Lost/Stolen Yorkie, Last Seen on L Street NE between 17th street and Bladensburg

Blue_Lost Dog

Dear PoPville,

My neighbor isn’t sure if her dog Blue was stolen or got out of her front yard yesterday. We live on L Street NE between 17th street and Bladensburg. Blue is a 4 year old male Yorkie with one discolored eye. Any help would be much appreciated so this pup can find it’s way back home!!! Please e-mail damad87(at)aol.com or call Ms. Cookie, Blue’s owner at 202-652-1429 if you have any information.

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  • This was posted to the Capitol Hill Listserv on Monday:
    “If you or someone you know is missing a cute Yorkshire terrier there were two men down by Pennsylvania and 13th trying to sell one for 40 dollars. Police were called and ultimately they let the men keep the dog. The police have their contact information though. Contact me and I will give you the information I have.”

    Obviously not the same dog if it was stolen yesterday, but I’d keep an eye out around that area since it’s not far away.

    • $40? What is the point of that? I thought people steal Yorkies b/c they’re “worth thousands”….also, that’s awful.

      Side note: I cringe whenever I see dogs left unattended in people’s front yards. I’m always afraid they’ll get stolen and sold or used for ill-intent 🙁

      • I cringe, too. We are not living in Eau Claire, WI. Theft is rampant, and it should suprise no one that some people might steal a dog for money or worse. I’m not sure what the thought process for people who leave their dogs unattended in front yards or on leashes outside stores. Is it apathy, ignorance, or just naivete? Ugh.

        Also, it seems like PoP has been posting a lot of lost dog/cat posts lately. Not sure if this is because there is an uptick in this activity or if more people are realizing this blog is a good place to get the word out. Just an observation. It’s sad to see these animials missing, especially the blind cat from yesterday.

        • Especially small expensive dogs like this one. So easy to reach over the fence and scoop her up.

        • I think this is driven largely because this is a likely a more recent phenomenon and some people have always been used to letting their dogs out in the yard and aren’t aware how the city is now filled with lowlife trash who will take anything they can get their hands on without regard. And sadly it seems to be teenagers in this city that are the worst about this type of behavior. I was sitting out on a patio at a local bar in the middle of the afternoon the other weekend and two teenagers walked by, reached over and grabbed someone’s phone off the table, and took off running down the street. Seriously. No regard for anything or anyone.

  • Who the hell steals a dog?! That’s just f*cked up!

  • This is terrible, and hopefully he escaped and will be found soon. Another warning to people, please do not leave your dogs unattended in the city. There are low-lives out there who will steal your dog to sell or for bait for training fighting dogs. Keep your dog safe for your sake (and your dogs sake!)

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