Metro Transit Police arrest WMATA employee for theft

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From a press release:

Metro Transit Police (MTPD) have arrested a WMATA employee for felony theft of Metro equipment. Derrick Davis, 40, of Laurel, was charged yesterday in Prince George’s County District Court with Theft Over $1000.

Davis is alleged to have stolen more than a dozen Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) from Metro facilities and selling them on online auction sites.

Following a multi-month investigation, undercover Transit Police detectives contacted Davis through eBay to attempt to purchase an AED. An undercover MTPD detective, posing as a potential buyer, arranged to purchase the device for $300 cash Wednesday evening at a local convenience store. Once the transaction was made, detectives confirmed that the AED was stolen Metro property and took Davis into custody without incident.

Subsequent to his arrest, Davis admitted to detectives that he had stolen a total of 13 automatic external defibrillators from Metro facilities. He was formally charged yesterday and remains in jail pending a bail hearing.

AEDs are valued at approximately $1,400 each. The total value of the theft of 13 devices is approximately $18,000.

The Transit Police investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be filed.

Davis worked as a maintenance employee supporting Metrorail infrastructure. He was immediately suspended following his arrest.

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  • suspended, not fired? wtf

    • WMATA suspension = paid vacation.

      Thanks, unions!

    • I doubt that’s under the WMATA management’s control. I’m guessing it’s a union thing (and I come from a union family, so I’m not knocking unions unilaterally)–I know it sounds outrageous to non-unionized workers (and I’m one), but I’m assuming there’s a formal administrative process that needs to happen in order to fully terminate the guy’s employment. In some cases with public employees accused of crimes, it’s easier to just put them on suspension and wait for a conviction to come through (which allows management to immediately fire the person) versus going through all the steps of administrative dismissal.

  • Shocking news!

  • When I first read the headline, I assumed it was some kind of fare theft. Not that fare theft is cool, but Jesus…AEDs? That could have had serious consequences if anyone had gone into cardiac arrest in a station that was waiting for its replacement AED (hopefully that did not actually happen).

  • Once again, DC proves itself to be the capital of stupid criminals!

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