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  • Can’t wait!!! I’ve replaced Teds with Busboys since moving from Eastern Market last year. It will be great to have both breakfast options, but I definitely think the 8th st SE Teds is slightly better. Hopefully the quality transfers to their 2nd location.

  • and that side of the block still doesn’t have parking signs. There has been free all day parking there for weeks for MD and VA drivers.

  • justinbc

    Hopefully they actually cook the pop tarts at this location, rather than giving them to customers limp and cold.

  • I guess “close” is a relative term. But I really cannot wait until this place opens. It’s going to be one of the best restaurants on 14th Street.

    • Really? Don’t hold the other 14th St. restaurants in high regard I take it?

      I mean don’t get me wrong, Ted’s is good and all, but I wouldn’t describe it as being one of the best restaurants around.

      • It’s all relative. Given the way some trendy eateries look at customers like suckers with wallets attached, just getting the food you ordered delivered to you before you starve to death and not having to wait 45 minutes to get stuck with a bill for the month’s rent is the new “outstanding.”

  • Meh. Went back when I lived on the Hill and was not impressed.

  • The breakfasts are fine, but everything else I’ve tried has just been competent. Except the chicken fried steak. Whoever had the bright idea to deepfry a sirloin needs to have their head examined. There’s a reason why they use chuck steak. It actually tastes like something besides boiled football leather.

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