Comprehensive Map of DC’s Rooftop Bars

And since it’s a beautiful day out – check out this map of rooftop bars compiled by map attacks and reddit.

This is freaking awesome. Just zoom in or out (with the plus or minus in the upper left hand corner) and then click on the dots to get name address and whether or not the roof deck is covered. Beautiful!

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  • Missing Chez Billy’s, but Georgia Ave is largely under served anyway… Hopefully they’ll do one on top of the old Blue Banana..

  • Missing Zeba

  • They’re missing at least two lesser-known rooftop decks in Adams Morgan, but I’m not sure that I want to mention them, because they’re virtually unknown and never crowded on a Saturday night!

    • Pray tell.

      They are missing District Nightclub’s rooftop bar. They occasionally do a decent AYCD weekend brunch party during the daytime.

  • Honestly, nothing beats The Reef’s roof on a Sunday afternoon. Chill/not-obnoxious crowd, great views down 18th and of downtown DC, plenty of shade covering, and cheap specials.

    Mellow Mushroom’s weekend afternoon drink and food specials are also really good, but it’s not a covered roof and it gets sweaty pretty quickly.

    • What are the Reef’s specials on Sunday?

        $3 Old School Beer (PBR or Miller High Life)

        $4 Grand Marnier & $3 PBR all night

        Adam’s Morgan discount: 10% off your total tab, if you can prove it! Show us a 20008, 20009 or 20010 zip code!

        Happy Hour from 5pm – 7pm… $1 off all drafts, liquor, wine and “Starters” on the food menu.

        I like swilling crappy beer and watching the game at Reef. So sue me.

  • This is awesome! It would be so great to have this for all bars/restaurants with outdoor seating, be it roof, deck, patio, whatever. Obviously that’s a serious undertaking…

  • They are missing The Gibson and Dirty Bar (above Dirty Martini) from this list. Two pretty big oversights, imo.

    • I know the Gibson has a patio in the back, but it also has a rooftop?

      • Is Gibson on the ground level? For some reason i remember the outdoor area being above ground. But you’re probably right.

        Also, the old Blackbyrd bldg has a finished outdoor roof area which you can see over the fence from Marvin’s roof terrace. But I never got a chance to go over there; I think was only available for private events.

        • The old Blackbyrd roof part is now part of Marvin (as is the entire 2nd floor of Blackbyrd)

  • Ibiza has a rooftop bar?

  • Mad Momo’s

  • Missing H Street Country Club which has a decent roof bar.

  • Not to be picky, but is Cantina Marina is not a “rooftop bar”. It is a patio.

  • Wow, there really aren’t that many. No wonder they’re always packed on a nice day.

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