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  • Is there going to be commercial space in this complex?

  • Is this going to be income restricted?

  • What about the future home of Bacon Funeral?!??!?

  • Why is it a miracle? Georgia Avenue will obviously become a great area just like U-street and 14th have already, but maybe even a bit nicer –
    I would really hope for some independent clothes and other stores rather than just restaurants and bars, since I really do not want to go to Georgetown or the malls anymore and DC USA is great but a bit generic. I think Georgia Ave and surrounding areas will be the next Georgetown…give it 2-5 years and we’ll be there (there is everything on Georgia Ave needed for this to happen: great infrastructure for car and public, plenty of parking, HOPEFULLY LIGHT RAIL!(and better bike lanes)).
    However, nothing about this is a miracle, its rather a no-brainer: who wants to live in Arlington, Bethesda, Silver Spring or even worse Germantown when you have a real city right here where you work anyways?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Well, I didn’t literally mean a miracle. We don’t need to call the Pope or anything. It’s a miracle because that lot has been a weedy, vacant, decrepit waste for years. No deeper meaning than that.

    • i agree that georgia ave will be a fantastic corridor someday in the near future, but the next georgetown?
      what does that mean to you?

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