Not a Good Sign – Le Mirch Becomes “Indie Cusine” in Dupont Circle

1736 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in April we learned Le Mirch would be opening up in the former Dalchinni Indian Restaurant space at 1736 Connecticut Ave, NW next to Bistro Du Coin.

A readers sends this interesting update:

I don’t know what’s happened since then but it looks like a disaster! The official sign now says “Indie Cusine” — whatever that means and there’s a homemade sign that reads “Come in for FREE champagne.”

Sadly that’s not the only sign fail:


But I guess we shouldn’t argue with free champagne…

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  • Indie cuisine! It’s, like, DIY man! By which we mean, a salad bar.

    • Maybe “Primium” is the actual brand name of the alcohol and beer they’ll be serving?

      If that is the case, then there are no typos! Yay!

  • how does capital find its way to things like this…?

  • Faux authenticity through deliberate misspellings?

  • Did the guys of Sweetgreens write this post?

  • ah

    What, no apostrophe in “hour’s”?

  • premium rail? oxymoron much? why are there so many terrible restaurants/businesses in dupont?

    • Same reason there are terrible businesses in every part of the city – not every idea is good and sometimes the execution is even worse. But I get where you’re going with this. Dupont sucks and every new restaurant/bar/shipping container hotspot in your transitioning neighborhood is a gem.

    • justinbc

      Rail liquors could in fact be “premium” brands, if the bar chooses to make them so. Rail or “well” liquors just refer to the ones the bartenders usually have within reach for making the most common, high volume drinks. If the establishment chooses to have a premium spirit be their “low end” that’s entirely up to them. I’ve definitely seen this be the case before, although not typically.

  • I was walking by here yesterday and they were begging for us to come in and have free champagne or a mojito. Hey, maybe it’s good, who knows.

  • Because they have a Liquor Lincense Moratorium.

  • Most misspelled signs at least make sense when you read them out loud. But “Primum” doesn’t even make phonetic sense.

    I’ve always been a fan of Lovely Yogurt’s sign on U St – “We proudly serving the best yogurt” – but I think we have a new champion.

  • Not too concerned about the spelling when the food is as outstanding as it is here. Just ate lunch up there and it was superb. Maybe a little mild for my taste, but I will know to ask the chef to amp it up a bit next time.

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