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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Seems like every day another person in my office says “Hey, is that you I see WALKING to work every day?” … Is walking in the city such a novelty to these people?

    • austindc

      lol! I know what you mean! The other day I got “it’s too bad you have to walk in the rain” from someone who drives. I need some snappy comebacks or something.

      • I say something like “Yeah, I guess I should use my car occasionally since we have free parking anyway.” Then they really get confused.

      • “Hey, I saw you stuck in traffic the other day. I was strolling on a beautiful sunny day.”

        “Oh you saw me walking in the rain? Yeah, that $3.5 per gallon that I saved goes directly into my Happy Hour fund.”

      • “You saw me walking? Hey George, the ocean called. They said they are running out of shrimp.”

      • The thing is they mean well. They either have sympathy for me (thinking I can’t afford a car), or they’re worried about me (thinking I’ll get mugged), or it just doesn’t compute and they’re looking for an explanation that fits within their paradigm of what is normal commuting behavior.

    • thebear

      Oh, gosh! That reminded me of an incident that occurred like a decade ago. I was on my way home from the Soviet Safeway with my granny cart full of groceries. Stopped for the light at 20th & P. Little girl asked her mother (at the top of her lungs, of course): “MOMMY! Is that man poor? He has a shopping cart!” The bee-yotch mother replies “Not everyone can live where we do or have a car.” I verbally whupped the mother: “Excuse me, m’am. My rent is surely higher than your mortgage and car payments combined. Furthermore, owning a car in a city such as DC is selfish, wasteful, and environmentally harmful. Don’t teach your child to be judgmental or dismissive of people who don’t live in your cul du sac, and don’t poison your child’s mind with outdated, irresponsible social values.” Mother clearly wanted to slap me upside the head, especially after little girl then asked “Why do we have a car that causes pollution, mommy? They say that’s a bad thing.”

      • So you got to be condescending AND self-righteous (some people can’t get around in cities without a car) at the same time! Way to go!

        • You missed the point.

          • Then I must have missed it too. “Not everyone can live where we do or have a car,” didn’t strike me as a judgmental statement, just explaining to the kid that she’s privileged in a way that others aren’t. On the other hand, thebear’s response was out of line. He or she doesn’t know why the woman has a car (or even if she lives in a cul-de-sac, or what her “social values” might be), yet seemed that it was appropriate to take her to task for the choices she made, while simultaneously being offended by her “judgment.” I dunno, judge not lest ye be judged and all. Works both ways.

          • Yeah, I must have missed the point too then. If thebear’s story actually happened and I had been a bystander I probably would have thought thebear was the worst person of the bunch. If it’s not a true story, then I don’t really get what it’s supposed to point out…some sort of a joke or sarcasm maybe?

          • His point was don’t judge a book by its cover, which is what both the mom and daughter did. The mom should have just simply said, “I don’t know. Some people choose not to use a car and prefer walking.”

        • Seriously. I would have told the Bear to shut his mouth about what values I choose to teach my kid.

      • LOVE that response.

      • Bravo!

      • thebear’s story sounds made up.

        Also, people drive for a variety of reasons, not necessarily to hasten environmental destruction. Some people are unable to walk or use transit, some people have to drive for their jobs, whatever their reason, it’s their choice. People are not inherently evil just because they’re driving.

      • i would dare to wager that this conversation only happened in your head. the little girl and her mom were probably real, and the girl probably made that comment, but i’m pretty sure that you made this up in your head. but thanks for the internet fodder!

    • In my parents’ small town, where folks take the car to go visit the neighbors, I walked to the store a quarter-mile down the road. (Literally a five-minute stroll.) I was within sight of BOTH my parents’ house and the grocery store when a man in a pick-up pulled up, and with concern writ clear upon his face asked “You ok? You need a ride somewhere? Need to call someone??”

      When I told this story to my folks, attempting to convey the absurdity of it all, my mother just said “People are so NICE in small towns! I bet you don’t get that in the big city.”

      • My mom always had dogs in our small town so she could go for walks (with them) without being questioned.

        Still… in an extremely walkable city, where driving is getting to be more and more of a headache, and more people are choosing to be close to work… during a time when the economic and environmental concerns associated with driving are looming large, and additional benefits of walking are discovered by researchers almost every day… is it really that weird? The pro-driving mentality is relevant in a small town, or ten years ago, but not in DC today.

      • ditto. my dad always says (read in a southern accent!) “God wouldn’ta given me this truck if he woulda wanted me to walk”. i always respond with “well, he gave you legs first”. the message doesn’t seem to stick. c’est la vie!

      • It’s only absurd if he knew you were walking such a short distance. Did you have your destination printed on a board around your neck?

        You took a kindly-offered gesture of basic human decency and are using it to snicker about it. Doesn’t say much for you.

  • saf

    Rave: I love that picture!

  • Rave: Gio
    Rant: Gio

  • Rave: Managed to catch the bus to avoid red line mayhem this morning. Took me a little longer than usual but that’s okay – I had a seat and a book.

    Rave: FINALLY broke through a weight loss barrier that I’ve been flirting with for the past few weeks. Good inspiration to keep it up.

    Rave: The weather! It’s absolutely gorgeous out and expected to stay that way all week!

  • Yesterday evening at Mt Vernon Square Metro station while waiting on the platform I heard a girl scream. I tried to look to see what it was but saw nothing then shortly after heard her yelling “STOP HIM HE STOLE MY PHONE” yelling over and over as she was clearly chasing after him. I could tell they had already gone up to the next level and were heading out, she yelled it 20 times at least. I saw several Metro workers standing around ignoring it just chatting each other up. They neither ran to investigate, picked up a radio and called Metro police or gave two flips. They could have called the station manager, or the police or even attempted to walk that way to see what had happened but nope, just shooting the breeze with their hands in their pockets.

    There it is DC.

    (post note: for those about to say “why didn’t YOU do something” they were already on the second floor before I knew what she screamed for and I was at the opposite end of the platform from the stairs, nothing for me to have done. I did actually think someone would have stopped the guy upstairs though, it went on for a decent amount of time)

    • thebear

      Have you at least contacted Metro to let them know about their people just milling about?

      • I think that is pretty much known as a given at Metro. If they were actually working one should call to report that as something is seriously wrong.

        • thebear

          The only way things change is if people make a point of routinely reporting issues and complaints to the appropriate powers that be. Maybe a TV station or 4. The major problem with slackers in this city (be it Metro or any other service) is that the public largely looks the other way (especially if those slacking are not white). Hold *everyone* accountable and to the same standards and the loafers will eventually be pushed out.

    • Shocker!

  • RAVE: Made an offer on an awesome house and had it accepted.

    2nd Rave: the house isn’t a flip.

    • Congrats! Where did you purchase?

      • Columbia Heights. I’ve been living there for 5 years so I’m quite happy I get to stay in the neighborhood.

        • Nice. Gives me hope. Have lost out on 3 homes now. Really tough out there.

          • This was our 4th offer, so I know what you’ve been through. It will work out, so keep trying.

          • Out of curiosity, what size places have you been missing out on? 1br, 2br?? We are thinking about selling our 1br in Adams Morgan.

          • I’m not sure about anon but we were looking at unrenovated rowhomes. Lots of competition between flippers and other owner-occupants with an interest in doing some renovations.

  • Rave: Great visit with my parents, including Potomac boat tour and Gettysburg.

    Rant: They’re both getting so old, and my mother can’t walk more than a block without pain.

    Rave: Good friend asked me to be her bridesmaid! Touching, and a great incentive to exercise more.

  • Rant: dont get off early enough to get the motorcycle inspected so will have to wait until Sat probably
    Rant: wanted to ride up to philly but cant because i cant rwnwe tags until monday lol
    Rave: it being warm enough to ride again
    Rave: Bonaroo late night shows were announced recently. will be a straight party

  • Rant: Metro this morning. Wasn’t too bad, and I had planned to come in late anyways. But still kind of a hassle.

    Rave: That story about the guy who lost his “life savings” on a carnival game. I fell sorry for him, but that picture of him with the giant banana is hilarious. I can’t wait to see how it gets photoshopped.

    • I am having a very hard time feeling sorry for that guy. In fact, my sorrow for him ended at the point in the story when he had lost the $300 dollars he came to the fair with on a carnival game and then went home to get the rest of his “life savings” – another $2300 – to keep playing the game. And his goal was to win an XBox that he could have bought in a store for $300.
      Okay, maybe I am sorry for him . . . sorry that the guy is a dumba$$.

      • @Marcus – 100% agreed, he had plenty of time to reconsider on his way home to get more money.

        “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

        It’s also a pretty big win for the carnival guy. The more you know. ****…

  • Rant: Since I found out I have a stress fracture I’ve been freaking out that I’m going to break it. I’m also stressing over the thought of being on crutches for weeks.

    Rave: hopefully my anxiety will end tomorrow morning when I get to see my orthopedist. It was actually my PT who refereed me for the MRI, so the orthopod hasn’t seen it yet.

    Sort of Rave: My PT has given me a lot of great exercises and I have been working hard to strengthen the muscles and take impact off the bone. I feel stronger and after I do my workout the bone pain is really low, almost gone.

    Rave: the weather is great and I made my first batch of biscotti last night, it’s chocolate and it’s great!

    • Where’s your stress fracture? They’re scary, I agree… mine hurt so much, I almost would rather have had an actual fracture so it would get casted, heal, and be done already.

  • Rant: The intersection of 14th & Columbia just before Col HTS in North West DC…
    They put a bus stop where buses block traffic on stops, and then there’s a “turn only” lane in the other section that no-one obeys… Total traffic block/gridlock every day at all times of day… http://i.imgur.com/IneHpuW.jpg (Image) TOTALLY ANNOYING!

    Rave: Pay week + Overtime!

    Rave: Date arranged for this weekend.

  • Rave: Made caramels last night for a wedding and mother’s day – so yummy! It’s so nice spending the evening cooking.

    Rave: Been loving New Girl and the Mindy Project – love that they get the husband chuckling too.

    Rave: Beautiful day.

  • Rant: Everyone wants to impersonate me.

  • Rave: Son cooked credible mushroom and rice soup, apparently using a completely random set of herbs and liquids.

    Rant: Son’s girlfriend trying to get a job here so she can move from Philly

    Rave: Condition of her move-in is that they both pay rent. I can use the cash-flow

    Rant: Can’t wander around the house in boxers and a wifebeater with her hanging around.

    Rave: She folded my laundry and cleaned the kitchen.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Approaching the first Mother’s Day since my mother’s death. Trying to find rituals that will honor her – and comfort me.

    Rave: Plans to go out of town with friends. Should be good!

    Rave: Finding a yoga class that I like within walking distance. It’s nice to feel back on track.

    • The first Father’s Day after my dad passed in 2010 was tough and I wanted to do something so the day wasn’t so sad.

      The first year I made a favorite dish of his and shared it with friends over the weekend.

      Each year since, I pot some flowers (he had quite a green thumb!) and bring them to elderly neighbors. I maintain the upkeep of them for the summer too. It’s no bother.

      I wish you peace this Mother’s Day.

    • Sorry for your loss… Dedicate an hour on mother’s day and her birthday to looking through photos of her you may have while sipping on a nice wine or spirit… Meditate on what made her a great person.

      Losing mom isn’t easy, but remembering the good times you’ve had with her will honor her memory, also helps you to put life in perspective. We all get there eventually, the people who live life with grace, while understanding our mortality, are the people that truly live life. Cheers.

    • You have my sympathy – this is also the first Mother’s Day without my mother. Her birthday is this weekend so it’s more difficult.

      Rituals help, also telling stories, laughing, crying…

      • Same here. Today would have been mom’s 82 birthday, and she died five years ago ON mother’s day. Trying to stay positive and talk about her with people who knew her. She was so funny!

    • Spend the day doing things that your mother would have enjoyed or that conjure good memories. My Dad passed in 2005 (wow, can’t believe it’s been that long) and on his birthday we always drink a beer in his memory. It will always be difficult but it does get easier.

    • Blithe

      Just want to thank those of you who responded to my post for your kind responses!!!

  • Rave: Age-appropriate bar guy makes his own wine!
    Revel: It’s pretty good.
    Rant: We tried it on a school night.

  • Rant: Heard a drip, drip, drip while getting ready for work this mornign. Opened the cabinet under the sink, and woosh the water comes spilling out.
    Rave: Still working on that part…

    • It could be worse! A few weeks ago boyfriend and I woke up to a “drip, drip, drip” coming from the bathroom. Opened the bathroom door and it was coming from the ceiling! And it quickly turned into more of a “pouring” then a “dripping” situation. So, at least it wasn’t that bad, right?


  • Rant: Had to wait 30 minutes for a red line train this morning.

    Rave: My BFF from home arrives tonight! It’s the first time she’s visited in 8 years (and only b/c her husband has a conference) but I’m so excited! *If* we get to see each other when I’m home, it’s usually for no more than 2 hours. Now we have days!

    Rave(ish): BFF and I don’t even talk that much anymore and our lives have taken very different paths but when we’re together, nothing has changed. Love it!

    Rave: The weather!!!

  • Rant: I’m Jack (but not really).
    What I really came here to rant about: Having to wear sweaters and my winter coat still. Come on weather, it’s May already!

    • You either overdressed or you don’t have a very heavy winter coat. It was in the fifties this morning and the high is seventy.

      • I guess, but it certainly didn’t feel like the 50’s when I left at 6:30. I don’t get cold that easily either but definitely needed that heavy wool coat.

  • RANT: Went to NYC last weekend and totally forgot to hit up a kosher deli. FML.

    Veselka pierogis? Russ & Daughters bagel, cream cheese, capers & lox? Katz’s hot pastrami?!? None for me 🙁

  • Well, the best laid plans….
    my cousin, who I called my Aunt because she was raised with my mother and was always so close, she was more an aunt than any blood relative aunt….passed away last night. She wasn’t old by my family standards, but had some health issues.

    We were planning a trip next weekend to tell them in person we’re pregnant. My mom tried to get me to tell her over the phone because she’s sick, but I was stubborn and really wanted to tell her in person. Now I don’t get to tell her. Who feels like an ass? This guy.

    She had two sons, so always treated me like the daughter she never had.
    My mother is heartbroken and I don’t know what to say.

  • Finally initiated the process to short-sale the investment property I have down south. I’ve been hemorrhaging over $300 a month on that sucker for 5 years (difference between rental income and mortgage payment). I should have foreclosed/short-saled a long time ago (when the divorce was fresh and the market in mad descent) but I was stubborn and scared and wanted to do the “right” thing. I’m still scared and a bit ashamed but mostly just want that thing out of my life.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: A driver who kindly refused to block a cross walk even though a tourist bus driver was trying to intimidate her into blocking it so he could pull out 3 minutes faster. After the bus driver pulled into the street, revved his engine, honked repeatedly, and yelled at her she calmly said, “Sir, I am not blocking the cross walk!” Bravo DC driver!

    Rant: I should have taken down the bus number and called the company to complain, but I didn’t think of it in time.

  • Are there any fans of the Joe Rogan Experience or the other Deathsquad podcasts?

    It would be really cool to get a Deathsquad DC group going.

  • Rave: Seeing crews working on The hilltop bar on Sherman.

    Rave: Seeing a block up on Harvard another bar or shop coming in.

    Rant: Neither are open yet.

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