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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • valentina

    Rave: Three women found alive after being missing for over 10 years!!
    Rave: The interview of the man who rescued the women, if you haven’t listened you are missing out. Hilarious!
    Rant: Syliva Bown told one of the missing woman’s mothers that her daughter was dead and the mom died of a broken heart a few years ago.

  • Rant: 40$ ticket in Rockville MD for parking on a broken meter. They changed their policy without notice, don’t have any warnings on their meters, and then raised the ticket price to 40$… I used to go out there frequently, but not any more. Rockville Maryland is turning into a ghost town because of money making policies like this, i used to like going there for the free parking they used to have.

    Rant: Took Monday off work, got nothing major done and it rained. Spent too much money last weekend.

    Rave: Short work week (due to taking Monday off)! :/

    • At night I drink myself to sleep and pretend
      I don’t care that you’re not here with me
      ‘Cause it’s so much easier to handle
      All my problems if I’m too far out to see

      But something better happen soon
      Or it’s gonna be too late to bring me back

      Don’t go back to Rockville
      Don’t go back to Rockville
      Don’t go back to Rockville
      And waste another year

      • Thara Asia out there is one of my favorite Thai restaurants… Also watched Iron Man at the theater out there… Luckily now DC is getting much better with restaurants and things to do, but it’s hard to beat the wide-openess that you get by getting out of the city and visiting VA and MD suburbs…

        • …”but it’s hard to beat the wide-openess that you get by getting out of the city and visiting VA and MD suburbs”…
          You should try the woods and meadows and mountains, my friend. Strip malls and divided lane highways don’t really strike me as the wide-open spaces that brings solace to the urban soul.

      • Yes sir! Love that part of the song. Was signing it last night as I was heading up to Rockville to show a friend Scott Fitzgerald’s grave.

  • Rant: Friend’s phone went missing while we were out last night. Spent the next hour looking everywhere for it.
    Rave: Saw the guy that took her phone back at the bar trying to steal more things. We confronted him, he started running and we chased him down an alley with the help of a few awesome bystanders. Cops showed up a few minutes later to take it from there.
    Revel: Got her phone back and turns out he also had another friend’s purse!

  • Rant: People who think their driving habit should be subsidized with free parking. That space has value, if you want to use it to store your car then you should pay for it. I don’t expect to get 180 sq. ft. of storage space for free every where i go and neither should you.

    • Love this way of looking at it. 🙂

    • Driving habit? Did it ever occur to you that driving is the only way some people can get where they need to go? Maybe we should get rid of parks, since they take up valuable real estate in order to cater to people’s silly “habits”.

      • Also, parking is usually not free in DC. Either it’s meters or garages or it’s zoned parking that requires a RPP for more than 2 hours.

        • My work provides a free garage space in Penn Quarter. But I think my situation is the exception not the rule.

          • My work has a free parking lot, but it’s in a desolate corner of SE where no one would be parking otherwise.

          • free, reserved(?), indoor parking, in Penn Quarter…

            Might be free from your perspective but somebody else is definitely picking up the bill for that spot.

          • Not if the employer owns the building and garage, they don’t.

          • And by your logic also don’t pay real estate tax on the parking space?

            The cost to your employer for the space may not be the same as what you’d pay at a garage next door, but it is certainly not entirely free.

      • I’ll never apologize for having a car… Especially to someone who says something like this. It’s a right and a freedom that I work hard to maintain. Just because someone doesn’t have one it doesn’t give them a license to think they’re better than everyone else.

        A car doesn’t make me better, it allows me to travel freely to where I want to go with less restrictions. I don’t live my life above my means, and I won’t be made to feel guilty by a self righteous preacher.

        • It is your right, but driving is very heavily subsidized by general tax dollars. Please don’t expect me to pay for your driving,

          • Driving a right? Come on man…you can’t be serious. We made conscious decisions over the last 70+ years to prioritize motored travel. It’s really an unprecedented experiment in human history (along w/ “suburbs”), and there is some pretty compelling evidence that we can’t continue to arrange ourselves so that all of our trips must be done w/ a motor vehicle. It’s simply not sustainable, economically or ecologically. The needle seems to be moving back towards moving people not just automobiles, and that’s a good thing.
            There is no “right to drive” derived from the laws of God or Nature my man, just a series of societal decisions to prioritize one mode of travel over another.

          • so is your public transportation use…and your use of sidewalks/roads and the police who (are supposed to, anyway) enforce the laws to keep you safe while on the roads/metro.
            Just putting that out there. And I am 110% behind public transport, but not a fan of “I’m better than you because I don’t drive”.

            (we have a car, but drive once a week if even…old ass car is paid off, insurance is cheap, parking space came with our condo, and it certainly makes life a tons easier and cheaper than Amtrak when you have family in PA to visit)

          • The ability to own a car is a right. The minute you consider it a privilege it rules out your overall ability to own property. We’ve seen this happen with smartphones, where you’re not allowed to modify boot loaders on them or to install custom software. We’ve also seen this with the undermining of eminent domain, where any company that will pay more taxes than you can buy out your house arbitrarily and build a wal-mart on your block.

            For the people who don’t drive, one day you may, or you may have friends that visit you and need somewhere to park. Take a walk in someone else’s shoes for a bit other than just making judgement calls on things from your perspective. They’re not getting my car unless they pry the steering wheel from my cold dead hands!! LOL.

          • BTW: In addition to paying income and sales taxes, drivers also pay more taxes than regular (metro, bike, and walking) commuters – They pay sales and licensing taxes, gas taxes, and registration/inspection fees.

        • jack5, it’s a freedom and a PRIVILEGE. Not a right. Let’s not confuse the two.

        • Jack, I just overheard someone in my office admit that he has SEVEN cars. Don’t let people make you out to be a villain because you have one! Even in the city it’s perfectly normal and reasonable to own a car.

          • Emmaleigh504

            7??? Are they classics or other collectible cars? I want to know more!

          • I have no idea. I know two of them are for commuting purposes but not sure about the rest.

          • The foundation of America was based on personal freedoms… Even though capitalism fails us often, if they restrict someone from owning several cars, it eventually trickles down to restricting someone from owning one car. Even though Jay Leno is probably a much bigger environmental offender than I am, owning over 84 cars and 73 motorcycles… http://askville.amazon.com/cars-Jay-Leno/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=238034

          • @jack5: You know what Leno does though? He pays to maintain a garage to store all of his cars.
            You know what my driving friends and family do when they come visit? They pay to park their cars.

          • @Anon,

            I don’t know whether you buy or rent, but that’s generally something you sort out when you buy or lease. These days places aren’t sold without parking disclosure. You generally ask for a parking space even though you don’t drive, and reserve it for guests. 9 times out of 10 the parking space is paid for by fees, or it’s worked into the rent or value of the house (creating an illusion maybe that parking for your neighbors was free, even though it wasn’t).

            Parking spaces that convey with properties is one of the biggest added value items when buying a house or renting an apartment. Even if you don’t drive, you could rent the space to a neighbor for extra income.

        • So asking that people pay for their parking spaces is self-righteous preaching?

          Were you aware that America has enough parking spaces to host every single passenger vehicle in the world? I don’t see how that could be anything other than a colossal waste of space.

          • We already do pay for them. Are you saying people should pay more for them? you may be right, bu that’s a slippery slope. A lot of the poorest people in the region absolutely need cars to get to their place of employment. Just because some of us can afford to live and work near bus lines and train stations doesn’t mean everyone can.

          • Yeah, there may currently be enough parking spaces world wide to support all the cars in the world, but none of them are near to my house or job here in DC… I don’t understand that logic?!? I pay over 230$ a month to park at my job in DC, which is highway robbery, it’s unsubsidized, unless you consider that I make a fairly healthy salary that pays for that parking spot and also makes it worthwhile because I have to hop to meetings/solution sites in norther Virginia at least 2-4 times a week.

          • Sorry, my intended response posted above yours (please see @Anon above)

          • $230 sounds about right. The lots by my office are a bit higher, you should consider yourself lucky! Not robbery, just the free market. And not sure why you got so defensive towards the original ranter, since s/he wasn’t ranting about drivers, just people who expect to get free (or cheap) parking.

        • Right, it’s not really free in DC. If you have subsidized parking at work it’s only because your employer thinks it’s worth the cost to attract good employees, or to have employees showing up to work on time and less stressed. So I’m not sure where that complaint came from.

  • Rave: despite family loss, it was great to see everyone this past weekend. Weather was perfect, and my Aunt would have loved having everyone together. And, I love Pittsburgh. Took my husband to the O, almost bought a Pitt onesie (too soon though), and just generally enjoyed the city.

    Rant: There really is no place to buy maternity clothes. I’m not a size 4 (so no pea in the pod….and I won’t spend $200 on regular jeans, let alone maternity ones!). So it’s all online, which is a pain the butt. Loft makes you spend $125 for free shipping?!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Most department stores and even stores like Target have maternity sections.

      • I went to JC Penny (no maternity) and Nordstrom (no maternity). And Target’s maternity clothes were junky – tried on some pants. Why would someone want “low cut skinny jeans” during this time? (or, ever frankly…but especially during pregnancy?!) The Macy’s I went to this weekend didn’t have any.
        I could check Macy’s downtown, but most stores just seem to have them online only, like Old Navy, Gap, Loft or anyplace else that might have relatively cute things at a relatively decent price. It’s not THAT big of a deal, but it’s just annoying to try on and return a whole bunch of stuff.

        • Macy’s downtown has a decent selection — just hidden in the back behind the lingerie. Old Navy in Falls Church has maternity in store — if you prefer that to online
          . H&M has some more stylish options at a good price point.

          • austindc

            Yeah, my wife and I went to Macy’s and H&M when she needed maternity clothes, and they had some cool stuff. They also had a lot of weird stuff too, so you definitely have to hunt for something you like. It was a fun trip though!

        • Emmaleigh504

          That’s weird. When I’m shopping I have a knack for accidentally wandering into the maternity sections and finding something really cute that won’t fit. I guess we shop at different stores.

          • Haha, me too (or the Women’s section). For some reason I panic when I realize where I am and beeline it out of there (as if someone might mistake me for being pregnant or plus sized).

          • Emmaleigh504

            hahaha me too! I run out. Sometimes I leave the store altogether.

        • I got a lot of stuff at the Macy’s downtown – the jeans aren’t fancy, but they’ll do the job for a few months and they’re cheap. H&M downtown has a decent selection as well. And may I recommend Oldnavy.com? I’m due in October so I bought a whole bunch of cute maxi dresses to get me through the summer.

          • I’m due in October, too – I’m not buying summer stuff yet, just a few work staples like pants, and one pair of jeans since mine sort of still fit but are more snug every weekend I wear ’em. Old Navy has some cute summer tops available, but it’s just too early for that.

            As a side, I love maternity clothes models. Always lovingly looking at their bellies, or sweetly holding on to their bellies. Not sweating their asses off during their commute, or pale because something they just smelled makes them wanna throw up 🙂

    • I had good luck with Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity. Some of the MM stuff is really cheesy but they had great basics. Target is also a great place to look.

    • My sister got most of her maternity clothes at Old Navy. Cheap and stylish! Target is a great option as well.

      • yeah, I just ordered a few things from Kohls, am going to order some Motherhood Maternity pants and go from there. I’m just starting to not be able to button my pants (and those I can button are starting to be a bit uncomfortable). My tops still fit. I’m looking forward to when the chubby area and the baby belly meet 🙂

    • Go online! The Loft, Ann Taylor, and most online retailers have maternity clothes. I usually shop the websites of one or two stores that have physical locations nearby (like Loft and Banana Republic). I wait for a big sale, buy A LOT of stuff to try on and get free shipping because it’s a big purchase. Then I try everything on in the comfort of my home, keep a couple of things, and return the rest to the physical store. That way I only make one trip to the store, can wait for a good deal, and can read online reviews that say useful things like “this fell apart after the first wash.” 🙂

      • I do this with Target.com.

        I’ve never been shopping for maternity clothes, so I can’t advise on the specifics of Target’s maternity clothes… but for non-maternity clothing, there are a LOT of online-only items. So even if you’ve been to the Target in Columbia Heights and didn’t see anything of interest there, there might well be maternity clothes you’d like on Target.com.

    • I found Old Navy had great maternity staple pieces.

    • check monkey’s uncle on cap hill and craigslist.

    • Check out the Gap. Their demi panel bootcut pant is a perfect work staple. Two pairs got me through my entire pregnancy and still get use a few months post baby (damn you last 10 pounds!). Their maternity stuff is quality, machine washable, and cute. Plus, they constantly have sales. Actually right now they have 30% off your entire purchase. Plus, free shipping with $50+.

  • Rave: Listening to the Dalai Lama at UMD.

  • Rave: Refinancing (for the third time!)

    Rant: The guy we are using is absolute crap. We locked in our rate at 2.5%, and were approved for 15 years on Thursday. On Friday, jobs numbers came out and were very good. Interest rates rose 1/8th and it now seems like he is hoping I just go away.

    Rave2: I am not going away. I will make this very clear to this company in the coming days if I continue to not see much progress. If he proceeds to not close this loan, there is a good chance I will be utilizing DC Small Claims court to make myself whole for the extra 1/8 I will be paying for the next 15 years.

    Rave3: Am hoping the appraisal comes in very high. My wife and I would love to take some more money out to be able to do some work on the rowhouse!

    • This happened to us. Our rate locks kept expiring because it took them almost 6 months to finally get the loan cleared. We were furious!

  • Rave: Someone turned my wallet in to the front desk of my building yesterday.
    Rant: They took my cash.
    Rave: Going back to new job at old company in a few weeks. Excited!

  • Rave: Finally got a house, after 6 months of searching.

    Rant: Closing date is really tight (less than a month), so we’re scrambling to get everything in order.

    Rave: Our first home!

    • Congrats on finding a house so quickly! It took us and our next-door neighbors 4 times as long.

      • It’s been more like 8 months, but we put an offer on a short sale and sat on that for awhile til it expired. It’s a tough market out there, but it feels so good to find what you’ve been looking for, right?

        • Until it’s 6 months later & your wife wants to find a new house because this one isn’t big enough. 🙁

  • Rave: Interview in 5 minutes
    Rant: Interview in 5 minutes…FREAKING OUT

  • Rant: Returning to work after four days off and rainy to boot!
    Rave: AirBnB – renting out our place has been pretty easy/flexible every time we’ve been out of town. Just started last year, but the extra cash flow has jump-started some savings 🙂

    • I need to convince my gf that AirBnB is a good idea! We do have a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend renting out a bedroom this summer and I’m hoping the experience goes well and emboldens us to do it again.

      • I love AirBnB! Not that some anonymous person on the internet is going to convince anyone of anything, but I have used it a number of times and it’s always been cheaper than hotels and quite nice. I have traveled alone (I’m a woman) in a foreign country using AirBnB and it was great. I just put in a request for my next stay in Montreal.

        Just have her look at the listings and see how great the spaces and prices are. I’m hopefully going to pay $120/night for a one bedroom downtown Montreal apartment with a beautiful terrace, W/D, Wifi, etc. in the middle of the summer.

      • I’m glad to hear this as I will be renting out the downstairs level of my condo unit on AirBnB starting in July!

    • I hope you are paying appropriate hotel/b&b taxes on that income (which is higher than the homeowner taxes, of course).

  • Rave: Metro train operators who love their jobs. The bouncy radio-host tone, the politely-phrased reminders, the occasional joke.

    Rant: All the rest of ’em.

    • novadancer

      the worst is the one on the green/yellow around 5 who SCREAMS at every stop… and there is no escaping him with all the speakers in the car.

  • Emmaleigh504

    rant: People keep talking to me when all I want to do is rip their stupid heads off and bathe in the blood.

    rant: I may be a wee bit grumpy today.

    rave: I won’t actually harm anyone. I even smile when they speak to me.

  • skj84

    Rant: I feel absolutely miserable this morning. Both physically and emotionally sick. And the rain isn’t helping. I called out of work and now am just laying about the house like a sack of potatoes.

    Rant: Realized I have become one of the those jealous, needy women when it comes to dating. I let myself become emotionally involved with a guy too soon. So I get upset when he hangs out with other women. Especially when that woman is my best friend. Who I suspect has a crush on him as well, and knows about our relationship. I don’t want to be that person. And I hate myself for even having suspicions about them.

    Rave: I start therapy tomorrow and I hope I can work out all my issues. Plus my work has an awesome EAP program so at least the first five sessions will be covered.

    • valentina

      I know how you feel and I’m sorry that you are going through this. It’s good that you know that you have a problem and you are taking measures to get back on track. Good luck to you. *hugs*

    • Sorry to hear about this, and I’m glad to hear you are getting help. IF your best friend really does know about your feelings for this guy and she’s still hanging out with him, you might want to look for a new friend. (barring that your friend knew him first/introduced you two). If she met him after, she needs to back off or you need to bail out.

    • Rant: Violence in the District. What’s up with the guy in the track suit stabbing that woman at 3rd and Emerson NW? Seems like he would be easy to ID.

  • Rave: One of my favorite bands is coming all the way from Iowa to play at Hill Country on Thursday! So excited.

    Rant: Weather. ‘Nuff said.

    Rave: Had an AWESOME weekend with my visiting friends. Segway tours may LOOK stupid but DAMN, are they FUN! Plus showed ’em some good DC stuff like drummers in the park followed by Ethiopian food followed by drinks at the Black Squirrel.

    Rant: People who mispronounce words. Do you not SEE how the word is SPELLED? Ex: People who say “pastorial” as opposed to “pastoral”. There is no ‘i’ in it!

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