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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: single tracking at natl airport, long long wait….

  • Another metro rant: One hour to get from 16th and M to Columbia Heights yesterday evening because of traffic/detour. I would’ve walked except my shoe was broken.

  • rant: Just killed a huge bee in my bedroom (the big, furry kind). How the F did it get into my apartment? I killed it with Raid because it landed on my ceiling fan and I didn’t have a good angle to smash it, does anyone have advice on other methods to use to kill these things?

    • Dude, that was a bumble bee. It’s pretty harmless – you should have just trapped it in a jar and let it out.

  • Never kill a bee. They are a precious commodity. Trap it with some honey and let it outside where it can pollinate its life away. Now the giant black fly that’s buzzing around my living room defying all of my attempts to smash it to hell is another matter.

    • Uh, I’m with dc_chica on this. I would have killed it, too. Benevolence and insects don’t mix for me…at all. If they enter my home, it will be their tomb!

  • I had the following exchange while walking my dog this morning…
    Lady walking up my street: oh, why is your dog limping?
    Me: oh yeah he is really old and has arthritis (in his elbow which he gets medicine for…also he is 12)
    Lady (looking at me accusingly) oh…. (tries to pet my dog who moves away because he is a rescue and doesn’t really trust people he hasn’t met before)
    Me: sorry he doesnt really like strangers…
    Lady: yeeeeeeahhhh…(looks at me like a crazy person) you know there are places in the United States where racist people thrive
    Me: Wha?!

    WTF? This conversation really bothered me…

    • Don’t let it bother you. There are some people like this woman that are perfectly comfortable with their victim mentality. There is nothing you can do to change that.

  • i.e. “looks at me like a crazy person”. . . .

  • One of the best exchanges of all time!

    Wanda Sykes: You know what’s going on.
    Larry David: Huh?
    Wanda Sykes: You have a racist dog. The dog hates black people!
    Cheryl David: Wanda…
    Wanda Sykes: Larry, you train the dog to hate black people?
    Larry David: No, I didn’t train it to hate black people.
    Wanda Sykes: Has it barked at any white people?
    Cheryl David: …No, he’s…he’s…
    Larry David: So he hasn’t barked at any white people.
    Wanda Sykes: Exactly. Your dog is racist.
    Larry David: Sheriff’s racist?
    Wanda Sykes: “Sheriff”? That’s a perfect name for a racist dog. Where’d you get this dog: the Klan meeting or something?
    Cheryl David: Larry picked him out at the pound.
    Larry David: The pound.
    Wanda Sykes: Sheriff, the fu****’ dog that eats black people. What the fu**, man? I’ll tell you what, y’all stay here, pet your crazy-as* racist dog, but I am not bringing my black as* back up into this fu***** “hotel” until y’all get rid of that fu***** Klan dog. Gotta Klan dog! Lookin’ at me like I’m a da** T-bone!

  • Rave: Just back from Rock Creek park. At the bottom of the closed-off part of Beach drive (Blagden) from the bridge – there is a Mom Mallard with 7 ducklings all nestled up together on a rock in the sun. We also saw a big fat snake and a big turtle.

    Rant: I told a mom & 2 little girls about the ducklings, also told them not to get to close because they would scare them off the rock upon which they were sunning. Of course mom didn’t listen. Really people – wild babies are fragile and if they are resting they need their rest.

  • Rave: Swings Coffee! I’m lucky to work nearby and have them as my morning coffee spot.

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