Meridian Hill Park Fountains Filled Yesterday!


Great news on the fountain front – Meridian Hill Park fountains have been filled “early”! Thanks to everyone who sent word yesterday. In early April a reader was told the fountains wouldn’t be filled until Memorial Day due to budget constraints. Super psyched to see they are already filled:




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  • can dogs swim in that fountain?

    • By ability? Sure if they can swim.

      Legally? No. Neither can humans.

      • Is that really the written law? Does anyone know for sure?

        • It is the regulations, yes.

          MH(MX)P is considered by NPS as part of Rock Creek. Regulations prohibit bathing, wading or swimming in Rock Creek.

          And yes, the Park Service will yell at you if your dog goes in the fountains.

    • Greetings Popville,

      As a fellow dog owner, I sincerely ask that we all keep our dogs out of the fountain (legal or not – and I think any type of bathing is not allowed. There are enough trouble keeping it clean and we can do our part by now allowing our dogs to get into the water.



      • Yes. And though I am a dog lover, I know that dogs frighten a lot of people, including children. In a people park, dogs should be on a leash.

  • beautiful! completely transforms the park when this happens

  • Hey, looks like we do indeed have some nice things!

  • Sure it wasn’t just filled by the incessant rain? (ba duh DUH)!

  • Now can the fix the leak at the bottom?

  • Glad to hear it! I’ve been voting every day for Meridian Hill to receive funds from Partners in Preservation, and hopefully they will at least get some funds for needed repairs. Today is the last voting day, however…

  • Now, can someone just please keep an eye out for the idiot who filled the fountain with goldfish last year?

  • Gotta be my single favorite park in DC.

  • I love those yellow irises.

  • We have to come back now! Bringing my drum!

  • Guitar Circle down at the reflecting pool at 3-5PM on Sundays. Easy songs, friendly folks, tab booklets for anyone who wants to learn the songs between Sundays. CHeck out DC Guitars Not Gun Violence on Facebook.

  • Malcolm X Park is the most awesome park in this town. Or, as it is technically known, Meridian Hill Park. Heh.

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