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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Thursday happy hours

    Rant: Friday brain pain

  • Rave: I heard cicadas last night!

    Rant: I was in Baltimore County when I heard them. They’re not here yet.

    • I don’t think we’re going to get any. I have a 5 year old daughter who is VERY disappointed. We found a dead one last year, and she was fascinated — all its iridescent colors and interesting symmetry. She was really looking forward to lots and lots of little (live) buggy pets this year. Maybe someone will bring one back from their memorial day weekend away for her. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Ran into the metro gates this morning rushing to get to the train and then the station manager was extremely unhelpful figuring out what was wrong with my card.

    Rave: The delay to get on the metro means I bumped into a former colleague and mentor who quickly gave me a hug and made my morning start off right!

    Rave: Three day weekend. Lots of time to relax. Thinking of surprising family in Philly but don’t want to compete with traffic…

    Rant: Husband off to China tomorrow…

    • We leave for Philly on Saturday morning, around 7am, and traffic isn’t bad. Then, on our way home…leave Sun night or early early monday a.m.

      We go often, and will never leave on a Friday again (except friday early a.m).

  • Rave: Love, love, love this chilly weather. Last summer foo-reeked me out. Too darned hot ’twas!

    Rant: Formally quiet alley behind my apartment is now the regular tip for new Thai place’s glass recycling bin. Hush, then crash, smash.

  • Rant: Had trouble with my phone so Verizon Wireless said “wipe it.”

    I asked prior to doing “will everything be backed up.”

    “Yes, they will.”

    Well, no, pictures weren’t backed up. It’s amazing how empty I feel now…so many pictures taken, some not meaningful, but most, were. Anyone know any tips on how to recover from an Android or is it a lost cause?

    Rave: I sit here thinking about how Louis CK would make fun of me, and it makes me laugh.

    • Sorry to hear that. I know it may be too late for you, but,

      PSA: Back up all of your devices! That includes phones, tablets, computers, etc. If you can afford a computer, you can afford a backup hard drive to store all of your otherwise unrecoverable pictures, files, music, etc.

      • +1000. I administer iPhones for my office, and it is beyond annoying when someone comes to me with a busted phone and then gets all huffy that I can’t magically bring their pictures back from the dead device.

    • This is why I downloaded the dropbox app and have it set to automatically upload any pictures I take with my phone. Came in handy when I switched phones and Verizon refused to move my pictures over for me. Sorry, it’s not a help at this point, but hopefully it’ll help in the future.

  • Revel: This break in humidity is AWESOME! I don’t mind the cooler temps. Ride home from my game last night was a bit harrowing in the downpours, but the city looked amazing coming across the 14th St. bridge last night
    Rant: My football this season is terrible…both personally and as a team. I’m having my worst season this year. Still contributing, but making too many mistakes and kind of panicking when I have the ball and not playing great passes (that’s my joint y’all!)
    Revel: Not as sore as I normally am after game days b/c I took myself out for much of the game. We looked better w/o me.

    • Rant: The humidity WAS awful! I am so glad to get a break from it!

      Rant: My brand new dual zone A/C unit did not work all week because when they installed it it wasn’t charged. I was sweating at nights. I’m pissed.

      Rant: Political job in a political town. I’m ready to move to Wisconsin and be a cheese farmer. Ahhhhh… a simpler life.

      Rave: 3 day weekends rock. We need more of that stuff.

      Have a great weekend yall!

  • Rave: Excited to *finally* check out Jazz in the Garden for the first time tonight! Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds out. Anyone have any suggestions on what time to arrive for a decent spot? I think it starts at 5:00…

    • if you want a spot near the fountain, then you’ll need to be there around 4:00. But even if you get a spot in the bushes, it’s a good time. recommend embracing the BYOB.

    • msmaryedith

      I’d say get there at 5. Seriously. It fills up so, so fast!

      • You might have better luck than usual today. Crummy weather, a holiday weekend, and the first one of the season so people might be less aware of it.

    • I used to be a huge fan of Jazz in the Garden but now that everyone has caught on to it, it’s just a giant, hot, CROWDED, drunken mess. No fun anymore.

      • Same here. I’ve switch to the Yards Park concerts (which are closer to home anyway).

      • I think a lot of people go there precisely for the hot, crowded, drunken mess. πŸ˜‰

        As for BYOB, I used to bring wine in without a problem. Then last year, they closed every entrance to the garden except one and where ridiculously thorough at checking bags. I had to surrender a $20 bottle of wine. πŸ™

  • Rave: Memorial day long weekend! Spending the weekend with family and friends at the parents river house in Tappahannock VA.

    Rave2: Our appraisal for our refinance came in WAY above what we were expecting, so we are going to have the cash to renovate the entire rowhouse. Super excited!

    Rave3: 2.5% for 15 years on the large amount. We can handle the payments.

    Rant: Feeling like our mortgage originator is jerking us around. We are now in processing, but I am worried they are trying to let the lock expire (expires June 16th) instead of closing on a loan that is well below market rates, as we locked in when the 10-year treasury rate was .40% lower on May 1st.

  • Rave: Family visiting!
    Rant: Wish their first impression wasn’t going to be this gross weather!

  • Rant: that boarded up building next to Patty Boom Boom that smells like pee. Is that a business or just blight?

    • Do you mean Republic Gardens? I can’t recall if it’s on the same block or the next but it recently went out of business. Hopefully something new will fill the space soon.

      • that’s the building, but republic gardens has been out of business for the most recent time at least 2 years ago.

  • msmaryedith

    Revel: Long weekend, a Nats game, a pool party, a bbq, gardening, and time for at least a museum or two. So glad! Especially since my brain checked out on Tuesday (I almost poured my coffee in my yogurt rather than my mug Wednesday morning).

    Rant: Cramps when I should not have cramps.

    Mini Rant: The MD driver who went berserk honking at me this morning at Stanton Park when I was driving in the lane I was supposed to be in! He was trying to shift over into the wrong one. Then he drove past me and turned and continued to yell at me. Dude, you were in the wrong, not me!

  • Allison

    Rave: Months of searching have paid off– I have a job! A real job as a lawyer! Time to suit up! πŸ˜€

  • Rant: Tired & cranky. And weird muscle soreness that makes it even harder to manouver than being 37-weeks pregnant on its own would be.

    Rant: After being settled on name choices for months, my dad threw a wrench in things last night (3 weeks before the due date) by being concerned that my family might not be sufficiently well-represented (compared to my wife’s family), which made me upset and then led to rethinking and general obnoxiousness. (no names have been shared; just the family members we were planning on honoring for boy or girl names)

    Rave: I think I’ve decided what I’m most comfortable, which is what my wife & I were leaning towards in the first place. If someone’s upset, they can shove it. Other things are being passed along from my family in terms of religious & cultural heritage (not to mention genes), and my parents are all of a 6-hour drive away and might be moving to the area in the next few years anyways. It’s not like they’re not going to be connected to our child.

    Did I mention that I’m tired and cranky? πŸ™‚

    • Sounds like you’ve already reached this conclusion but forget about your dad and his “concerns”. It’s not his kid, he doesn’t get a vote. He already had his turn.

      • Lol, thanks πŸ™‚ It just caught me off guard since my dad is generally pretty reasonable and doesn’t get caught up in silly things. So I was rather startled that he was upset. And, to his credit, he tried very hard to voice his concern without being overbearing, etc and then dropped it. Oh well, part of becoming a parent, I suppose.

        • Emmaleigh504

          You should tell your dad that y’all have thought about it and don’t want either side feeling left out so you are naming the baby Slash, just Slash.

        • Then maybe you should give your dad’s concerns some more thought. Not that you need to bend to his wishes, but this seems important to him and took courage to raise with you. In 30 years or so, you might find yourself in his shoes.

          I have found that being a parent has made me much more understanding and empathetic to my own parents. It’s easier to see things from your parents’ perspective when you imagine how you will want your adult child to treat you. This last is just a general observation, not a comment on what you should or shouldn’t do about naming your kid.

          • Oh man, i feel for you! I’m terrified of that future fight that inevitably will come. πŸ™

            “funny” story – at my wedding dinner, my new in-laws kept naming our future children like wouldn’t “hispanic first name + my husband’s hispanic last name sound great”? i don’t know how i didn’t stab anyone with a fork. All while thinking “no, no, what sounds great is ukrainian first name + my ukrainian last name”.

          • I have, and hence the angst (and crankiness). Honestly, we felt we were honoring both sides of the family when we made the choices we did. However, only one last name can be used (unless we hyphenate, which neither of us likes – both in general & because our names sound super clunky together). For what it’s worth, our child will have my family’s genes rather than my wife’s family’s and my family’s religious upbringing rather than my wife’s family’s. So if the balance tilts slightly in the other direction on the name front, it doesn’t seem quite so bad in light of everything else.

            That said, it has likely cemented my leaning towards using my last name as a second middle name. Perhaps a little more complicated on school forms, etc, but many others have made it work before us & many more will make it work after us, and I like the idea of including my last name too. My wife is on board if that’s what I’d prefer.

          • It also takes courage to let your kids make their own lives even when you would do it differently. I agree with everything you said actually, but as much if not more I think the reverse also applies.

  • em

    Revel: Attended volunteer intro at Sash Bruce Youthwork last night and am really pumped to get back into volunteering around the area

    Rant: Lady in front of me at the coffee shop this morning bought all the apple fritters

    Revel: The cinnamon roll I got instead is pretty tasty

    • em

      Rant: Just clicked on the ad for Sky House (I live the neighborhood and wanted to see what the developer was saying about delivery, etc.), and the site hasn’t been updated since July 2012.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Micromanaging from my boss, part of which is making me micromanage my people. Will it ever end?

    Rave: Visiting my sister & we are checking out a new garden shop! Perfect timing since 1 of my plants is dying and another is infested with pests & may die.

  • Rave: On day three of fostering a dog and I can’t wait to go home to his happy face!

  • Rant/Rave: Serious Vac-A.D.D.
    Rave: If this is my biggest problem, then life is good.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: Flavored greek yogurt. I love greek yogurt so I thought I’d give the single serving kind with the little flavor pack a go. Bleh! Why did I ruin my delicious yogurt?

  • Rave: Last night’s thunderstorm–so relaxing! Granted, I was chillin’ on my bed with the windows open and NOT out in it. πŸ™‚
    Rant: No plans for the holiday weekend.
    Rant: I have tickets to the Nats game tonight but don’t really want to go if the weather stays like this. Blech.

    Question: I need ideas for my upcoming b-day shindig! The date is set for June 8th but there are no actual plans. I want something fun/unique, not just dinner followed by a bar.

  • Rant: refinancing. What a pain in the butt. It’s like, “oh, no, we forgot that we also need the last pair of shoes you wore” every time you think you’ve given them enough information.

    Rave: our condo appraisal. Holy crap. and only a year in. We should move!

    • Oh my god, I know. We were pestered for new paperwork nearly every day for 6 months! It drove me crazy. I understand that they have to re-verify paystubs and bank statements periodically as the process drags on, but couldn’t they have asked for the other stuff all at once instead of doing it piecemeal? And half the time they were asking for things we already gave them. Such an insane system.

      • on our now-investment property (my first condo that I bought prior to getting married), I had the low income tax abatement until I moved, got married, refinanced, etc. So I had NO TAX BILL.

        The mortgage company is like “sorry, we need a tax bill”.

        Like you, I understand them being careful, but with our income, credit history, and the fact that we NEVER MISS A MORTGAGE PAYMENT on either property, both of which now have property taxes in escrow, WTF? hopefully DC tax office will send it to me like they said they would.

        • The best part is that they pulled our credit 8 times, and then made us sign a statement saying that all the inquiries on our report were related to them pulling our credit.

    • Same boat here. Scary thing on my end is they have only come back for more docs once. This is my third time refinancing, so I know the drill, and sent everything the day we locked, but its a bit off.

      I am worried they are trying to let my super low rate lock fail, and then jack up the rate another 3/8 to current market rates.

      • I’m the anon above. That happened to me too. The process took much longer than they said it would, and our rate lock expired twice during that time and we ended up with worse terms. I don’t know what advice to give you, since there doesn’t seem to be a way to get these people to move any faster.

      • I am also terrified that my lock might expire.
        Also refinancing, also appraised better than hoped We were going to close today, but the underwriter announced on Tuesday that they want paperwork certifying there is no shared utillities in the shared wall between my house and the next rowhouse.
        Oh, and the settlement company made a big dumb typo when describing my property taxes, leading us to think that my monthly after the refi would end up being $100 more than we’d hoped.

        • I still have 25 days until it expires, including 16 business days. They can close it if they want. If they choose to negligently allow this lock to expire, I will very much so take any and all action available to me, very likely including small claims for the hefty damages I will incur, as well as CFPB and any other agency with purview here. I would certainly be in speaking with the agency who licenses this company in DC as well.

          If they did their job, they hedged against interest rate risk during the lock period, so there should be no incentive to not close. Just frustrating to sit here well they (seemingly) drag their feet.

          • it definitely sucks – we want/need to buy a new car, and we can’t do that before we refinance. Our last refinance went well, was pretty quick. I think it depends on the company – this time it isn’t the same company, and I worry they might be shady (the rate is lower than Wells Fargo could offer though)

          • Are you going with a wholesaler? We did, and it was a shady company in California, but it didn’t matter in the end because they turned around and sold our loan to Wells Fargo a week after closing. Even with them letting the rate lock expire twice our interest rate was lower than what it would have been if we’d gone directly to Wells Fargo. So, I guess it was worth the hassle.

          • We are going with a wholesaler. They have pretty poor reviews, but I got sucked in by the low interest rate. Had no clue rates were going to skyrocket the next day after I locked, so was stuck.

            They are a fairly big company, so I doubt they want to deal with the hassle I am going to represent. If the delays continue, I will make this clear to them. Keeping my fingers crossed for sure though.

  • Oh, one more rant/rave
    Rave: Our vet did an AMAZING job on my dog’s ACL surgery.

    Rant: have to take care of a dog post-ACL surgery. She doesn’t understand she can’t do whatever she wants. It’s really frustrating for everyone. Luckily, she’s heeling faster than any dog he’s seen. 2 more weeks, staples removed, she’ll be much happier.

  • Question: Best place to buy a bikini in DC? Seems like most stores just have a mess of unmatching tops and bottoms.

  • Does anyone know what is going on with the house at 5303 5th St., NW? Remodeling began, and they tore the back wall off of the place. Then all work stopped a couple of weeks ago. The police have already been out at least once to remove people hanging out in the shell. According to the web, the recent buyer is BTC Holdings II. Is this a flip gone wrong?

  • Rave: My weekend starts in a few minutes. AMF!

  • Rave: Awesome Lady-friend is taking me out for my birthday Drinks & Steaks.

    Rant: Rolling Thunder, awesome you create traffic and disturb everyone with your loud ass bike. You are not a badass you are probably an accountant no one believes you are a 1%.

    Semi Rant: Never had this discussion with a girl. Usually they decide this for me about the label of boyfriend and girlfriend. But if she comes to visit my entire family this weekend I’m going to assume you acquired the label of girlfriend.

  • Rave: Rescue dogs! She’s making herself right at home and the resident cats are skeptical, but seem to have decided that she can stay. Hooray for dogs!

    Rant: None! I just look her happy puppy eyes and can’t help but smile!

  • Rave: The countdown continues! 2 days! Arrested Development! What a fun sexy time! Long weekend!
    Rant: Hoping weather gets a tad sunnier for the Nat’s tonight and allergies improve.

  • Rave: Its Friday!!!!!!

    Rant: What’s with the huge jogging gangs going down 15th Street! There are like 20 people running in these packs taking over the pavement. I have been shoved into flower beds and the street on 3 separate occasions – can’t they meet in the mall or something for their mass gatherings!!!

    • “Boot camp” groups. My hardcore running friends always complain about them. They clog up the trails in RCP and Roosevelt Island. They’ve become a real nuisance over the past few years, as they claim public spaces for their private profits.

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