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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Why are there no recycling bins on 14th Street? I walked about 6 blocks before I just threw my plastic bottle in a trash can.

    • Short answer: Amuhrica

      Long answer: It would cost a lot to have recycling bins all throughout the city like that – not because buying the bins or installing them would cost much, but because it would cost a lot to pay extra people to unload them and to buy/maintain the equipment needed for that. The DC govt probably has, in their view, more important priorities like schools, WMATA, crime and social services. You could always try to change their mind…

  • Rant: Zipcars increasing prices again – without notifying customers… they’ve slowly crept up prices in the past year so the crappiest, cheapest car is nearly 10 bucks an hour now. Still better than owning a car for me but gosh they need better competition (And Car2Go doesn’t really count as it’s a different type of travel…).

    Rave: The host of transportation options in DC – no need for a car here.

    Rant: Tons of work and no motivation to do it.

    Rave: Long to-do list for personal stuff but it all adds up to some great things.

    • Have you tried Hertz On Demand? They have lots of options especially on capitol Hill (at least 4 locations in H Street area) and NO yearly fee. hertzondemand.com Highly recommend.

      • Seconding Hertz! The prices are comparable to Zip and having no annual fee is amazing.

      • Our biggest Zipcar usage is from metro stations in the burbs (I take the metro to the end of the line and then use Zipcar from the metro station to go the last 15 minutes…) so unfortunately Hertz wouldn’t work for that.
        Thanks for the input though – perhaps using Hertz for other in the city zipcar uses would be nice.

  • Rant: I was just informed that next Monday is Memorial Day. This cannot be true–I still haven’t put out my garden!

  • Rant: Anger issues. Some lady took exception to god knows what as I was driving with my kids on Saturday morning. She proceeded to hurl angry F-bombs at a stop light in full view and ear shot of my young children. This was Saturday morning mind you. If you are this wound up on a Saturday morning I am thinking you need to take stock of your life. Plus, I had not changed lanes, swerved or anything so the only thing I can think of is that she thought I was driving too slow.

    • I hear you. My parents, who are older and from a small town and a little intimidated by the big city, were visiting this weekend, and there were a few occasions where I was seriously embarrassed for this place I call home. Not that anger doesn’t exist in the boonies, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard some 300 pound woman shrieking at the top of her lungs an invitation to her friend to “go fuck a tranny” anywhere but the DC metro.

    • What if you work weekends? Night shifts? Not sure if your logic about Sat mornings would really grant a pass for raving public profanity for those who don’t hold down 9-5 jobs.

      • I don’t think it would be acceptable under any circumstances really but I have to play the percentages on this one. I was only emphasizing the Saturday morning thing because it is usually a more laid back driving scenario than say the heart of rush hour.

        • That’s sad. Sometimes the anger really gets to me, too. It’s just so unpleasant and I’m kind of baffled why people act like that. Bad attitudes like that are my least favorite part of living in DC. Thank god I don’t live in NYC…

    • Based on my experience, you were driving like a slow poke and her kids were late to ballet class.

  • Rant: Erg test not what I was hoping (7:03) and with both my arch rivals posting times better than either did all of last year, am feeling slow.

    Rave: Did not leave boathouse in an ambulance like I did last time I tried one of these, and not an altogether bad score considering that I spent the off-season on Whiskey River rather than the Anacostia.

    Rave: Good advice from PoPsters as I resume training for the inevitable next 2K.

    Serious Rave: Red Hen. Better than it has any need to be (though I suggest arriving early).

    • Sometimes you’re the hammer, and sometimes you’re the nail. If you change up your training, keep us up to date. I didn’t make it out to the Mrs. club thing on Saturday.

      • Right now the main thing is consistency. I’m not delighted with the time but, given that I was a little cautious — as I mentioned, my last 2k ended badly — it showed decent progress. After a misspent off-season, I started doing extra weights and erging when we got on the water, but a poorly-timed vacation took me away from training for more than a week (out of only eight) and work has been interfering (imagine that!) especially with the extra training. Next official test isn’t until late July, so I’ll try to make time for 2-3 extra erg sessions and some weightlifting in every week, leaving off the weights as the next test approaches. I like your idea of doing 2Ks until I’m desensitized, so I’ll try to get in one a week, and maybe do that 500 meter piece routine. I’m also thinking of working in some 3x3x3s, which I hear are pretty terrible: Set a pace a couple seconds under your target 2k split, row until you go over it three strokes in a row, then rest three minutes, and repeat twice.

        It’s a little obsessive, but this summer, it’s what I need.

  • Rave: Great weekend with friends. It’s good when you’re exhausted on Monday morning, right?

    Rant: Not sure if it’s a rant, but I’m looking for a new challenge, and feel open to anything (except going back to school). Any suggestions?

    • Have you thought about taking classes through the Global Language Network? (I know you said you don’t want to go back to school, but I see this as different!) It’s a great way to brush up on a language you knew in the past or learn a new one altogether.

      • Seconding this recommendation– I’ve taken 3 classes with GLN and it’s definitely been challenging in a good way. I think registration for their summer semester is this week.

        • ahh, thanks for a reminder. I’ve taken Polish there before. Going to try my luck again at getting a spot in Spanish. Maybe third time is the charm!

    • Get a new certification for work (CFA, CPA, AIA, Cisco certification, etc.)

    • Volunteer and help local kids with reading or homework?

    • Blithe

      Learn something new. As an adult, I’ve started from scratch with ice skating, yoga, knitting, and guitar lessons. I’ve totally enjoyed making the leap from absolute beginner to, erm, not so absolute beginner. And, of course, met interesting people in the process.

  • Rant: Bros who can’t re-rack their weights at the gym.

    Rant: If a guy’s interested, he’ll make a move. Right?

    Rave: 3-day work week then a week at the beach!! I haven’t been to the beach since last August. I can’t remember the last time in my life I’ve gone this long without going to the beach…which means I’ve had a pretty amazing life (thus far).

    • The answer to rant #2 is “possibly”.

      • The follow up answer to the answer to rant #2 is “possibly”….so if you think he’s cute and/or you’re interested in getting to know him better, you should probably man/woman up and open your mouth and say “hi, my name is ____, and I think you’re cute and/or I’m interested in doing some type of thing w/ you some time or not.”

        • I suppose I shouldn’t have been so vague. I actually have expressed interest, but it could be interpreted as purely professional (we know each other through work). We had lunch last week, at my invitation, but for work-related reasons (his detail ending). Neither of us followed-up, even though I had a great time. I was expecting to see him at a work-related bbq this weekend and he didn’t show. But I have no idea his romantic status, and seeing as our work lives are intertwined, I don’t want to be overly aggressive. And more than that, I don’t really want to be the pursurer, so I kinda think I’ve done my part and it’s up to him.

          • Sounds like you’ve done all you’re willing to do, so forget about it until he does something. FWIW I suspect there’s a good chance that he actually has no idea you’re interested based on what you’ve written.

    • Rant on Bros: +1

      • Rant#1 – especially in the morning. We are all in a hurry to get our workout in and head to work. I don’t have time to clean up after you, wipe off your sweat and throw away your paper towels.

  • Rave: my second niece arrived last night! My sister, brother in law, and new niece are doing great! It was so wonderful and everything went well. All the staff at GW were fantastic.

    Rant: I was snapped right back into reality this morning. My CEO is a weird dude. But he’s a weird dude who might fire you if you disagree, so here I am changing all of my hard work.

    • May I suggest that you purchase a milkshake for the mother at Burger Tap Shake, across the street, if you go visit? I loved it when people showed up with milkshakes while I was in the hospital after my son was born.

      • I brought Cubside Cupcakes for all. It worked out great because my older niece (25 months) came to visit a bit after the birth and was totally overwhelmed. I think the hospital, seeing her mom in a strange situation, and the abstract idea of a baby sister become reality were a lot for her. So we gave her some of a cupcake and called it a birthday celebration for her new sister. She warmed up and did great, even gently touched her new sister and excitedly squealed at the little baby noises she was making.

        If they don’t get out today, I will stop by with milkshakes, that’s a great idea. It’s so nice that there are more places to get food now than were there 2 years ago, especially since my sister and brother in law keep kosher and the hospital gave her a turkey sandwich.

  • Rant: Both bikes out of commission, forced to take Metro
    Rant/Revel: Wife’s car died…not the best timing. Baby coming, ’bout to put a fence up on our property…whatever, life right?
    Anyway, got to drive a bunch of cars this weekend. Always fun for this gear-head.

    We’re leaning strongly towards a 2013 Kia Optima EX w/Premium pack. Anyone have thoughts? Personally, I thought that, for a daily driver/family sedan, it handled quite well. Acceleration was steady but not mind-numbing, handling was crisp and agile, and brakes were solid. It also seemed to pack in a ton of tech for the money..the wife liked all the bells and whistles, so did I if I’m honest. I really didn’t want to like it going in, but it completely won me over. A KIA for Pete’s sake!

    • I know nothing about their reliability or handling, but the styling on the Optima is REALLY nice. It looks like a waaaaaay more expensive than it actually is. I’m always doing double-takes when I see one on the highway. Sexy lines on that body!

    • HAH this is turning in to Car Monday on POP! I love it because it’s good to know some of us have the same issues.

    • Do you live and drive in the city? If so, I would highly recommend that you take a serious look at something with a hatchback – much more efficient use of space than a regular sedan. I’m guessing that you would do well with something like a Golf: small enough to fit in the city, while still large enough for your family and very utilitarian if you need to haul large items in the trunk.

      • If you’re like me and you like to leave things in your trunk, it’s not a good idea to have a hatch back. If I’m tired and get a terrible parking spot, I’ll move stuff to my trunk and get it later instead of of walking home like a pack mule. I also keep a bocce set in there for emergencies.

        I have a Carola and I think the Matrix has the same footprint. A Golf is smaller and definitely cute though.

        • +1 for emergency bocce set. I keep a camp chair, tennis racket, and picnic blanket in my trunk for emergencies. Back when I lived at the beach, I also kept a suit, towel, flip flops, and sunscreen.

        • Wait, why can’t you leave stuff in a hatchback? I do it all the time.

          • Do you park on the street? In my neighborhood visible stuff in your car is a recipe for a break in.

          • We have a cover on our wagon – didn’t stop someone from breaking the window to get in it. We didn’t keep anything in it, really – jumper cables and some of my husband’s military stuff that he never brought in like dirty socks and a few MREs. And a framed picture we needed to have fixed. They took everything except the MREs. That says a lot about the MREs.

          • I park on the street, as do other hatchback owners in my neighborhood. The hatchback has a cover so you can’t see what’s in there. If I have something huge in there, like a couple of bikes or luggage or a piece of furniture, I’ll remove the cover, but now we’re talking about a situation that’s not even possible with a traditional 4-door. And I never leave those sort of things in there unattended. I don’t think the hatchback invites break-ins any more than a vehicle with a trunk. All someone has to do to get into the trunk is smash a window in the front and pop the trunk release, right? I guess the only concern is that the hatchback glass is probably more expensive to replace. I’ve had my car since 2005 and I’m really grateful I went with the hatchback model; it’s been incredibly useful on several occasions.

          • Emmaleigh504

            jindc, you are being unfair to the poor MREs 😉 I had some good ones back in 2005.

      • My wife actually liked the Subaru XV Crosstrek better than the Kia. I liked the handling on the Crosstrek better, but the acceleration was sluggish. It’s really the tech that pushed me over…it really seems like a much more expensive car on the inside..the dual sunroof=amazing! I agree w/ other anonymous too that it looks more expensive on the outside too. I’ve definitely done double-takes when I see one and then the Kia badge.

        My car is a ’02 Mazda Protege 5, the hatchback. I’ve loved every single minute of it. Brought it from CO. I’ve slept in it, used it like a mini truck and taken it to track days. It’s a stick and the wife can’t seem to master it or we’d just use that for both of us. I’d prefer to trade both cars in for one, but wife wants #2 for “emergencies”. We’re just outside the city btw.
        The other car that I really liked driving and was quite nice to look at (reminded me of a Ferrari F12), was the 2014 Mazda 6. They tucked in the wheel arches and made them more angular and cut off the rounded front nose, made it “snubby”. The 6 just didn’t “fit” the wife very well.

        • +1 for Mazdas! I just bought a Mazda 3 hatchback in September, and I LOVE it. Sporty, has loads of room (Ikea trips have become so much easier), but parallel parking is super easy. Really ended up liking the 3 way more than the Golf, which surprised me!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I rented a Chevy Spark when I was in California in early May. Check it out, its affordable and performed well.

    • I have a 2006 Kia Spectra, so not exactly comparable to the Optima. But, I LOVE it. And I also didn’t want to love a Kia….but I do. It’s been a great car, and maybe has around 80k miles now. I haven’t had any major or even minor issues (knock on wood), but I’m pretty good about getting it serviced regularly. Well, besides issues that were my fault (minor accidents). And that one time my tires got slashed when I first moved here.

  • Rave: accomplished so much stuff this weekend with my GF – worked out, successful/quick runs to Home Depot and Trader Joes, installed a flower box for my bonsai plants into the brick wall outside my condo’s window (masonry fasteners FTW), painted my bedroom (looks AMAZING!), and went dancing on Saturday night.

    Rave: short week and will spend the long weekend surfing in Delaware. Yes!

    Rant: GF’s Prius got in a 10 mph fender bender last week. Not much cosmetic damage aside from a broken front bumper and a dent in the hood, but apparently it caused over $9000 worth of engine damage. The entire engine shifted back into the interior side of the dashboard assembly. WTF?!?! It was a 2004 Prius with only 75K miles. Insurance is claiming it a total loss and now she needs to buy a new car. The cheapest pre-owned Priuses start at over $12K. GF is very upset about losing her car :-/

    RANT: Apparently, the Prius engine is an expensive/easily breakable POS, according to the USAA claims adjuster. Be warned Prius owners.

    • I had a roommate in grad school who had to take a class as an EMT on handling vehicle accidents involving a Prius because the engines are more dangerous than regular cars. They’re also bad for the environment for some reason (the mechanics of it aren’t easily disposed of?). We haven’t perfected hybrids yet, sadly.
      Glad your GF is ok, though – check out other cars…many get great gas mileage now. At least she has USAA, too, which is GREAT insurance.

      • Her family loves the Prius, as she inherited the one she crashed from her mother (who upgraded to a newer model). Fortunately, the accident happened in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-95, so there were no medical issues for either party (the guy stopped short, my GF couldn’t react in time). My GF was totally at-fault, but the other driver didn’t even take down her contact info or get the cops involved; he was pretty shady, said he wouldn’t file a claim, and took off after 1 minute.

        And yes, USAA has been really good. They are covering $900 worth of rental charges for a brand new Prius from Enterprise. That’s about 21 days of car rental, based on the long term rate + CDW that USAA negotiated.

        Still, used car prices are, apparently, at a record high right now. And we need a car for this upcoming holiday weekend and then she’s gone for a week on a work trip. She’ll basically have 1 or 2 days to find a car. This is terrible timing.

        • I had an accident sort of like that once: guy cut me off, I rear-ended him (so it was my fault legally), and THEN he took off like a bat out of hell. The cops said that given the location, he probably had a trunk full of drugs or something.

        • That happened to me once, except it was the shady guy that hit my car from behind so he should have been at fault. There was no damage to either vehicle so he insisted we not report it. Given the location (Springfield) and his appearance/demeanor we thought he might have been an illegal immigrant who couldn’t get a license, so we just let it go. The guy ended up going behind my back and filing a claim later with his insurance company (under a strange woman’s name…the owner of the car?), who contacted my insurance company. Unfortunately I was with Geico who simply took that guy’s side of the story, charged me with an at-fault accident, and my rates nearly tripled!

          • Yeah, I’m paranoid about that stuff, and I made a vow to ALWAYS go through insurance after my best friend got sued by a guy claiming soft tissue damage in his neck from when she sideswiped him (in hindsight, she thought he might have engineered the crash). He suggested keeping insurance out of it, and she’d had a few minor fender-benders before, so she initially agreed, to try to keep her rates low. Fortunately, she started feeling weird about it a couple of days later and confessed to her insurance company, who took over handling the claim, and a week or so later the guy filed suit. If he wasn’t a con artist, he was the unluckiest driver who ever lived–according to court records, he’d supposedly been in about 15 accidents in the past in which he’d sustained soft tissue damage. Insurance assumed the liability and used their own lawyers, and the judge tossed the suit immediately on the first day of trial, but it was still a huge pain in the butt for my friend, who had to take off work and pay to come back to Maryland (she’d subsequently moved out of state) to be on hand in case she needed to testify.

          • You need to be careful when another driver says “let’s just take care of it ourselves.” There’s always the possibility of the person going behind your back and filing a claim that puts you at fault.

            I had an accident in Maryland where I got rearended. Guy wanted to not report the accident and instead have me come to whatever auto body shop he worked at and let him repair it. I said thanks but no thanks. Took his info and reported it to GEICO. Filed a claim through my policy and they paid everything but my deductible. Turns out that when they contacted his insurance company – or at least the company listed on the registration – it could not find any record of the policy number on the card and declined the claim. GEICO is now going after the guy personally for their money and my deductible (they paid out waaay more than I did). Got a nice surprise the other day when they called and said I had uninsured motorist coverage, which got me back most of my deductible.

          • Geico is a huge piece of crap.

          • They sure are. When I moved from Northern VA to DC I switched from Geico to Progressive and my 6-month policy decreased– from over $1200 to $328! I’m sure the move have something to do with it, but getting rid of Geico definitely helped too. Their rates are good until you’re involved in an accident, and then they want your blood.

        • See if anyone you know has the name of a good auto broker. My family has all used one to get cars on the west coast and the deals are amazing.
          If not – head to another state and be on the lookout for Hurricane Sandy cars.

      • Rave: GF just negotiated with USAA and managed to get them to add another $1000 to the total loss payout. $9600 for a 2004 Prius with 75K miles ain’t bad! Still won’t cover a replacement, but it get her closer.

        Rave: She can be a pitbull and doesn’t back down in negotiations. I think I might keep her 😉

    • Fun! What kind of dancing did you do?

  • Has anyone taken the mayor up on his tree offer? I’d like to have them put a couple in the treebox in front of my house. What’s the process, and how did it go?

    • I did!

      Called 311 and got on the list. Never heard anything again. Then, one random day about 9 months later I came home to a beautiful yoshino cherry tree in front of my house. Cost $0.

  • Rant: car shopping. We need a safer car once baby is here – went to Koonz Ford in Falls Church. Guy was super pissed we weren’t buying a car that day. $21k for a used Ford Focus? really? Anyone have a Ford dealer (or place that sells gently used newer model Fords) they recommend? I felt gross after leaving there!

    Rave: our 13 year old car still works great. It’s just not safe enough in the back for a baby (no air bags, it’s just a plastic shell). 85k miles on it. It’s been a good car!

    • Have you tried Carmax? It’s been a number of years, but the car I bought there was great and seemed fairly priced. They also don’t haggle, which I found less stressful.

      • Any other reviews from people using Carmax? Is there a good location?

        Also, does anyone have experience buying pre-owned from any of the local Toyota dealerships, either in the DMV or Richmond areas?

        • I bought my 06 Carola from Darcars in Rockville in the end of 2007. I feel like I got a good deal and they seemed to be pretty straight forward. I did my own check on the VIN, though I think they may have also given it to me (it was a long time ago). The car I bought had been gently rear ended and they had fixed and repainted the whole thing. I talked them down a bit because of that, even though my friend who checked it out said it was in fine shape.

          I did buy the oil changes, tire rotations, etc. for life package because it’s not *that* far from my office and I can theoretically go to any Darcars (though non Toyota dealers have to order the filter in advance), but I’m not sure I really needed it. My only annoying Darcars experience was when I went to a Darcars Jeep dealer for my oil change once. The guy there insisted we walk outside and pop the hood to check out my engine because he didn’t think I could remember the size of engine in a car I just spent thousands of dollars on. I don’t know how it works, but I can sure as hell remember numbers with my feeble woman brain.

          Darcars is high throughput when it comes to maintenance and such, but they’re efficient.

        • jim_ed

          Carmax is great – for a certain subset of the population. If you’re not worried about price, or are anxious about getting worked over by a car salesman and getting screwed, then Carmax is the place for you. You’re going to get a high quality used car and a low pressure sale. However, you’re going to pay at least a 10% premium for that compared to a standard used-car lot price.

          If you’re the type that does a lot of research on what you’re looking for, don’t mind haggling, and know the obvious signs of a scam, then you’ll almost certainly get a better deal at a used car lot/dealership.

          Also, if you’re looking for a Toyota salesperson reccomendation, I’ve got a guy in the Fredericksburg Toyota dealership I’d recommend.

        • I’m not sure about pre-owned, but I love Jack Taylor Toyota on Rt. 1 in Alexandria–not far past DCA. Their service department is especially great. We traded our 2008 Prius for another make of car a few months ago when it proved too small for 2 kids/car seats + dog and/or occasional 5th person in the car and I am actually going to miss going there.

        • I have bought used from Kay Jennings Toyota and never will again. Sold me a “certified used car” which we found out later had been in a previous accident, had aftermarket parts, and oh, the tie bar wasn’t attached to the rest of the car (I dont know why, but this is incredibly dangerous). They fought us FOREVER but finally paid for it to be fully fixed.

          But yeah, on any used car, get a VIN report from your insurance company. It’s somewhat more accurate than CarFax.

          Heard good things about CarMax but never used it myself. Think my sister did, though, and was pleased.

    • We had an extraordinarily crappy experience with both the sales and service teams at Lindsay Ford in Wheaton. I test drove a Ford at Ted Britt once and the guy seemed nice enough, but I have no idea about the post-sales experience there.

    • Yeah, Koons Ford sucks. My family and I went to their showroom a few years ago, and the salesman was a complete jackass. As I told him and his manager at the time, he seemed awfully content to piss of a ready-to-buy customer, especially considering that we were the only customers in there.

    • Jin-We drove the new Fusion on Saturday and weren’t terribly impressed. Honestly…take a look at the Kia.
      We’re using USAA’s car buying service. If you’re a member, I’d recommend it! We’re getting awesome quotes and service.

      • Can you give us more details on this USAA car buying service? How does it work? What do they do?

      • We want a focus hatchback. I actually want a newer Escape since it’ll be a bit bigger (more room for baby crap when we travel), but my husband has issues with SUVs..thinks they’re all gas guzzlers etc.

        I just started looking at USAAs auto buying service. It doesn’t seem like that great of a deal for a car like a Ford – Darcars sent me an email that a new focus nicely equipped at $19k and change plus fees/taxes. USAA was more than that. Is there another way to use it that I’m missing? I thought if I said “this is what I want, this is what I’ll pay” and they go find it was how it worked but I guess not?

        • I have an older model Focus hatchback (’07) and it’s a great car! It’s amazing how much crap fits into the trunk. It was truly a life saver when I moved to DC after grad school. I have the basic, bare bones model but it’s a fun and reliable car and I’ve had no major problems. *knock on wood*

      • oh, and we won’t buy a non-American car. I REALLY want a Subaru, but it’s been nixed. It’s domestic…and Fords really are the best mid-range domestic cars.

        • I’m pretty sure all US Subarus are made in Indiana.

          I’m sure you should be able to get a Focus for under 19K. Especially w/ incentives and cash back offers from Ford. Aren’t you military? That’s $500 right there I think. Student/recently graduated (1 yr.)? That’s $500 more.

          The way the USAA service works is; pick out your car w/ the trim you want. They give you a price that you should be shooting for. You send out requests for quotes from 3 dealers (based on your location..which you can change) and you get quotes from them.
          We sent out an email seeking quotes and the least expensive one we got is over 8K lower than MSRP and 5K less than the “great” price USAA told us to look for. The other was a couple grand off the “great” price and one was right at it.

        • GiantSquid

          Our 2012 Subaru Legacy was built in Indiana. It’s our second Subie and we’ll never buy another brand (we’ve owned VWs, Audis, and BMWs).

    • I’ve always had excellent service at the Fitzgerald dealership in Rockville. They have a used car section as well. Looks like a 2011 Focus is $14K.

  • Rave: Friend surprised me with Diamond Club seats to the Nats-Orioles game on Memorial Day! Free booze and food, and club access included. 🙂

  • Rave: Great birthday celebration this weekend.

    Rant: Hungover

  • Haven’t been on here in while. How is everyone doing?

    • Hiiiiiiii!

      • Heeey! *waves enthusiastically*
        No foolishness :(. Just had to take my test and work has been super busy.
        How are you all doing? Did I miss any spectacular meltdowns on these PoPville Streets?

        • Didn’t you also have some travel that was coming up? Or am I misremembering?

          • No that’s next year (for my 30th)
            Good memory tho!
            I am planning to go to the Outer Banks in the summer.

          • I think I’ve been traveling so little recently that everyone’s plans stick in my mind… in another life maybe I was a travel agent! Nothing upcoming for me other than a long weekend in upstate NY for a cousin’s wedding in July.

        • My favorite was last Wednesday’s House Porn, where the PoPetariat was pretty unanimously against, and then the owner found the post and spammed it with a dozen+ gushy posts. Words like “slice of paradise in the city!” And “amazing house! I’d love to call it HOME.”

          • LMAO!
            Awwww that is the chance you take with community blogs. You get the trust. Now use it as a teachable moment and make some changes lol

        • No meltdowns I can think of, but I won another PoPville t-shirt!

          • One of these days I shall get a popville shirt…and I will frame it and fawn over it for days

        • We met a guy who could ride a lion on top of horse! I wonder if he ever got a date for that wedding.

          • Wait wait wait wait
            A guy who could ride a lion ontop of a horse…was he on ice? Is he a meth addict?

        • valentina

          Hey!!! Long time no see(or type i should say) 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wondering what fabulousness you’ve been up to.

    • valentina

      i think the most happening event is/was jack5’s love woe’s and I think Emily is about to because popville’s resident matchmaker. 🙂

    • You might like to know that you were missed– in that people noticed you were missing and said things like “Hey, where’s PeachyKeen??”

      • Aww I missed you guys too 🙂
        I was busy scratching and surviving working towards becoming Dr. Peachy.

  • Rant: Capitol Hill Classic yesterday morning. Too many people, too narrow path (Anacostia River Walk) for the number of people, delayed start due to race-day bib pick-up, the dude wearing some sort of harness that held loud speakers for everyone to hear, and the line for water after the race.

    Last time I’ll run that race.

    Rave: New 10K PR.

    • That’s a bummer. I haven’t run it in a few years but the Capitol Hill Classic has always been a good race in the past.

      • me too – which is why I was bummed. It looks like the number of finishers double from last year to this year. Hopefully they’ll fix things up for next year. I enjoy running through the Hill, and the people are always so nice to runners. I forgot to add a rave for the on-course support folks. They were great too.

    • I have always wanted to run that race, and finally did this year. I take partial responsibility for delayed start since I waited till race day to pick up my bib. Had a great time and set a PR as did running buddy HispanicandProud.

      • hispanicandproud

        It was a fantastic race and the volunteers were all so nice and helpful. Andy2 did remarkable!

        One lady complained that the line was too long and I reminded her that she had two other days to pick up her bib. Needless to say, she hadn’t even registered.

  • Rave – Successful shopping trip over the weekend! Nordstrom Rack is my shoe heaven.

    Rant – Spent a lot of money. But sometimes, a girl just needs some new shoes.

  • Rant: Horrible stomach pains and heartburn and bloating, I think from a homebrewed beer I had yesterday.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People who need help but do not take me up on my offers to help and would rather just complain. I won’t fight for you if higher-ups want to cut you.

    Rave: The saga of my root canal from Hell should be concluding this week!

  • Man, just moved into my new condo on may 1, 2013 and i still have no mail. How long does it take forwarded mail and any other new mail arrive to a new sub-division address?? What should I do about bills that I get via the mail.

  • Rave: Finally feeling better after a bout of strep.

    Rant: That means I had to come back to the office, blah. It was nice working from home, where I have windows and good coffee.

    Rant: Walked outside my building Friday evening to see a cyclist laying in the middle of the road, having been hit a couple minutes before. The police and ambulance were just arriving and he was totally unresponsive. Wondering if he made it. Anyone hear anything about a cyclist accident on 14th between Randolph and Shepherd?

    • From DCFD: Pedestrian Struck – 14th St & Randolph St NW – male struck by auto, treated & transported to trauma center, life threatening

      Haven’t heard of any updates

  • Rave: Stephon’s wedding! Genius!

  • I think you’re the one that needs to move. I hear they don’t use cars on North Sentinel Island 😉

  • I forgot about the Greek Festival this weekend. Shoot. Dancing in some circles would have totally made this a better weekend.

    • noooooooo…i love the greek festival!

      • I’ve lived here 8 years and didn’t even know there was one!

        • St. Sophia on Mass Ave always has theirs in May near my birthday, so I usually remember. They do a fall one, too, so keep an eye on their website around October.

          If you are up for a drive into Virginia, St. Katherine’s festival near Seven Corners is coming up May 31-June 7. St. Sophia’s is my favorite, but the one at St. Katherine’s is pretty good too.

  • Reminder:You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Rant: I’m over my job. I want something new. problem is, I just started 3 months ago and I just finished a degree that prepared me for this, so I have a ton of loans. anyone hiring a writer/editor?

    Rave: consistently warm weather!

  • giantsquid: I live in downtown DC.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Fantastic photo session this weekend; baby was all smiles and loved the camera!
    Rave: I just got my new vintage camera case, now I feel like a hipster.

  • Rant: Adopting a dog is the new buying a house. You finally find one you want, and it’s already taken. Repeat same process 10293892 times.

    Rave: Lots of dogs are already taken, and that’s certainly not a bad thing in the big picture.

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