New Doors at the Future Washington Firehouse Restaurant in Bloomingdale

1626 North Capitol Street, NW

A few weeks ago we learned there was finally some movement at the old North Capitol Firehouse in Bloomingdale:

“A new restaurant anticipated opening in 2013, The Washington Firehouse, Old Engine Company 12 still serves the neighborhood today, but in a slightly different capacity, with its American Classic menu.”

Folks were understandably skeptical but looks like it might really happen. What do you think of the new doors?


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  • Are they real garage doors that can be raised and lowered?

    • That’s the plan, at least in theory. But at the same time, this place was supposed to be finished years ago, so I don’t know if theory holds here.

  • Good idea, but a little too red.

  • Aren’t they still waiting on more panels to finish the doors? I’m rooting for you, Firehouse, I really am.

  • its been like that for two weeks, they must have measured wrong or something and are trying to fix it. Not sure otherwise why they have not finished them. I do see a lot of construction people going in and out now, so keep your fingers crossed, may be this time will be it!!

    OH Also see workers in the wine bar two doors up from there.

    • The wine bar (Lot 1644) is going to be participating the the Taste of Bloomingdale event during the Crispus Attucks yard sale this weekend. Hopefully that means they are nearing opening, but there’s not too much info out there.

    • Doors seem to be finished as of last night.

  • I’m cautiously optimistic about this place. The area could well use another bar/restaurant and this space looks ideal. But given the known issues at Shaw’s tavern I wouldn’t be surprised if corners get cut. That said, I’m sure nearly *anything in this space would be successful.

  • I just walked by there this morning. They are for sure doing a whole lot of something. There were lots of construction workers going in and out, there was a roll up door truck outside so they may be about to finish the doors and there was a large crew cutting into the sidewalk on North Capitol and in front of the EC12 and there were electrical contractor trucks outside, so they must be trying to tap into / upgrade the electrical or something. More movement that I have seen there in 3 years!

  • The developer was at our SMD meeting last night. They are aiming for a July 6 opening, but thinks it may be a little later

  • After years of dilly dallying, file this under category: “I’ll Believe It When I See It.” Having several friends who failed in business by starting on something way over their heads and outside their field of expertise, it’s hard to be optimistic.

  • brookland_rez

    This is all great, but one really important question: Are they going to play Firehouse on the muzak?

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