& Pizza Applies for Liquor License on U Street, Will Only Have Seating Capacity for Ten

& Pizza_u_st_inside
13th and U Street, NW

The folks from &Pizza coming to the former Quiznos space outside the U Street metro have applied for a liquor license:

“New Restaurant to prepare and sale Pizza and prepared pizzeria food products. Seating Capacity is 10. Total occupancy load is 13.”

I was a little surprised that the seating capacity is only for ten but now that I think about it, that’s about the same capacity as the former Quiznos. You can see they are coming along nicely and should be opening very soon:

& Pizza_u_st_opening

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  • If there’s only seating for ten people, why should they apply for (and be granted) a liquor license? Isn’t this essentially a take out joint?

    • I agree..

      seems like the only time you will be able to find a seat is 10 am on any given week day

      H & Pizza constantly has over 10 people inside..U st has about 2-3 x’s the traffic

  • That spot is cursed. The building covered too much of the lot, and it should have been been built with a plaza at the corner. Anyone else remember the cool building that was there before? I think it was an HIV-health organization.

    • It is still there with the entrance on 13th St. However, its side is covered by the new building.

  • Love the &pizza on H Street… hopefully they can avoid the service problems associated with some many other quickserve restaurants in the U street area

  • Probably put 10 seats to only have to install one bathroom. Saves lots of space esp with the rent expense

  • Hope ANC makes voluntary agreement so strict that the liquor license is not worth it to them. We have enough drunks and pizza box litter on u street and surrounding neighborhood.

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