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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: I am so over the news coverage of late surrounding the horrible weather event in OK. Please report the news, stop looking for a story and using these peoples torment and pain for what you suppose will increase ratings!
    REVEL: Im flying out of here for the weekend!

    • Gotta disagree with you there. I really dislike tragedy porn, but I think something like this, with such far-reaching implications, deserves at least the 48 hours it’s gotten, and probably a lot more. See, pretty soon the news bobbleheads will have to start talking to scientists and politicians about the why and the what’s next. And that’s a conversation that needs to happen.

      • So this is a global warming issue? So Tornado Alley is a misnomer?

        • Interesting question! Let’s talk about that, shall we? You know, instead of shutting down all discussion because some media consumers are “over it”. We could also talk about the construction of better shelter for people living in historically tornado-prone regions.

          • Or below sea-level regions like New Orleans. Or areas near the San Andreas. Derechos. Stuff happens. Don’t overthink it.

          • But if it happens more frequently and/or with more severity due to climate change? How about if it affects more people due to higher population density than was the historical norm? We don’t have to pin down a reason or assign official blame in order to take steps to mitigate the effect of future weather events.

    • disagree… it doesn’t need to be swept under the rug. awareness and coverage brings help in the form of donations and volunteerism. i’m from an area that gets hit with hurricanes, and like it or not, coverage brings in dollars and able bodies!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: This is my Friday! Tomorrow I throw the pups in the car and drive to Upstate NY to meet Mr. Squid for a five day weekend.

    Revel: Weather is looking good for little bro’s nuptials on Saturday.

    Revel: Treating myself to a pedicure tonight. My little piggies need it.

  • Anyone have news on the cicada invasion? I read on Kevin Ambrose’s blog (Capitol Weather gang) that if we haven’t seen them yet, then we’re likely to avoid them.

    • I heard they weren’t going to be in DC too much. We have them out in the burbs here, but I haven’t seen near as many as I thought I would by now. However, it did stay a bit cooler longer a couple weeks ago, which made the ground too cold for them to come out of. So who knows… I hope this is all we get!

  • Rave: Very excited after reading more about the wack-job that the Tea-Party nominated for VA Lieutenant Governor. This guy will keep Cooch out of the Governors mansion, and that is a huge positive.

    Rant: Feeling terrible for the people of Oklahoma. Here is hoping they recover quickly.

    Rave: Will be interested to continue watching the OK Senators (who both voted against the Sandy relief bill) continue to twist themselves in knots as to why their state is deserving of relief, while NY and NJ weren’t. The hypocrisy is deep on this one. Will be very interesting to watch if they cant get off-setting cuts elsewhere to see if they are actually willing to vote against their own state in a relief bill.

    Rave: Of course we are going to send aid. This is America, and we help our citizens in need, whether they are the darkest red state, or the brightest blue state.

    • I might disagree with him nearly all the time, but I respect Coburn because he is principled. He has stated that if OK receives assistance, cuts should be made elsewhere. I believe he said the same thing for Sandy.

      Inhofe, on the other hand, is a POS who defines hypocriscy.

      • I don’t know, I kind of feel like he’s back-peddling to avoid looking foolish. Overall, I think the whole idea of opposing disaster aid until it directly affects you is part of a troubling trend of “me first” thinking. You’re from California and you oppose disaster aid- until an earthquake hits. You’re from the midwest and you oppose it – until a tornado hits (and don’t even get me started on farm subsidies). You’re from a coastal area, etc. I don’t even have a real solution. I just find it all so depressing and foolish and self-defeating.

    • colheights67

      Ehh, the wacky lieutenant governor candidate might hurt Cooch, but the ticket is split — voters could choose Cooch for gov and someone from another party as lieutenant gov.

    • When I think of government waste and largess I don’t exactly picture those greedy no good rotten victims of natural disasters. He has reason to back pedal if the vote was actually about disaster relief. The problem with Congress is they add poison pills and extras to things all the time and you can’t always tell the real basis of the opposition. Take adding the abortion stuff to a bill about the D.C. budget for example, or layering a bill funding our troops with completely unrelated pork. Vote it down because you don’t like the pork and they label you as not supporting the troops. vote for D.C. budget autonomy and you support outlawing abortion. The way the game is played sometimes makes a straight line comparisons difficult.

  • Rant: The intersection of 16th Street and Colesville Rd and North Portal and Eastern Ave at the DC/MD border. That’s got be highlighted in Dysfunction Junction sometime soon!

    • Totally agree! What a nightmare. I drive through this every morning (heading north to 495 to North Bethesda, but the people coming from Portal or Colesville or whatever sure do have it rough.

    • Eh, it’s definitely not ideal, but not -too- bad once you learn to navigate it. Oh, and only if you’re traveling by car or bus. I wouldn’t want to venture out there as a pedestrian.

    • Good pick! I always feel a little nervous when I’m going south from Colesville Road to 16th Street. Just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

    • jim_ed

      Hah. I take 16th St to avoid driving through downtown SS, and this circle is a complete joke. Going N/S is smooth sailing, but if I was going E/W, I’d avoid this like the plague. I watched a tour bus try to navigate this yesterday, and it looked like a disaster in the making.

      Also, those statues/emblems that Silver Spring put up are god-awfully ugly. It looks like it should be the symbol for some second tier beach town on the Jersey Shore.

    • I take the S9 bus back home sometimes, and half the time bus drivers won’t let you get on at the last stop (by the metro, and by civilization), and instead make you walk over and cross that intersection to the official start of the bus route.

      • As long as you are taking suggestions. What about taking Wisconsin in glover park down to two lanes and adding those stupid turn lanes. That used to be smooth sailing and now it is a cluster f*ck.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Suddenly there’s a lot of work to do, free-lance work (consultant) + photography.
    Rave: Free lance work!
    Rant: Feeling overwhelmed, but I know it’s only because I have not planned it yet/put it on my calendar.

  • Rant: Kale
    Revel: Lingerie Parties

  • Rave: Getting new blinds for our condo! A tad expensive? Yes. Worth it? YES. Anyone have good experiences with Next Day Blinds?

    Rant: Consistent family drama. I’m sick of it. And my sister’s husband is a giant tool.

    Rant/Rave: Wedding planning is kind of fun, although it is too expensive, and takes too much time out of my day!

    • I have had good experience with next day blinds. I like the blinds, and the company has lived up to its obligations. A couple of times things have broken and they have promptly come out and made the fix at no cost with no hassle.

    • bfinpetworth

      You’ll get a much better price from blinds.com, and generally installation is very simple You just have to follow their instructions for measuring precisely to ensure a good fit.

      • “Just” needing to measure right to ensure a good fit is something that’s genuinely beyond many of us.

    • Ooh- what did your BIL do?

    • If you measure yourself, make sure you triple-check that they put in the measurements correctly. I just ordered some blinds from them and, while my notes had the correct measurements, they added an extra inch on the width. They have you review the size and sign that it is correct and I didn’t catch it. So now I have to pay for a whole new one πŸ™

    • novadancer

      we used blinds to go and had a very easy experience (they measure – no way I would do it myself!)

      • You got it, ZetteZelle and novadancer. No sense in me measuring and pay double for my mess-up. They’re coming to measure and install–$50 for the verticals, and $25 for each regular shade. With a 10% off coupon, the installation and measuring end up being free πŸ™‚ Thankfully we don’t need the blinds “next day” but they’re pretty flexible with scheduling.

    • Always wondered about this place. Do people wake up one morning and say “I must have blinds tomorrow!”?

      • No – people move into new homes on the first floor that have no blinds or where the old owners took the blinds and need something to cover the windows as soon as possible so the drugged out guy stops coming up to their window every morning knocking on it and asking for money when you’re drinking you’re morning coffee. Not that I know this from experience or anything.

        • Word. Yikes.

        • Blinds at Home Depot are $4.97 for the “to go” variety — 64″ long, and available in a variety of widths — or something like $15 for the longer (maybe 78″?) variety, which come in a variety of widths and can also be cut to size.

          What’s the added value from a place like Next Day Blinds — are they installing them too??

    • I used blinds.com and bought Levoler blinds. Measuring was easy, just follow the instructions and double check your measurements. The blinds are great and were very easy to install. The only mistake was that they accidentally sent me 4 extra blinds (one for each window on my first level). But they didn’t charge me for them, so I now I’ve got a free set of backups should anything happen.

    • I used Next Day Blinds for my old house and my current house. Great experience both times. Quick, not too expensive, and really helped me pick what looked good in the space. I highly recommend getting blinds that both come up from the bottom of the window and come down from the top of the window for the first floor of a house. I love leaving the lower half of the blinds closed for privacy, but leaving the upper half open for light!

    • Blithe

      Thanks for bringing this up! At some point SOON, I’ll need to make some decisions about — and budget for — blinds. These suggestions and recommendations have been very helpful — since I wasn’t sure how to start.
      Does anyone know if the company’s that install the blinds will dispose of the old ones? I’m in a condo, so if I have to dispose of them through the building’s bulk trash removal service, it might cost me more than the new blinds.

  • Rant: The husband returned from a work trip on Saturday and is leaving again for another work trip this Saturday.

    Rave: Scrunching in as much time together before he leaves. Plus, he’s trying to meet me in Jakarta!! (It’s not *that* close to China, where he’ll be, but it’s closer than the US!)

    Rant: Lost an outline with notes of my report (pretty sure my colleague accidentally took it on a trip with him)… trying to reconstruct all my observations is proving to be tough…

    Rave: Three day weekend coming up!

  • RAVE: We found a house!!! After months of searching and multiple offers, we did it, we finally did it. Our offer was accepted, home inspection went brilliantly, termite inspection shows no little critters, and we booked the movers.

    RANT: Waiting on our lender to finish the appraisal and finalize our loan is pure torture. But will be worth it when we move into our beautiful new home πŸ™‚

    • Congrats!! What neighborhood?

      • thanks! it’s in alexandria…we’ll be virginians πŸ™‚ it was a hard pill to swallow at first, but we are getting so much more house and better school districts for the soon-to-be-baby. i tell ya, i’m not looking forward to the virginia license plate, since i’ll still be commuting into dc for work.

        • bfinpetworth

          One of the privileges of being straight in the DC metro area – you can choose to live in Virginia. Gays aren’t welcome there.

          • Yes, but unmarried couples aren’t. Our union is illegal in the great commonwealth. And an unmarried couple with a baby…world hold on!!!

          • thebear

            That’s a mighty ignorant, bigoted statement. There are *many* single and coupled gays living in Virginia. Arlington and Alexandria are particularly popular gay addresses.

  • Not a rant or rave but IF YOU LOST YOUR KEYS YESTERDAY between 8th and 9th on Rhode Island NW, I have them. You were probably biking as I found the the keys in the road. I’d love to get these back into the hands of the owner.

  • Rant: Commute took forever thanks to the 14th St sinkhole. Over one hour standing on a hot crowded bus really sucks.

    Rave: After arriving home feeling like hot, sweaty, gross mess, I decided the only thing left to do would be to take myself out for ice cream. One of the best perks of being an adult, IMHO. I will have ice cream for my dinner and not have anyone judge me.

  • Rant: 14th St. buses – 14th St. has boomed lately – lots of new apartments/condos/businesses have opened or are planning to open and lots of new people needing to take the bus. I’m excited to see all the new people and business, but Metro has got to increase the number of buses. Luckily, I live in Columbia Heights so I can often at least get on a bus (albeit standing and crammed in like an anchovy), but day after day my buses pass right by huge groups of people waiting at stops further south during rush hour.

  • Rave: Peonies in the front yard out and more full and beautiful than they’ve ever been.

    Rant: Peonies were Stephanie’s favorites and not being able to sit down to a dinner table decorated with fresh cut flowers and see the way she smiles rips open psychic scabs.

    • Maybe you could give some of those flowers to an elderly neighbor or someone in need of a lift in her honor. It might not give you the specific smile you were craving, but it may give you some peace nevertheless. Just an idea.

  • RANT: PoPville sign-in/account errors.
    RANT: MRI results inconclusive, orthopedist recommends surgery for plica syndrome, but is willing to try cortisone injections first. think i’m going to get a 2nd opinion just to be sure. anyone else dealt with plica syndrome before?
    RAVE: BIL, SIL, and niece are coming to visit tomorrow! πŸ™‚

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry about the sign-in errors. We are working on a massive overhaul of the site which should be ready by mid-June.

  • Rant & Revel?… i guess lol

    I am gearign up for a year long journey… the process to getting into grad school
    i know it will take tons of time and energy but i am ready for the challenge
    U Penn here i come!

    • Heading to Penn as well! My journey might be 1 1/2 maybe 2 years though.

    • Nice work! Penn undergrad alum and Philly native here :-D. Love it there. Enjoy the city and the school – they’re both wonderful!

  • Rave- the new Nationals album
    Rant- confusing and unfulfilling relationships
    Rave- warmth and sunshine
    Rant- being stuck in an office while the sun is shining

  • Rave! Hump Day…almost Friday…

    Rant: Icky sinus/allergy headache thing all day I can’t shake. Make it stop!!

  • My brother is in Penn Quarter tody and wents to meet somewhere for happy hour. Can anyone recommend a decent place?

    • It depends on what kind of happy hour you are looking for…

      • Beer and/or cocktails, pretty much any kind of food. He’s finished around 3:00 today, so we’ll probably be too early for happy hour. Maybe I’ll meet him for a drink at Poste. Never been there, and the ourdoor bar sounds nice.

    • What kind of HH are you looking for? More of a beer drinker or drink other stuff? Food or no food?

      Penn Social has good HH beers, crappy food. It’s also pretty quiet mid-week. Poste has a popular HH when the weather is nice. Cedar has a HH, but I haven’t been there for it. Iron Horse is good if you like beer, but no food and it gets packed.

    • Sit outside at Poste at Hotel Monaco. Margaritas at Oyamel are solid. Cheap PBRs and great music at Hill Country. Rocket Bar smells like poo.

    • Not sure it’s what you are in the mood for but Sei does a nice happy hour. Goes till 8 too. I can taste that pear sangria now….

    • Chophouse has good beer specials at the bar. The upstairs has a pool table too.

    • GiantSquid

      Penn Quarter Sports Tavern on Indiana has cheaper beer and good tots. Teaism on 8th has more funky offerings. Iron Horse has booze but you have to bring your own food in. Vapiano’s nice because everyone automatically pays for their own stuff but it can get quite loud. Bar Louie in Gallery Place isn’t bad either, lots on tap, bar food.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work is making me feel stupid today. I can’t get anything to work.

    Rant: Got no raves so far.

  • Rave: Tomorrow is my Friday.

    Rant: Got a butt-load of work to do by 6pm tomorrow.

    Rave: Will get to surf my new longboard on Friday afternoon at a great little beach in Delaware. When the the rest of my coworkers are stuck in the office. YES!

    Rave: Amazing boxing training last night. Gettingin shape feels awesome and after a hard session I absolutely crave healthy foods (can’t eat enough fruits and veggies). Who is this person?!!?

  • Rave: started a new job a couple weeks ago and like it!

    Rant: Was doing contract work for a few years before so pretty much scheduled my own work time. Having not been in the traditional office atmosphere in a while, I can’t believe the amount of time wasted on chit-chat.

    Rave 2: Office, with large windows, and door that closes!

  • Rant: This day–this WEEK, more like–are CRAZY. So stressed. And wondering if the new boss is going to turn this place upside down. Days like today make me hate my position.

    Rave: Shopping after work! Yay, stress relief…

    Rant: People who have a solution for absolutely EVERYTHING. Just shut up.

    Rave: Shade + slight breeze = very pleasant lunch outside!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awards ceremony tonight for my field, 4th year (out of 4 that I’ve been here) that we’ve won.

    Rant: The medication I’m on for this damn sinus infection doesn’t mix well with alcohol, so, open bar = gone to waste.

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