LOOK Looking at Massive Expansion on K Street

1909 K Street, NW

LOOK opened up in the former Teatro Goldoni space on K Street back in March. A recent liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Request is for an expansion to increase capacity load from 186 to 419.”

Business must be good…

You can see their menus here.


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  • Work across the street. Business never appears to be THAT good (ie saddest bar/club I’ve ever seen as far as attendance and energy). In fact the space is HUGE inside. And the bouncers that show up after happy hours look straight out of a Dick Tracy comic.

    We have a bet going on in the office when this place will fail (and it’s been open, what, a month, maybe 2 at max?). I’m shocked they want to expand already.

  • I walk by here around 6 PM and then around 7:30 PM to and from the gym between 3 and 5 days a week, and it never looks like there’s anything really going on there.

  • With an expansion like that, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are trying to become an expensive nightclub that’s operating in the guise of an upscale restaurant. I also work across the street and have never seen much happening in here after work. I’m wondering if they draw some sort of monied nightlife “scene” from the ‘burbs after 9pm.

    It’s either that, or money laundering. So take your pick.

  • Too bad “Desserts” is spelled wrong on their website…

  • justinbc

    We went for a group event happy hour and it was just strange. There was a DJ spinning in the middle of the restaurant with shades on and neon all around him…at 6PM. It’s definitely going for a nightclub feel at all hours of the day, which is just out of place in this city. There are lots of things people try to transport in from NYC, Miami, etc, but this shouldn’t be one of them. Having said that, the food they brought out for our group was all good, but a bit diverse in scope.

  • Drove by around 10 or 11 PM on Friday night – place was packed with a line down the block. More of a nightclub than a restaurant.

  • I work in the building that Look is in and I don’t think that they are actually doing a physical expansion, just changing from a restaurant to a fulltime nightclub and therefore need to accomodate more people. There is no more space in the building for them to expand into…

    • I was thinking this too, the place is huge inside and I think they are just reclassifying the space and the assembly rate so they can have it packed like a night club and not a restaurant (see Assembly Space classification of 15 person/sf vs 7 person/sf).

  • Oh Lord. Its a horrible place that attracts, (like Lotus, Cafe Asia, Josephine’s and others in the area) a horrible crowd from the bad parts of town and PG county on the weekend nights. Horrible crime problems outside these clubs — fights, stabbings, general drunken brawls.

    They do no business as restaurants — all their money comes from being a nightclub. They should NOT be allowed to expand.

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