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  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • had to look up where Benin was…

  • My cousin did her Peace Corp stint there and reported that a large shipment of donated clothes from the U.S. included a Marion Barry tee shirt

  • If you keep going, there’s another sign that says, “That’s right. Benin. The country. You did realize there’s a country named Benin, right?”

    • Ha ha ha, a tiny country in Africa. How amusing. If you’ve never at least heard of all the countries on your planet, you’re a dolt.

  • Where is this in Woodley Park?!?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Woodley Road

      • It’s actually on the 2700 block of Cathedral Avenue, right next to 28th. I live on the block and often “cut through Africa” to head towards Cleveland Park. But beware–in the heart of Africa lies danger. Mostly overgrown ruts that you can roll your ankle on and thorny bushes.

  • Beware, beware the Bight of the Benin, for few come out though many go in.
    Malaria, slavery or fearsome tides, take your pick.

  • The Benin had a vibrant and wealthy civilization till the Europeans got there . The bronze sculptures that decorated their palaces are realistic and in museum all over the world. Even the
    Copies are faboulous.

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