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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: went on my first post-cancer/post-chemo date last night and went very well (my date had a 2nd date suggestion when we parted ways, so I know it wasn’t just me who thought it was a success)

    Rant: Just got an invite from assistant director to a two hour meeting starting in 15 minutes to discuss project I have no role in whatsoever. Snooze fest here i come!

  • Rave: I posted a mini-rant here before about how Shae from Bliss left, so I had no where to go for a great facial/spa visit anymore. A few others mentioned their disappointment at her leaving Bliss. WELLLLL she opened her place! FOUND HER! http://havenbeautylounge.com/ SO HAPPY! I thought those PoPers who were sad would want to know πŸ™‚

    Rant: 2nd trimester vomiting. It’s so, so annoying. Had none the first tri. Read that it’s possibly because of heartburn? But it’s really, really annoying. and painful.

    • Wow, I’m going to haven today. Didn’t realize that she was so sought after. They had a Gilt City deal a week or two ago. No, I’m even more excited for my facial! πŸ™‚

      • And I TOTALLY missed the Gilt offer!!!! SO irritated.
        I’ll find a way to work it in to the budget. And if not, I’ll find a way to say I deserve the splurge. It is really overpriced (IMO)…Bliss’s pricing was steep, but more reasonable.

        • Yeah, their regular prices looked a little crazy, but I think it’s because they are trying to get you to enroll in the membership option.

          You deserve a splurge, though!

    • alissaaa

      This made me SO happy! I was so sad when they said that Shae left! Making an appointment now!

      • Let them know that Jessica sent you! I told her I’d post here since I knew others were bummed she left Bliss. And post how the appointment was since it’ll be a few weeks before I can justify going!

        I’d do a membership if it meant cheaper services…but $225 for a facial is a bit ridiculous if it’s on TOP of a membership fee. I’ll be at David Rios on Saturday (because Flami is there…she does the BEST eyebrows in the business – do yourself a favor and GO to her, no one else) and I’m going to sotp by and get the scoop.

        • How good are we talking? I am eyebrow obsessed, and in my 8 years in DC I have yet to find someone that is good and consistent. It would be great to finally find someone good!!

          • Sorry for the delay – hope you’ll check back and see this:
            We’re talking “i wouldn’t let someone else touch them” good. She doesn’t wax – she tweezes, shapes them to your face. Easier with tweezers than wax.
            I’ve literally been stopped and asked where I get my brows done…in DC and NYC. I carry her card around.
            Flami (now at David Rios salon) – she did my wedding makeup, and she’s the ONLY person I’ll have touch my brows. Even if I have to wait a week longer than I want.
            No, it doesn’t hurt.
            In the consultation she’ll tell you her ‘master plan’ for your brows – if they’re too thin, she’ll draw where she wants them to grow in. She can teach you how to maintain them between appointments (but I just let them go, it’s better that way when I finally get to my appointment). She’s seriously the best brow artist ever.
            Again, tell her Jes sent you – you’ll thank me.

          • Awesome, thanks!! I will check her out.

        • The brows– is this waxing? and is it expensive? I go to lady in Alexandria but always on the look out for DC options.

          • no wax, tweeze…and is it expensive? I mean, it isn’t mani/pedi place cheap. It’s $35 for a regular appointment. It’s a little expensive on the surface, but I’m frugal and I pay it because she’s worth it.

  • Rant: The postal employee at the counter of the Friendship Hts post office on Wisconsin in Tenleytown (not sure why it’s called Friendship Hts post office when it’s 2 miles south of Friendship Hts). She is a mean woman. I don’t intend this to be a personal attack, but isn’t there something someone can do about her?

    • pablo .raw

      It’s unfortunate, 50% of the time I go to any post office, employees are mean. And I mean mean! I try to support them against efforts of privatizing the postal system but sometimes it’s hard.

      • I guess they sent all the nice ones to the Capitol Hill location; those are some of the most cheerful people I’ve ever seen!

      • The clerks at the one near union station (corner of N Capitol and Mass) are always friendly and efficient. I’ve never had any problems there.

    • Give her a hug?

      • Wouldn’t it be hilarious if everyone ended a transaction with her by saying “Do you need a hug today?”

    • saf

      Oh, she’s nasty. And she’s been there forever.

      Also bad – the mean staff at the post office at Kansas and North Cap.

  • I have a question for you landlords out there. Is it legal in DC for someone to use their security deposit to cover the last month’s rent?

    • Depends on the circumstances and whether you’re the tenant or landlord, If you make an agreement with the tenant it must be in writing or email at least, they can always file a claim in court after the fact… Also make sure there’s no damage that the security deposit would be applied to. Security deposits are also supposed to be put into an interest bearing account from the beginning of the lease, not sure how much the rate is at now, it was around 5% a month last time I checked. This would probably get better answers if it was posted in the forum on POP.

      • Where are you getting a 5% account?!

        • No such thing as a 5% savings account these days. Where the hell are you banking Bizzaro world?

          • The landlord pays the interest to the tenant at the end of the lease term, that’s not what the bank pays tot he account…

            It’s often overlooked in the rental process these days, but there is a provision in DC rental law that interest be added to the rentor’s security deposit for holding.

          • But not at a rate above the rate of the escrow account…

          • Correct, the Escrow account, that’s the term I was trying to grasp…

            It’s been about 2 years since I’ve rented (got out of the business due to the bothersome DC process), but my father is in the business. We used to have to calculate rent caps and escrow interest frequently working with him…

          • Rates are much closer to .5% than 5% these days.

          • whats a few decimal places between friends? also, that .5% would be APR (annual). If i was getting 5% of my rent a month, that would be very nice indeed

          • Sorry – Friday… Brain… Not… Work… πŸ˜›

      • It’s a dispute between people who live in the basement part of my house and the landlord. I’m pretty sure our lease forbids this. We signed separate leases, but I’m just worried that I am still somehow going to get dragged into this.

      • What do you mean by “5% a month” and when was the last time you checked? Interest rates on savings accounts are nowhere near 5% and haven’t been for several years (at least).

      • can you shed more light on the interest owed on the security deposit? I’m moving out of my rental after 10 years and would be interested if I could get interest on the security deposit i put down 10 years ago.

        • dc law is that the landlord has to put the tenants security deposit in a CD so the tenant will accumulate interest on the deposit the landlord was holding. MANY landlords dont actually do this, but you should inquire when you get your deposit back. In theory, you could make them pay the estimated interested. For example, I’ve had my tenants money in a CD for almost 2 years and its gained $10.41, which I will return to the tenants when they move out.

        • Yes, you are entitled to interest. Should be a fairly substantial amount. I would send notice to your landlord that you are looking forward to receiving your $xxxx security deposit back in full with interest for the ten years they have held it.

      • You only need to provide interest if the tenant is in the rental 12 months or longer. Also, I think they changed if from 5% to some sort of market rate requirement.

    • I’m pretty sure it isn’t legal. The deposit is to account for and compensate for any damage to the property – so that has to remain intact until you’ve moved out.

      • I feel like this came up a while ago and the deal was that, contrary to public opinion, the security deposit CAN’T be used to compensate for damage to the unit. People were then wondering what exactly it’s for, if not for that.

    • What exactly is the issue? Are you refusing to pay the last month’s rent?

      • Oh no. I’d definitely not try to pull such a stunt. It’s the people who live in the basement of the house I live in who are trying to do this. I just checked the lease I sign and it expressly forbids this. I’m worried that the landlord will be so frustrated by this that he will take it out on all of us.

    • I can’t find the reference right now, but I don’t think in DC it is legal to use the security deposit as last month’s rent. There are fairly strict rules in place about returning the security deposit (including interest).

    • It is NOT legal to use the security deposit for your last month’s rent. And yes, landlords are supposed to return security deposit + interest.

      A quick Google search returns:






  • Rave: Happy Friday DC!

    Rave: Absolutely no plans made for this weekend, gonna go for a few walks and watch movies at home all by my damn self. Screw dating for now… That’s it. πŸ˜›

    • Duly noted. πŸ˜‰

    • pablo .raw

      I just want to note that your lack of dating provides no entertainment value to PoPville you selfish! I’m kidding of course. Enjoy your weekend man!

      • Thanks folks! Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll have something off topic to rant about by Monday! πŸ˜›

        Have a great weekend!

    • Got to watch out with that “staying home, watching a movie.” thing. Suddenly you’re buying a little wine, dialing up something French or maybe classic Cary Grant on the Netflix, calling over a “friend” and the next thing you know you wondering what she’ll do if you put your hand on her knee.

      Am currently in a tenuous but wonderful thing that spontaneously combusted during Anna Karenina, so I know whereof I speak. Practice safe cinemaphilia!

      And, as always, report back. Cheers.

      • LOL, Irving Streete!

        Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. πŸ™‚

      • Haha, people think I’m all “James Bond” every weekend, my life is nowhere near scandalous or magical… I don’t have “binders of women” to call in these situations… If I don’t call them, they don’t call me, that’s always been the case of being attracted to women who don’t communicate well.

        My romantic life is so below the radar these days that if it was a reality show it could probably only be 5 minutes long per episode… Just moments of excitement, Otherwise it’s just work and sleep. LOL. πŸ˜›

      • Emmaleigh504

        I predict a lot of wine being bought by the single ladies of Popville due to this post, drinking their blues away. πŸ˜‰

      • Irving Streete, you always make me smile. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: this morning I was a participant in the wonderful world of “cover your ass so you won’t get sued” medicine. I had to get a CAT scan with IV contrast for something that has nothing to do with anything and probably isn’t even an issue if it exists at all, which it probably doesn’t. This is a great anecdote for why we don’t do full body scans, there are just too many false positives. (My bone scan to look for a stress fracture lead to this GI tract wild goose chase.)

    Revel: my insurance covers all of this nonsense, so in the off chance that something is wrong, I do get to know about because I can afford these obscenely expensive imagining tests.

    Revel: It’s nice to shake up the morning routine and go some place unusual, I feel like I’ve had a whole day before my day. And I got coffee at a nice spot I would never otherwise go to.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: spending time out of the office.
    Rave: embracing my euro-trashiness (see critics to my rave from yesterday), wearing manpris for a second day in a row. I’m going to be outside and it’s going to be to hot. I know I’m not going to be the coolest kid in PoPville today but it’s alright, comfort over all. Also, I’m wearing a fedora and birkenstocks! And an indian linen shirt!
    Rave: my camera, I love my x100s!
    Rant: weather threatening to ruin my goingoutonaphotowalk this weekend.

    • I thought this meant “going out on a pho walk” which sounds like you’d be walking around the city sampling pho from different Vietnamese restaurants. πŸ™‚

      • pablo .raw

        Not a bad idea! Pho/Photowalk πŸ™‚

        • That would be fun! Except I can’t even finish one bowl of Pho, let alone several.

          • Oh that I were able to wear sarongs and linens shirts to my law office job! I almost wore sandals w/ my dress clothes today just because.

            It’s time DC moves to a better summertime formal dress. Let’s get some Bermuda shorts going at the least. You ladies are lucky it’s acceptable to wear dresses..

            I bought a bunch of light-weight pants when I first moved here and, thanks to biking to work every day for the last year, they fit so very very well now. Shame only one pair is office appropriate, and only on casual days.

  • mtpgal


  • Rave: Hanging out in Ghana on vacation, reading Pop, do I really want to come back to the madness called DC?

  • Rant: Terrible headache all through the night and into the morning.

    Rave: Chiropractor, black tea, and a Tylenol cleared it up pretty well.

    Rant/Rave: Reading a really good book but it’s a bit disturbing as well so have these weird combo of wanting to read it all the time and then being slightly uncomfortable while reading it.

    Rave: Jakarta – picked up a tour book and looking forward to finding out what to see in the two seconds I have of free time.

    Any tips, Popville, for stuff to see and do in Jakarta?!

    • Please share the name of that book you’re reading!

      • The Secret History by Donna Tartt – brilliantly written and intriguing but rough subject matter treated is such a bizarre way!

        • One of my favorite books! I reread it every summer.

          • (I wonder what that says about me)

          • I love that book too, and have re-read it several times! So if that says something bad about you, then I don’t want to know πŸ˜‰ (then again, I kind of sympathized with Amy in Gone Girl, so maybe I am a little off!)

          • Oh God, I could relate to Amy too. The snarky comments about the suburban McMansion and secretly learning French before a trip to Paris… that’s so me. Fortunately not so much as the book goes on. πŸ™‚

        • bfinpetworth

          That is a riveting book and your description of the feelings it elicits is dead on. I just wish she was a prolific writer but her follow-up wasn’t nearly as good and I think she may be one of those writers that has “one good novel” in her. Too bad…

    • I’ve been to Jakarta for business a few times, and never really get out to see anything due to traffic – it’s a major hassle. And things are really far since the city is huge. I do however treat myself to awesome 90 min massages (for $20!) at Zen spa in Kebayoran Baru, or eat at good restaurants – Face Jakarta (behind the Mandarin) is really good.

    • I went to Bennington (where the book is actually set, even though it’s got a pseudonym), it’s a great book! Between that and Brett Easton Ellis’ Rules of Attraction (also based on Bennington) I had a hard time convincing friends who went to “normal schools” to come visit πŸ™‚

  • Rave: My parents are in town and tomorrow I am taking my father to visit the house that his grandfather built (and where he lived as a child) on MacArthur Blvd. I’ve never been inside, and can’t wait to see it!

    Rave 2: My father was honored at UMD yesterday with whole family in attendance.

    Rave 3: Off work yesterday and today!

    Rant: None! See above.

  • Rave: Family’s in town this weekend! My cousin will be speaking at the Gaithersburg book festival tomorrow.

    Rave: Photographed my first fancy gala event last night. It was a lot of fun, but very challenging! The venue was extremely dark and a lot of the attendees were dark-skinned, so getting the correct focus was tough.

    Rant: It’s looking more and more likely that someone close to me has an infectious disease that’s been in her body a long time and has affected her brain and other systems (though nothing’s confirmed yet).

    Rant: Seems like every other day someone at my company is laid off or retiring. Starting to feel like I’m on a sinking ship.

  • Rave: Dinner at NoPa tonight with a friend. We haven’t had a chance to catch up in a while, so it’ll be nice to get together. The menu looks fantastic, so that doesn’t hurt.

  • dcdon

    RANT: I was sitting on the patio of Room 11 Wednesday night around 10pm when a group of kids walked by, threw a bottle full of water and craked me on my head and they ran off. Anyone else see this before? I hear it has happened a few times.

  • Rave: Photo made it on PoP yesterday! Awesome, thanks PoP!
    Rave2: Hopelessly smitten, finally. In such a good, unhinged way.
    Rave3: Submitted short story to the New Yorker. Way long shot obvs, but still feels good to be doing something.

  • Rave: Gorgeous morning on the river and the boat rowed well. Finally feeling somewhat in shape after two months of training.

    Rant: 2K erg test on Sunday. Difficult to describe to a non-rower but it’s the kind of physical exertion where vomiting and fainting are not considered abnormal post-workout routines. Plus ego on the line.

    Rave: Officially time to break out the linen clothing and pretend I’m on the Cote d’Azure for three months (no espadrilles, though. Maybe Pablo has a pair). All I need is a matching tan.

    • +1 for espadrilles!

      • Not sure they work so good on guys, or at least on me. A little androgynous.

        • My chemistry teacher wore them all the time, and he balanced the androgynous thing by not bathing or using deodorant. Never. I never sat on the first row on his class.

    • pablo .raw

      Hahahahah I don’t own espadrilles!! I may not own a pair of them for a while since I don’t want to face the wrath of PoPville’s fashion police! πŸ™

      On a side note, the Christian Brothers from my High School wore espadrilles (alpargatas) all the time, they were from Spain.

    • Kill it on the erg test. Rowing in college, I used to hate them, to the point where it would ruin my whole week, leaving me on the edge of anxiety attacks. Then my coach told me to go do one every night for two straight weeks, after practice. Just walk in, 5 minute warm up, do the test and leave. Never feared them again.

      • I should do that. It’s odd how I can crack off four or five five-minute pieces — less intense, obviously, but cumulatively pretty nasty — without a care, but just thinking about a single 7 minute piece (I’m 54, so no 6:25s for me) makes me a wreck. On top of that, the piece where I set my PR, actually almost felt good (if I hadn’t had my legs almost give out during the last 500, I would have thought I was dogging it).

        Also, of course, coming back after a winter devoted to late nights and red wine, I’m frightened to see my time to begin with.

        Oh, well. As Hyman Roth said in The Godfather: “This is the life we chose.”

        Fingers crossed for a 6:59.

        • Good luck! It’s all about getting your head around the idea that you can break 7. 1:44 all the way through, then drop the hammer at 300 meters. One of my teammates has been coaching college for a long time now, and he’s telling me that doing 500m repeats at race pace, with an ever decreasing rest time is the way to go. Got him under 6:10, when the best he did on 12 practices a week in college was 6:20.

          BTW, my fiance is rowing with your club this summer, I think. On the anacostia, right? If you’re at the BBQ this weekend, say hi to the tall guy walking his dog around. Sorry for the semi-stalking.

          • Did I space a barbecue this weekend? If find out where it is (the social calendars of different sub-sections of the club don’t always overlap) I’ll try and hunt you down. And if you see someone with (I am told, repeatedly) something of a resemblance to Clark Kent — in a linen shirt (see above) — just yell “hey Irv.”

      • Ugh, I can’t row anymore (bad knees), but those are awful.

        My legs are burning just thinking about it! The exhausted, spent feeling afterward is pretty awesome though, really quiets your brain down. Although, come to think of it, that might have just been a blackout. Never mind!

  • Rave: biked my kid to school today on a tandem bike. School is in the opposite direction from work, so from home to school to work was about 10 miles, a decent distance on a beautiful morning.

  • Not a rant or rave: Does anyone know if Taqueria Nacional at 14th and T is open?

  • Rave: Birthday’s this weekend. No plans, except for a dinner tomorrow. I’m leaving early today and plan to have a nice bike ride (20+ miles.) Then relax on the deck with a drink, cigar and my dog.

    Also, today is Taj Mahal’s birthday.

  • Rave: It’s Friday! This week has seemed so long and I have a plan-free weekened.

    Rant: My calendar has so many ebbs and flows. I would love it be more balanced.

  • Rant: Trying to find a good Title company to lead the re-fi process. Anyone have a good recommendation?

    Rave: Re-fi to get a nice low rate, thereby saving money so I can become FITLY RICH (sarcasm).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Just had a lovely lunch outside with a work pal I never get to see.

    Rant: It was way too short.

    Rave: Everyone seems to be in a good humor today!

  • rant: need to get my AC unit looked at/fixed. Any good recommendations?
    rave: the wedding ad is providing entertaining friday conversation amongst friends

    • We have used Climate Heating and Air for years with good results. They do annual maintenance on our AC unit, and we always feel that they are honest about problems without being alarmist.

  • Rave: Everyone else is gone for the day, leaving me with plenty of uninterrupted PoP time.
    Rant: Everyone else is gone! So jealous!
    Rant: Former roommate invited other former roommate and myself to his wedding. Now, the wedding is in Minnesota and we never kept in touch after he left, so we’re pretty sure he’s being tacky and just wants presents. So we’re sending him a tacky present.
    Rant or Rave, not sure yet: New boss on Monday.
    Rave: Opera in the Outfield on Saturday!

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