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  • just in case you didn’t hear it one of the 1000 times he said it in the video, he’s in the belly of the beast…

  • LOL–“Illuminati pyramid.” I’d hope an ancient secret society would chose a less boring/depressing place than the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel for their secret symbols…

  • pablo .raw

    How dare the Illuminati build their secret symbols in open view? And I thought it was just a skylight! God bless that holy excavator!

  • That was the only visually pleasant thing about the plaza.

    • I know – such a shame! I work in that area, and this is really the only redeeming quality of L’Enfant….you’d think they could have preserved this one thing in their new design

  • LOL at the video. Surprised he wasn’t wearing a tin foil hat to protect himself from the government spy cameras.

    • He has some pretty impressive videos on his YouTube channel, such as “Jay-Z says he Rapes Children – Illuminati Musical Satanism: The Documentary.” Which half a million people have viewed.

      Good lord this internet is scary.

  • Why stop with the pyramid. That whole complex needs to be demoed.

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