Map of the Week Vol. 15 – Alexandria County (1879)

alexandria county

click map to enlarge. Source: Library of Congress

Map of the Week is written by David A., a systems librarian and map geek living in Mt. Pleasant. David previously wrote about Palisades of the Potomac from 1890.

This week’s 1879 map provides a view of Arlington and Alexandria when they were part of the federal district. If you look close, you can see that this map splits the former Alexandria County into three different smaller “districts”: the Washington District to the west, the Jefferson District to the east and the Arlington District in the middle.

Notable features include the names of many of the area’s landowners, the names of railroad stations, and the C&O Canal segment connecting Alexandria to the aquaduct bridge to Georgetown. The canal, also known as the Alexandria Canal, would be abandoned seven years after this map’s printing.

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  • Sorry, but I am pretty sure it was part of VA and not a part of the federal district long before this map was made. Even the title at the top of the map says it is Virginia.

    That being said, it is still an interesting map.

  • Retrocession from DC to VA was 1846. The area was called Alexandria County, VA until 1920, when it became Arlington County.

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