Oxxo Dry Cleaners Closes in Columbia Heights


Well, the coolest dry cleaners in Columbia Heights, and possibly the whole district, has closed at 1376 Park Rd, NW. I always thought the automated pickup was ingenious.


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  • That thing worked 20% of the time.

    • 20% of the time it works 100% of the time.

      • That machine worked 110% of the time. Not once did I manage to drop off (except the first time) or pick up during business hours and it all work perfectly. I am not convinced they were the best dry cleaners and I hated the little plastic dohickeys (dohickies?) they put on the sleeves of shirts, but that machine was fantastic and they will be sadly missed. Initially they had a sign up encouraging patrons to use their Capital Hill location. That machine was great, but not that great.

  • The people at Q&Q are way nicer than that machine, anyway.

  • This really sucks. It was great being able to get my clothes at off hours. And it worked all the time. I used Oxxo from the week it opened, twice a week, and the machine malfunctioned exactly once, the week they closed.

  • I must have bad karma with dry cleaners in CH. I tried Oxxo when they first opened– they never starched my shirts correctly and they always had issues with the credit card machine. It wasn’t worth the extra cost for the “natural” cleaning, which I was skeptical about to begin with. The place next door, G&G Cleaners (?!?) arbitrarily set their prices and regularly tried charging me for dry cleaning shirts, not laundering claiming the button on my shirt or the pattern or the snap or the cuffs required them to dry clean, not launder. Of course they never told me this until after I picked it up. I never encountered this my previous cleaner. Kenyon Sq cleaner does a decent job however their hours are terrible. Opening at 7:30am?? I’m at the office by then. Most cleaners open by 7am.

    • I had that happen to me twice at the dry cleaner next to Le Caprice, in the Allegro building– dropped something off, got my printed receipt, and was told at pick-up that it was different/ harder/ more complicated, and they were charging me more. I didn’t pay it either time, made them stick to the price given in writing, but I don’t need the hassle. So I just go to Q&Q now.

  • I do like Q & Q. They use the same chemical free stuff as Oxxo, at what seems like a lower cost. Also they are really pleasant, the young guy often at the counter at Oxxo was pretty condescending. So much so, that I stopped giving them my weekly business.

    • As a chemist, I’m intrigued by this chemical free cleaning process you speak of. Do they yell at your shirts? Glare angry at your suits? YOU WILL BE CLEAN! Maybe they talk nicely to my pants? Please give up that dog hair and coffee stain.

  • andy

    There’s a Sterling Cleaners building not far from Upshur Park. Is it a chain of some kind? Is that the actual cleaning location?

  • I hope this was not due to any pants-related lawsuits.

  • There was a lot of competition and if I recall they charged a bit more than other nearby places.

    • There were like three or four places within a two block radius. It did seem a bit much. I’ve always used Q&Q, but have to admit I stared at the afterhours pickup machine enviously a few times.

    • Expensive as hell – last time I used them, shirts were $2.50 for 2-day processing, another $1 for next day, another $1 on top of that for same-day. Worth it back when I was working night and day and couldn’t always pick up/drop off during other cleaners’ operating hours.

      What’s Q&Q like? I was going to Kenyon Square Cleaners for years, but it’s also pretty expensive (no doubt due to outrageous rent) and I got tired of being late to work because they didn’t open on time. Lately I’ve been using the Zips in Van Ness, but wouldn’t mind not having to drive over there.

  • Probably too far north for some folks, but the non-robots at French’s at 14th&Spring are the nicest dry cleaners I’ve ever used.

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