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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Image/ title fail. The image on RRR&R sits right above the title of the post below.

  • Rant: Saw a guy throw this used McDonald’s containers out of his truck onto the street at the intersection of N.Capitol and Harewood Rd yesterday morning around 8:40.

    • Rave: As a society, we (most) find this behavior to be reprehensible. Talk about a turnaround.

      • When I was a kid back in the dark ages, this was normal, acceptable behavior.

          • So . . . I was confirming that as a society we have had a remarkable turnaround, something that many readers of this blog might be too young to appreciate fully. What did you think my point was, to endorse littering?

          • Sorry. That was supposed to be a response to the post about the “Image/title fail.”

          • Where it would have been equally useless, as comments go. But thanks for clarifying!

        • This has never been acceptable behavior by anybody that was raised with any respect.

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: the glorious yellow roses at the corner of Sherman and Fairmont. they are magnificent, and make me smile twice every day.

  • Rant: Pedestrian struck at Georgia & New Hampshire Ave this morning… Always something like this once a month at this intersection. Cops only post there to make sure that no one makes illegal turns, not that people don’t run red lights.
    I didn’t see the incident, but saw the results so I can’t comment on it, but I’m pretty sure that either the pedestrian or driver (or both) wasn’t paying attention to the road.

    Rave: Creeping closer to a 3 day weekend! Beginning to think about taking a vacation, still working on the $$ part…

    • I was crossing the intersection when the person got hit this morning. It was terrifying to hear the thump and see them go flying in the air. A friend said that he saw them responsive to parametics a little while later. I’m glad it sounds like they will be ok, because it looked very bad. I don’t want to speculate who was at fault because I didn’t actually see the lead-up to the impact but it definitely reminded me to take it slow and be more aware of everyone else on the road and anticipate what they might do. Even if I’m a few minutes late. Take care all.

      • So scary… Hope they’re ok.

        • He was alert and moving when I saw him. I think he’ll be okay with recovery. The windshield on the car was busted hard though. I almost think that this intersection would be better off with a full traffic stop for crossing peds during rush hour (like the one at 7th&H in ChinaTown).

    • Hope the person’s okay. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often; northbound drivers on GA take the shallow curve onto NH at full speed not realizing that pedestrians crossing NH have the walk signal. It’s frustrating for those of us trying to get to the metro from points east of NH/GA.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Professional painters. I feel kind of guilty/lazy paying someone to do it, but MAN does it feel good to get the last rooms done. And they do a MUCH better job than I ever could.

    • Oh, totally! I used to paint rooms myself and think I was being thrifty/ handy. Hells no. SO much more bang for your buck to pay a pro. Better job, no equipment to buy/ clean/ store.

    • I’ve always underestimated how long it takes to paint a room. And I always forget how back breaking it is. I don’t have the patience or the craftsmanship to paint edges and painters tape never works for me. It’s worth every penny to pay a professional to get the job done!

      • Well this is an interesting topic today. I’ve hired a long time unemployed acquaintance to paint my dining room.

        He came over last night for the walkthrough and to move the furniture.

        “Why do you need to move the furniture out of the room, I usually just stack it in the middle?”

        Mmm…because I have room to do so?

        This morning I msg’d him saying I didn’t explicitly say so last night, but that the walls would need two coats. He replied back

        “I’m just waiting a bit to miss the traffic so I will probably leave at 945…usually with primer you only need one coat. My kitchen had a green darker than yours and I used a light color and it covered in one coat, but we will see how it looks….”

        Hire a pro!

    • 100% – painting is definitely the top DIY project that turns out to be so so much more work than you expect and a pro is so so much less expensive then you think.

    • Rave: I put off painting the blue walls in my bedroom for so long that they’ve started to grow on me. I got one of my cherry blossom photos printed on a canvas, and the blossoms pick up the soft pink of the bed pillows while the sky matches the blue of the walls. Maybe I can live with it after all.

    • I love to paint. I find it very therapeutic. Yes, there is a lot of prep and clean up, but you just have to pace yourself in the project. I also find that it is a good time to clean behind furniture and in the corners. I do find myself always staring at the trim to make sure I have straight lines.

      • I’m in the therapeutic camp! Just took a day of comp time to repaint our foyer, among other crafty tasks. I love both the process and the end result.

  • PoP, how come I can’t sign in? Even when I reset my password? Getting the same error message.

    • Am having this problem too.

      • I’ve had this issue on and off too. Right now it doesn’t have a place for me to sign in, but it doesn’t show my ID.

        Also, all the forum posts keep disappearing and re-appearing.

        Oh, and when I tried to post this, it told me I was posting comments too quickly.


    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry about that Brooke. We are currently working on doing a complete upgrade to the website. Hopefully it will be ready in the next couple of weeks. It’ll fix log in problems, tagging problems (neighborhoods/restaurant tabs) and lots of other little glitches. We will also be changing our events calendar and forum to make it more wordpress friendly. Sorry for the troubles – hopefully won’t be too much longer!

      • cool, thanks for the info! it looks like it still tags my comment to my handle on the side bar, but it just doesn’t show it in the individual post…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Insomnia last several nights and eye twitch the past couple of days.

    Rant: Stupid people, specifically, “The Brick”. That person is going to be the cause of my hair loss. So stupid and no critical thinking skills at all.

    Rave: New small clothes.

    • Sleep is the only thing that fixes a jumping eyelid for me. it seems to be a response to lack of sleep an stress in my experience… Also potassium balance helps with muscle spasms, bananas or supplements! Hope you feel better! 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        Thank you. It’s the lack of sleep for sure. My eye twitches come form no sleep and/or stress. I have very little stress in my life so it’s the sleep. Hope to sleep well tonight 🙂 I was doing just fine last night until the cat sneezed grumble grumble grumble…

  • Rave: Homemade strawberry jam.

  • Rant: DC Marriage Bureau is worse than useless, inventing arbitrary and capricious rules for officiants to become licensed. A direct quote from the Bureau today: “this is a new requirement as of yesterday” when my friend applied for his license several weeks ago. One sad conclusion from calling around and trying to rectify this is that the DC government is still a jobs program for the low skilled and unmotivated. I also suspect bigoted motivations because my friend, the applicant, is Muslim.

    • Yeah, it’s religious discrimination on the part of the judge. All but confirmed. Can’t believe they made up a new rule just for my friend, but I will document this and make sure they apply the rule to everyone going forward or face a lawsuit. Anyone have other ideas? Who is the judiciary accountable to in this city?

    • can you be more specific about what the new policy is and what makes is discriminatory to Muslims?

      • Yesterday’s policy is that the judge wants to interview every applicant in person. An unecessary bureaucratic hoop to throw up. Previously the judge had scribbled something on the front page of his application that “invalidated” the first application (the judge’s scribbles, not anything my friend put on the app) and now it’s evident that he won’t get his license in time. I asked the clerk if this had anything to do with my friend’s name or religion and she said “you said that, not me” and would not discuss it further. Obviously, there could be another explanation but I’m guessing either incompetence or bigotry.

        • that’s really weird – if it’s not outlined on the “requirements” document, I’d go to the human rights office. I know DC has one somewhere.

  • Rant: I feel very overwhelmed by the number of things I find myself now in charge of (at work, leading a club sports team that travels a lot)

    • Maybe ditch the things you don’t have to be in charge of?

      Presumably that’s not an option for work, but if your extracurricular activities are stressing you out, that’s not good and kind of defeats the purpose.

    • I hope you’re able to find joy in it.

  • rant: fighting through a migraine at work today. it’s very difficult, but i think caffeine, and other drugs, are helping a bit. this has been a week of non-stop headaches.
    rave: going to florida tonight. maybe the florida sun will knock this out of my head? (wishful thinking)
    rave: i’ve been having really good hair days lately.

    • Try a cup of strong black tea–plain black tea, steeped for at least 5 minutes. There’s something about the tea leaves (beyond the caffeine) that knocks out migraines for both my wife and I.

    • Just found out this morning that I am having a two migraine week.

      Thankfully mine only last 3-4 hours.

      • anon. gardener

        It’s the crazy temperature swings that do it to me. And quick changes in barometric pressure. i’ve been getting acupuncture done for the last two months or so, and it really seems to blunt the severity of the migraines. (I’m on daily meds, but still get the weather-related headaches. )

    • Emmaleigh504

      Feel Better! When I don’t have my Rx migraine meds I use a combo of acetaminophen, caffeine, and antihistamine. It’s not perfect but it makes life bearable if it’s a small migraine.

      Have fun in Florida!

      • thanks! i’ve had a few cups of coffee, and also tea, along with water, aleve and excedrin migraine today. i am finally starting to not feel completely terrible. i do have rx meds too, but that would require me taking them at home, because they completely knock me out.

  • Rave: Wrote a short story last night. I’m pretty sure it’s terrible but it made me feel better.
    Rant: Also, insomnia. ^

  • Rant: Trying to figure out if I will need to take the knowledge test again to get my license. I got a permit on March 2nd, and I’m taking the driving test June 1st. On the website, it states that you need to have taken the knowledge test in the last 90 days (I think I make that just barely), but it doesn’t specify if you need to take it again or if it’s considered to be a different test than the learner’s permit exam.

    Rant: I will have to call someone and pray they know what I’m talking about or that they have some answers; they looked at me like I was a crazy person when I was at the DMV and I explained that, yes, I’ve had a license before, no, it wasn’t suspended, and yes, I need a learner’s permit because of when it expired.

    Rant: if I can’t get my license, I will have to find a way to Pittsburgh to go to my interview for an awesome grad program. There don’t appear to be any ideal options for how to get there regarding time of day.

    Rave: five pounds away from my first goal weight, and I will be lighter than I was when I was 15 (not that it’s a healthy weight, but it’s still progress).

  • justinbc

    Rave: Finally closing on the house tomorrow! No more delays or excuses, barring a natural disaster.

    Rant: The final episode of The Office is tonight. It’s not really rant-worthy, but it is a bit sad in a way I can’t recall any other show being (for me).

    Revel: What were your favorite Office moments? Mine would have to be when the office wound up being filled with smoke and everyone went panicking through the whole place going berserk.

    • Never saw it. The last thing I want to do after being in an office all day is watch a show about office life.

    • I always loved the episode where they spend the entire afternoon debating if Hilary Swank was hot or not. Stuff like that happened all the time at my previous job – debating stupid, meaningless, mindless things just to pass the time. So sad and funny at the same time.

    • The Office used to be one of my favorite shows, but I gave up on it two seasons ago. It just got too stupid for me. It should have ended with Jim and Pam’s wedding.

      Rave: Catching up with Dexter on dvd and Nashville on Hulu.

    • When Michael cooked his foot in the George Foreman grill. HILARIOUS!

    • pablo .raw

      When they had a funeral for the bird!

    • Favorite episode ever: Dinner party with Michael and Jan.

    • Love it! I have to wait until the weekend to watch the finale (husband begged me to wait as he’s out of the country until then).
      I’ve always loved the openers – particularly the Parkour one and the one where Jim and Pam’s Asian actor friend pretends to be Jim :-D.
      Good luck with the house!

    • The scene where Dwight has Ryan out at the beet farm and tries to make him wrestle Cousin Mose. No matter how many times I watch it, that scene slays me.

  • Looking for something special and not terribly expensive to do for our anniversary on Memorial Day weekend. Was thinking a day trip to Annapolis might be nice– we’ve never been there and I like the idea of sailing and eating crabs and walking around cute historic areas. Would the traffic going out there be insane though?

    • I think you should be ok, just get off of 50 before you get caught up in any Bay Bridge traffic back-up. The Naval Academy graduation is the 24th, so I’d avoid that day if I were you. Historic downtown Annapolis is very pretty, enjoy!

    • It will be worst Friday after work (remember that “after work” starts earlier on Fridays, especially holiday weekends). But the only real bad parts are getting out of the district (depending on where you’re coming from) and getting to the Bay Bridge once you’re past where 97 joins 50 right outside Annapolis. Get off at exit 22 to get downtown (even if that’s not how google sends you) and you’ll avoid the bridge back up.

      • I was thinking more like going Saturday or Sunday morning and coming back at night. Other ideas (in DC or close by) are welcome too!

        • Traffic won’t be a big problem. At most it costs you an extra 35 minutes to get there (and that would be Friday early evening, not Saturday and certainly not Sunday morning). And it is a great place to spend a day. The Naval Academy is worth walking around, St Johns usually has an interesting exhibit at their art gallery, there’s always good people/boat watching, etc.

        • The best crab place is actually on the way to Annapolis. Cantlers. http://www.cantlers.com/

          • Cantlers is past Annapolis if you’re coming from DC (it’s east of the city). There are other crab places on just west of Annapolus (like Mike’s), but Cantlers is better.

        • If it is a nice day when you are going, go for breakfast (my recommendation) or lunch here: http://www.kenscreativekitchen.com/experience_back.html
          The only seating is on the porch (thus my advice not to go there if it’s cold or blustery) and you may have to wait, but the food is worth it.

  • rant: I’ve been trying to break into international development for what feels like forever with no luck at all. It seems like such a waste of time, but it’s all I want to do.

    rave: it’s finally warm out

    • I would love to do international development too. I don’t think I can parlay my experience as a DoD contractor into any sort of international development job, so I’m volunteering with an organization that provides technology-based solutions to developing communities. It’s giving me a taste for the work and I’m learning how to reshape my engineering skills to fit that purpose.

      • You know some DoD contractors do international development. The practices are generally small, but you might be able to get in that way…..

        To the first poster on this where are you in your career? I think it gets harder to change careers the older you are. If you are relatively young consider temping or an internship or volunteer to get some relevant experience on your resume.

        • Huh, I didn’t know that. I work in Navy ship design and I don’t think my company is involved with such projects. Food for thought though!

        • Please stop suggesting volunteering. No reputable international development organization uses volunteers for anything except stuffing envelopes, and even that is rare. We have interns for that. 😉

    • It’s a tough field – what parts interest you? Do you want to work in the field? It might be easier to get experience that way (and very valuable experience at that). Home office positions with contractors are tough to get without a basis of experience with various donors/clients or understandings of regs.
      Best of luck! Look into InsideNGO trainings and SID events that will get you out there and meeting people and learning about opportunities.

    • binpetworth

      I found that working knowledge of a foreign language helps a lot. I broke into my first international development job after studying at the Middle East Institute–having just a teensy bit of proficiency in the country’s native tongue was a huge selling point on my otherwise standard resume.

  • Rave: Chicken biryani from the Mayur Kabob truck! I need to learn how to make this.

  • Rant: Tons of changes in work travel plans (Benin and Bhutan are off the table now) plus IT difficulties…

    Rave: Changes in travel freed me up to head to Jakarta in June for work!

    Rant: Will be travelling the only time my husband is home from work travel in the next 6 weeks.

    Rant: Trying to get off some weight that’s been hanging around. I really need to take charge and get into good habits and stop half assing it!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: wearing my 0.75 (3/4) pants and a t-shirt today.
    Rave: I work at a place where I can wear very casual
    Rave: My plan for gaining weight is working, I’ve gained 5 pounds.
    Rant: None of the weight is going to my biceps, need to start exercising soon!

  • rant: I am part of the migraine/insomnia club this week
    rave: zooborns – never fails to make me smile

  • Rant: allergies and the cost of LASIK
    Rave: sister’s graduation this weekend. I am a good candidte for LASIK.

  • Rant: As a federal employee who works hard and honestly tries to maximize the taxpayer investment (not easy), I’m really really upset by the IRS scandal… I just don’t understand it… yes, bad people exist everywhere, but this is just so wrong and really weird.

    And yes, I’m at work, but on my 30 min lunch break for which I’m not paid… so no comments about me wasting time on POP at work.

    • Yeah, I was thinking about that last night while listening to NPR. As if government workers don’t already have a bad image. Thank you jack ass IRS employees for helping us look even better!

  • Rave: 10 days until Arrested Development!!

  • Rant: Went out after lunch to take a walk around my little office complex. Got honked at by six different truck drivers while walking two blocks along the side that’s bordered by a busy road. When I looked up I’d see a guy staring at me like he’d never seen a woman before. It made the walk so unenjoyable.

    • That happened to me yesterday evening on a really crowded street. I’ve never been cat-called in my life and I just stood there in weird shock and embarrassment. The guy was hanging out the side of the truck. Did you do anything in response to honking?

      • Just glared at the guy. This has been happening a lot this week. I’m not wearing anything that should attract attention, just a loose dress with a boatneck and cap sleeves and an a-line skirt that goes past my knees.

        • Unfortunately it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing- it could be a burlap sack tied on with twine.

          It definitely does seem to get worse as the weather gets warmer. One more reason I hate summer.

        • You shouldn’t even think about that. Because that would mean that if one day you wore a short skirt or lower-cut top, it would become less unacceptable to sexually harass you. It is ALWAYS unacceptable. Your attire doesn’t change that, so don’t go down that mental road, ok?

          • I wasn’t. I was just wondering why the men seem more crazy than usual this week. Spring fever, I guess.

      • Just keep walking. I had a guy do a full-on two minute dog whistle as I walked byyesterday and I was wondering on what planet that actually works and attracts a woman. It’s insanity. Also, if it’s safe to do so, wear earphones.

        • I don’t do earphones because I like to be as aware as possible of my surroundings. I just pretend I don’t hear them. It’s annoying though.

      • anon. gardener

        One of my favorite memories: Me and my three sisters were waiting to cross M St in Georgetown. It was graduation so we were all dressed up. Stopped at the red light was a pick-up truck full of guys drinking beer (in a moving vehicle! in the middle of the day!). One of them sees us and yells, “Woooooo hoo! Look at them legs!” My oldest sister, without missing a beat, totally deadpan, said, “Woo hoo, look at those assholes.”

        Everyone on the sidewalk cracked up laughing, the guys in the truck, too.
        My sister is totally awesome. 🙂

        • Ha, love it! I always think of what I should have said after the fact but never in the moment!

          • anon. gardener

            Seriously! My sister is really good with the snappy retorts.

          • I think when in doubt just use “the jerk store called, they’re running out of you”

          • Unfortunately the catcallers are probably, in most cases, not classy or smart enough to get our sarcastic humor, and any engagement will just encourage them.

  • Rave: As the end of the week is approaching, I’m finally feeling like I haven’t taken on too much at once after all.

    Rave: Vacation/comp days full of productive things – painting the house, crafty projects and volunteering. Plus, a weekend trip to West Virginia to look forward to!

    Rant: Apparently I’ve lost my ability to do absolutely nothing while on vacation. There are worse things in the world, I guess, but I still envy my younger self’s ability to not get out of bed before 3PM on any given day.

  • Rant: I want to get a ticket to the June 8th Nats game near my boyfriend and his friends who have a 20 game package (I don’t need to go to 20 baseball games). I didn’t think tickets would be gone this early! I have one option on Stubhub to even get in their section, but not that close to them. I called the Nats ticket office and they don’t have any left in that section at all. Ugh, if anyone knows of any Section 305 single tickets, let me know.

    Rave: it’s bocce night!

    • Can your boyfriend give/sell his ticket to another one of his crowd, then the 2 of you get tickets? I know it’s not the same as sitting with his gang, but better than you sitting by yourself in some other section.

  • Rave: Great weather, dinner tonight at Le Diplomate.

    Rant: People continue to ride the wrong way down 15th to get the bike lane below V St. This morning an older lady with a cane was trying to cross with the light. One guys stopped completely, not so much the girl in the blue shorts who zipped on by at high speed. I like bikes, I want more bikes and less cars on our streets, but this is ridiculous. And no, it’s not the City’s fault. Ride a block out of your way.

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