation that was supposed to start tomorrow! Anyone have family or friends who want a very last minute – very discounted weekend in DC? (Columbia Heights) I just posted it on Craigslist – vacation rentals – search on “Cancellation special.”

  • Rant: no concentration today. I have the attention span of a five year old
    Rave: three day weekends mean four day weeks!
    Rant: my sleeping pills work great
    Rave: they work a little too great. It’s taking all day to shake off the grogginess.


    Rave: PoP didn’t post a snake photo along with his post about it.

    Rant: DCist did. Blick. Shakes.

    Rave: No longer an Adams Morgan resident ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: GIGANTIC roach living in my bathroom. Or, hopefully now dead that I sprayed Lysol on him. ::shudders:: This thing was at LEAST 2 inches long!

    Rave: Boyfriend was the one to discover the roach, not me!

    Rant: 5 new interns starting tomorrow, which makes for a lot of preparations. I couldn’t do ANYTHING this morning without being interupted by someone needing something ELSE. GAAAAAAH!

    Rant: Coworker who doesn’t seem to want to do his job. In fact, he suggested that I do part of it…umm, NOPE. I am in NO WAY qualified, I don’t WANT to, and it’s NOT MY JOB! Ugh, so frustrated by this DIVA. And, considering his career, this should NOT be the case! Hopefully new boss will put an end to this.

    Rave: Long, relaxing weekend………………..

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