Italy Pizza Closes in Shaw

634 Florida Ave, NW

Dear PoPville,

Any word on the Italy Pizza on Florida ave (next to the now for lease capoeira place)? They have been closed for at least a couple days and the sign has been taken down.

While their website is still live, their phone has been disconnected. Anyone know if they plan on reopening in a new space?


Update From a reader who knows the owners:

“They are going to take the summer off and regroup in the fall. As far as I know the space (and the one beside it) are still available for lease from the landlord.”

Italy Pizza in happier times – Feb. 2012:


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  • The Jamaican Joe’s Jerk Chicken a few blocks west on U St has been closed for a few weeks now too.

  • Pretty sure that block is going to be torn down and redeveloped so I’m pretty sure it’s moving or closed for good.

  • justinbc

    Bummer. When I lived in Logan this was one of the only places I found in the area to get quality pizza delivered from.

    • “Quality pizza”? Lol I have to disagree. Convenient option perhaps, but this was not gourmet pizza.

      • justinbc

        If I had actually called it gourmet pizza then I could see where you would disagree. It never attempted to be that, but it was quality for what it was.

        • radius pizza delivers out there and is probably the best pizza in dc. It is for sure the biggest gourmet pizza at the best price.

  • novadancer

    oh no. That’s our go to for delivery…

  • The only reason this place is gone but pizzarro is still around is that Italy Pizza’s delivery price was twice the price of their pickup (and twice the price of Pizzarro’s delivery). Pizzarro is gross (but didnt start out that way).

    Italy Pizza was far superior, but it never made sense to get delivery from them and it was increasingly more difficult to go to it once parking became less available. They werent particularly friendly, but I’m not looking for my pizza chef to be my best friend so I could deal with surliness for 5 minutes of my life.

  • Noooooooo! I love them. Please tell me they’re reopening nearby!

  • ledroittiger

    When I lived on Florida, this was my easy go to, not just because of the convenience. The pizza was actually good and super cheap. I feel like I’ve been seeing one of the managers walking around in front of Wazobia’s and Zenebech’s smoking the butt end of cigarettes in a daze and clearly on heroin, so I was wondering what was going on.

  • Any permits recently filed on the bldg? I imagine this site will soon see the wrecking ball. Hello, condos?

  • damn damn DAMN!!! it was my go to pizza delivery! i just called last night! oh lawd, what to do…

  • Oh no! This was our favorite take- out…reopening??

  • the popularity of Pizzarro must have put them out of business.

  • I love Bacio pizza in Bloomingdale! They don’t offer delivery but great neighborhood store.

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