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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • pablo .raw

    I understand this person’s concern about people who doesn’t clean after their dogs, but I don’t understand why the mention of the liberal ideology. Unless this message is directed to some specific person.

    • I’m liberal AND I pick up my dog’s poo. However, this sign makes me want to take my dog there and have her do her biz and NOT pick it up. Where is it?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        This is an old photo from 2012.

      • pablo .raw

        Somewhere on 17th St. (See the bottom of the sign)

        • I got that much, but 17th St is a long street.

          And maybe it’s gone by now. But if it’s still there, I’d love to bring Lucy there for a field trip.

          • This was on the 2000 block of 17th Street by 17th and U. In the grassy area just north of the japanese store. It’s lone gone, but I did notice and giggle at it when I originally saw it!

      • It sounds like you already are that person, even if not poo related : )

        I get the irritation too, but also wonder about the liberal part of it. If she does not know who it is, then that is an assumption. I know in my neighborhood the only people I see that don’t pick up the poo are life long residents with pit bulls on chains, and the central american guy with the beagle who is let out to run loose in the hood at poo time. May be it is a 17th street thing with the liberals?

        • It could also have been that guy named “Dido” (I think) who has the golden retriever Gnocchi who lives on 17th and recently ran for an ANC seat. For YEARS he rarely picked up the poop. I see him picking it up more and more these days. Prob because he wants an ANC seat. But really, how f*ing RUDE!

      • Emmaleigh504

        agree! Take it down to their level and then go 1 step lower.

        I’m far to lazy to actually do that, but I THINK it all the time πŸ™‚

    • My dog likes to poop only in the middle of the night. It causes all sorts of problems because afterwords I need to sneak around my yard with a flashlight looking for it with a poop scooper. I end up looking like a burglar in my own yard. I’m such a liberal.

    • ah

      On large stretches of 17th street, the odds are with the signmaker’s claim of liberalness.

    • liberals like to share the poo with everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Dealing with Comcast. 2 hours, four different calls, a huge headache, and my bill was only reduced $20/month.

    How do I get internet to go cable-TV less without Comcast? We don’t have any other service in our building (no RCN, no Verizon, etc). Is TMobile hot spot my only option?

    • Tweet at comcastcares – they’ll give you better customer service than the call center

      • hm…then I have to remember my twitter password. I’ll have my husband do that tonight. Do they respond to you?

        • I pay 30$ a month for Comcast Internet, it’s good enough at the moment. Comcast has been poor at customer service with me since 96’… It’s not gonna change… Ever.

        • Emmaleigh504

          They will respond to you even if you are just ranting. The twitter people are nicer and respond quickly. Sometimes they can’t do anything but give you a number to call, but they are very knowledgable and will give you the correct number.

      • novadancer

        or email customer care ([email protected]). I always do that and usually get a human to call and resolve the issue realtively quickly. Last call I had (several months ago) the rep gave me her direct number for future issues- she was awesome! of course I have since lost it…

  • Rant:Boss told me the best way to lead is to be silent during my performance review… I asked him if that’s why he stays out most of the week?

    Rant: Anyone hiring? LOL.

    Rave: Almost Friday.

    • Performance reviews are the most ridiculous thing ever. My review was “you are fantastic, exceed your metrics (whatever that means), but there’s no money for bonuses or promotions”. So really, what was the point?
      They’re like a stupid OPM check list requirement. Younger employees don’t like this crap – tell me if I mess up when I mess up, not once a year. I try not to talk during them. I shut up and sign it.

      • They said I’m not getting along with my team despite meeting objectives… As long as that skill requires petty gossip and talking about how much they “hate each other”, I’m not doing it. Too much gossip in Gov agencies if you ask me…

        Also, if someone tells me they can’t or won’t do something, my tactic is to do it myself, to motivate them. I know it’s harsh, but when people act like a “closed gateway to success” It’s the only way to break that barrier in my experience, and it always works to get people back on their toes. I’d like to believe I’m a good manager, but I do have a polite “iron fist” technique when people act arrogant or negative towards progress. Maybe it’s just a working environment mis-match.

        • yikes – comments like this (I’m a Fed too) make me thankful every day that I actually like my boss as a person — he’s a good guy who means well and is generally supportive of his employees (my performance reviews typically start off with him saying “keep up the good work”). It’s a shame that there aren’t more good bosses out there — who promotes all of the jerks into positions of authority anyway? Are they just more ambitious and/or better at kissing the asses of the people above them?

          • A combo of factors. Some jerks are great at looking nice in front of those above them (yes, ass kissing in a way). They’re also good at self-promotion and belittling those around them to make them stand out even more.

            And I truly think a-holes love promoting their fellow brethern.

          • I’m actually not a bad guy… I just end up being hired for Technical Project Manager jobs in places that have severe productivity issues that I’m brought in to fix. In other words, they hire me when there’s a problem to fix with their team’s culture.

            Here are some philosophies about creating positive team culture that I follow: http://www.theprimes.com

            Once I’ve managed to create harmony in a workspace, I usually end up moving to the next job (just when people begin to like me). When it comes to Gov, I’m always a temporary resident… :/

  • I may have to post a similar sign (perhaps minus the political bent) for the Adams Mill Road/Ontario Place bandit who apparently has a large dog and no qualms about leaving crap every 10 feet.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Forgot my mouse and hate my work laptop. It slows me down.

    Rave: Since I’m working from home today I got to see the morning shift change for the doves nesting in my window box. They are so cute.

  • Rant: I am the worst about making decisions about home renovations.

    So question- We have a slightly larger than standard Petworth row home so we have 3 good sized bedrooms upstairs and a 4th smaller bedroom. The 4th bedroom is attached to the largest bedroom by a door. We want to add a second bathroom upstairs. Do you all think having one large master with an attached bathroom is better than having a jack and jill bathroom between the 2 mid-sized bedrooms? So essentially, the house would either become either a 3/2 or a 4/2 with the fourth bedroom being about 9×11.

    • I should add the 4th bedroom has its own door too so you don’t have to go through the large room to get to it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      What do you want? You have to live there, make it nice for you. I would want the 2nd bathroom, so that’s the route I would take. Whether that helps or hurts the value of the house, I don’t know and if I lived there I wouldn’t care.

      • I honestly don’t have a preference either way. However, either way there would be 2 bathrooms. It just comes down to whether having a 4/2 or a 3/2 with a large master suite is better for resale. Just curious if people were looking for houses what they would rather have……

        • bfinpetworth

          I personally think most folks willing to pay the price of houses in this city want a nice master suite. Also, most 4 bdrm house now have 3 – 3.5 baths. If you are adding one bath on the upstairs floor, you might consider adding a powder room on the main floor at the same time. You’ll likely save some money by doing this because the pipes can be run to accomodate both bathrooms. You’ll then have a 3/2.5, which is a nice compromise and would be more competitive in the sea of 3/3.5 flips in the neighborhood these days.

          But I ultimately agree that you should do what you are comfortable with so long as it doesn’t damage home value.

          • We already have a 1/2 bath on the main floor. And the plumbing is pretty much there for a 3rd full bath in the basement… .so we could fairly easily make it a 3/3.5 or a 4/3.5.

            Now want I really want is a way to figure out how to put a washer/dryer on the second floor. I had it plumbed to at least put it on the main floor when we are ready…. saves me 1 flight of stairs!

            I guess it would really come down to ROI….. i think it would be much more $$ to do the giant master suite and it might not net us that much more…

            So many choices!

          • Is it an old house? I think most buyers looking at old Victorians consider the master suite a “nice to have” but definitely not something they expect (since most houses of that stock don’t have one).

          • 1923 so not an old Victorian…. it is a typical Petworth row house just a bit wider and longer than most……

    • I predict interior square footage will outweigh the number of home bedrooms in the future in DC… So many people are dividing up houses into tiny apartments now – interior space, decor, and location will be the ultimate features in the future for top dollar rent/sale in my opinion… That being said, it’s important to ask if you’re planning on renting the house before the next renovation… More rooms generally mean more income in that market. πŸ™‚

    • If you are looking financially, the 4/2 upstairs probably gets you more money come selling time. I say probably because I don’t know your master situation. A nice master w/ attached bathroom is a good selling point as well.

      9×11 is a PLENTY big bedroom for DC, so don’t stress that it will be some tiny closet. There are a ton of people in condos downtown living in rooms smaller than that. 9×11 is a great sized 4th bedroom.

      • Yeah, i just did a little measurement and the 4th bedroom is actually more like 10×12…. so it is big enough for a full size bed and a dresser. The master is closer to I think 12 x 16. It is already a pretty decent sized room.

        Sounds like keeping the 4th bedroom is a better option. That was always my gut instinct but I see all of these houses with huge master bedrooms and bathrooms…..

    • For what it’s worth:

      It seems like “flips” always have a master suite with an attached bathroom, so I was assuming that there must be demand for that. For resale value, though, I’m not sure whether “master with attached bathroom” would come out ahead of or behind “good-sized fourth bedroom” — it would be an easier call if the fourth bedroom were tiny and usable only as an office or nursery.

      If you’re not planning to sell in the near future, I’d go with whatever plan will suit you best for your own purposes.

  • Rave: Picking up my first CSA share today! Mmmm…. asparagus. Anyone have a favorite asparagus recipe they want to share?

    Rant: Lots of work travel coming up and I hate flying. I’ll be on a plane 6 times over the next 4 weeks. I’m stressing out already πŸ™

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t have the recipe anymore but my friend found a great one for asparagus kiche. It was so good and so easy.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Crap. Quiche. I really do know how to spell that word, I just have friend named Kiche, so uh, I’m gonna go stand in the corner now.

        • Haha ‘quiche’ is a weird word! All is forgiven πŸ™‚ I never thought of putting it into a quiche, that’s a great idea! I’m hoping my CSA share will force me to be more creative with my veggies.

        • You don’t spell it you eat it!

        • Your comment made me think of that mothers day commercial that is on all the time now – where the father says “your mother likes quiche…. it’s really just egg pie”

    • I love to put it in risotto. I’ve also really been wanting to try this recipe I saw in the times:


    • I like to grill them and to roast them in the oven in a cast iron skillet.

    • Love asparagus!!! I prefer to simply steam it and eat it plain (especially the first few times in the season).

    • saf

      Cream of Asparagus Soup: from How to Cook Everything
      1 pound asparagus
      4 cups stock
      1/4 – 1/2 cup cream of half and half
      Salt and pepper to taste

      Snap and peel asparagus.
      Put in stock, bring to a boil.
      Turn down to simmer.
      Simmer for about 20 minutes.
      Return to heat, add dairy, warm through.
      Salt and pepper to taste.

      Eat with good bread and a salad.

    • my favorite way to make asparagus (and most veggies for that matter) is so simple and delicious! Just toss the veggies with a little bit of olive oil and seasoning (I use salt, pepper, and garlic for asparagus) and roast in the oven for 15 or so minutes until tender. Then switch the oven to broiler mode, sprinkle the asparagus with parm cheese, and broil just for a minute or two. Also good very good with cherry tomatoes and/or red onion slices mixed in.

      It’s so, so simple but so, so good.

    • 1. Wrap in Bacon.
      2. Grill till Bacon is cooked to preferred texture.
      3. Profit.

    • The risotto suggestion above is one of my favorite asparagus preparations. It’s also great roasted with shrimp, or stir-fried simply with ginger, garlic, chilis, and soy sauce. Last week I made a spring ragout of asparagus, peas, and pea shoots, and tossed it with with pasta and fresh lemon juice.

      Also, I haven’t made it in a few years but this asparagus souffle is fantastic:

      • Wowza, there are SO MANY delicious ways to prepare asparagus! Can’t wait to get my CSA bunch and start experimenting. Thanks PoPville!

    • Steam the asparagus and then toss it with butter, lemon, salt and paper with some grated Parmesan on top. Quick, easy and delicious!

    • My boyfriend makes me asparagus by melting a lot of butter with a lot of garlic powder and some salt in a pan, and cooking the asparagus in there for a little while. Throwing parmesan over it, at the end. I make him asparagus by steaming it, and serving it with bearnaise sauce from the supermarket. The brand is DeLouis, usually around $8 for a jar, but one jar kept in the fridge will last you many meals. Just spoon out 3-4 tablespoons into a small serving container microwave for 20s, use it as dip.

  • Rant: Soaking wet cardboard boxes waiting for pick-up (AGAIN!!!) when they should have been taken the first time. Why should I have to tear cardboard up to put in bags or drop it off at Ft. Totten when the city picks up weekly?

    Rave: Butter Toffee Coffee! πŸ™‚

    • I agree, it’s silly, but it seems that the recycling trucks don’t have the squisher thing like the trash trucks have so they have to consolidate in the best ways possible. Flattening the boxes and taping them all together gets them picked up with the recycling.

  • Rant: Network problems mean my ancient work computer is even slower today, and half the websites I try to access won’t load or content (especially pictures) on them won’t load.

    Rave: With less distractions, I’m getting a lot of work done today.

  • Rant: on the new job for 2 months and the Director is leaving. Good for her b/c she’s really great and is being promoted but bad b/c you have to get used to whole new personality and management style.

    Rant: Jeanne Cooper aka Katherine Chancellor from The Young and the Restless passed yesterday. I’m so sad– strange that an actress can invoke such emotions.

  • Related Rant: I was dog sitting a special needs German Shepard a few years ago and she would poop every couple of hours and multiple times per walk. One time I ran out of bags, brought her home, went back out with a new bag and found a note just like this one but handwritten and taped on a twig right next to it. Poop-shaming will be the next big Tumblr.

  • That sign makes me want to poop on that guy’s lawn.

  • RANT:


    It’s just water, you won’t die. Pick up the poop so we don’t start some sort of gross epidemic.

  • special_k

    RAVE: Dissertation proposal hearing has been scheduled! Looks like this Ph.D. is going to happen after all.

    • Congrats!! I finished my phd this time last year (and I’m thankful every.single.day that it’s over). It’s a painful, soul-sucking process but the years of delayed gratification are totally worth it the first time someone calls you “Dr.”. Good luck!

      • special_k

        Thank you!! And congratulations to you, as well!

        I know there’s still a lot of work to be done, but it was a long, rough road getting to this point and it’s probably the first time I’m feeling like this is really going to happen. Yea!

  • Rave: it’s my Friday.

    Rant: my big weekend plans include cleaning, grading final papers, and trying to learn Windows 8 so I can use/set up my new ‘puter.

    Rave: I hate grading papers, but this is the last for the semester, so I won’t have to do it again until next Spring (if I decide to adjunct again, which is another story).

  • Rant: There have yet to be installed parking restriction signs on the north side of 14th St NW between S and T. Cars from MD and VA park there all day for free! Notified DDOT a cople of weeks ago. Trying 311 online today.

    Rave: I’m wearing pink today.

  • Rave: my house rental for Memorial Day weekend in Delaware is only 10 miles from the best surf spot in the state. Can’t wait to take out my new longboard!

    Rave: Got an excellent deal on a wetsuit that I ordered online this morning. Billabong Foil 4/3 for only $125! Excellent.

  • Rant/Rave: I’ve decided to give online dating a try. Eeek! Any words of advice from popville? My friends are all married/in relationships, so they don’t have any insight, though they’re all super pumped for me to give it a shot (apparently they find all of my dating stories highly entertaining and enjoy living vicariously through them). So, I’ve never done the online thing….what’s the etiquette? Is it ok to ignore people I’m not interested in? How long do you go back and forth via email before you meet in person? Ahhh this is very new territory for me!

    • Absolutely ignore people you’re not interested in.
      Turn off the chat function.
      Include information from the person’s profile when emailing them, it makes it personal and assures them you read it.

      I’ve been dating a guy I met online (I emailed him) for a year and a half. I went on a number of dates before that and I never went on a bad date. I really liked it, but there is a lot of personal preference involved. I like writing a number of substantial emails before meeting. I have a friend who wants two short ones and she’s happy. Have fun! Only do what you feel comfortable doing. Hopefully you’ll like it.

      • Thanks for the encouragement, jeslett! Glad to hear that ignoring is “ok”….I wasn’t sure if that was common practice or if it was considered offensive not to reply to someone.

        • I felt bad about not replying at first, so I tried to reply to everyone. It takes too much time and when you reply that you’re not interested it just opens up a dialogue, “why aren’t you interested? I’m not really an a**hole” etc, etc.

    • I agree with jeslett’s advice above. I did go on some bad dates, but they made for good stories so I guess they weren’t so bad after all.

      Don’t get too invested in anyone until you meet (and probably not even then!). Lots of promising email exchanges will just stop unexpectedly or fizzle out or the person will turn out to be not as promising once you meet.

      Don’t take things personally. When promising email exchanges just stop or fizzle out, it might be for 100 reasons that have nothing to do with you. It might be you, but it might not; assume it’s not!

      Treat it as a source of fun and stories and opportunities to meet new people (and not as your only way to find happiness and fulfillment) and you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

      • +1

        Someone once told me that you have no idea why someone isn’t replying, you might look just like their mother or their ex. It’s not personal.

        • I have a tendency to take things personally sometimes, so online dating will be a good exercise in developing a thick skin I suppose πŸ˜‰

        • Exactly. Or they got busy at work, met someone they’re now dating, moved out of state, joined too many rec league soccer leagues, had a disfiguring accident, need to catch up on Breaking Bad reruns, are unexpectedly leaving town every weekend to care for a sick parent, etc. etc.

    • I’ve been using OKC for a while. I say don’t feel obliged to respond to someone you don’t think you’ll be interested in, even if they write a nice message – sometimes if you’re just like “Hey sorry, you seem nice but not interested” they’ll suddenly flip out. =/ It always makes me feel bad, but I’m too nervous about getting a bad response back. I’ve had plenty of guys that I messaged not respond to me – just don’t take it personally.

      I agree with turning off chat!

      I’ve never really had a bad date, but I’m super choosey about who I respond to. All the guys I’ve met up with have been nice, just turned out to have no chemistry/didn’t work out. No horror stories though at least!

    • In the past I think I erred too much on the side of not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings.

      It’s really your call what to do, and everyone handles things a bit differently. I personally don’t think it’s OK to completely ignore a message, unless the person’s message was so boilerplate that it showed no evidence of their having read your profile. I’d rather send out 20 replies saying, “Thanks for your interest, but I don’t think we’re a match” and risk person #20 flipping out than to leave people #1-19 hanging.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Of course you can ignore people you aren’t interested in, especially the creeps. If they send a nice email, then it would be polite to say no thanks, but not an obligation.

      I tend to email once or twice then meet people. I get a better feel for a person buy talking to them in person, but do what ever you are comfortable with.

      I also find a large amount of guys absolutely will not let me pay for drinks/food even when I invite them out. Very weird.

  • Rave: The fountains at Meridian Hill Park are on!

  • Seriously, liberals today are so entitled its disgusting.

  • Rant: Yet another flat tire on my bike.
    Rave: Finished a major work project. What a relief!

  • Rant: Giant fly buzzing around the office!
    Rant: LOTS of transition/upheaval at work – new boss, coworker leaving, new interns on their way, favorite ‘volunteer’ fired…
    Rant: Self-evaluation due tomorrow, still haven’t done it. UGH, I hate these.
    Rave: My FAV band is playing at Hill Country tonight!
    Rave: IT guy came by yesterday to drop off new office laptop. I casually asked if it would be good for a personal computer. Long story short, not only does he go downstairs to bring me back an ad for Micro Center but offers to go and help me pick one out!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Finding some of y’all on Twitter

    Rant: Does that make me a creeper? You know what, don’t care!

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