Ibiza Night Club For Sale for $4.5 Million in Noma? Includes “nude dancing license”

1222 1st Street, NE

Thanks to a reader who sends this link from Rasmus Auctioneers:

1222 1st St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Brief Description:

Large DC night club has been paired with an exclusive C3 nude dancing license providing an opportunity for the only large capacity club of its type in the Nations Capital and near metro. Contact Chris Rasmus for complete details. Offer price 4.5 M

1222 1st St NE is currently home to the Ibiza Night Club.


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  • tonyr

    I say “Good Deal”

  • Am I the only one who thinks that this is somewhat reasonable? Can’t imagine the big developers will care much about the titty license, but 4.5 mill can’t be all that much for that chunk of land AND what’s presumed as a profitable business license.

  • Includes “nude dancing license”….

    I take mine with me everywhere I go. #lifeoftheparty

  • Not sure if it’s related (though I suspect it is), but Ibiza’s being sued by a woman who claims that they discriminated against her in 2010 for not letting her in with her insulin pump. The trial started yesterday.

    • I actually sat on the jury for that trial the first time around and she had a pretty good case. We were hung because of one holdout but I wouldn’t be surprised if she beats them this time.

  • I said Ibeza was a gonner as soon as the APT buuilding was put up across the street

    the owners are smart. one of them is headed out to AZ to take advantage of all the college students out there lol

  • I’ve heard that Town is going to lose its lease – maybe this would be a good place for them to end up? The nude dancing license would certainly take it to a whole new level…

    • I’ve feel like I’ve been hearing this for years (could be something that is a long time in the making). Is it really true? Does anyone have any sources on this?

  • Much as I would prefer to see this razed and converted into parkland, developing it into an apartment building/retail complex would suit me just fine too. As for another nightclub on this spot, no thanks.

  • Waiting for the Vegas line on what upscale grocery store will be at the ground floor level of this future mixed use development. A bargain for the land alone.

  • I don’t really want the building, but I’d be willing to pay for the “nude dancing” license if that was sold separately!

  • Yeah, this doesn’t include the building or the land. Maybe the new neighbors could start a collection to buy up the license and shelve it so they wouldn’t have to deal with the nuisance club nearby?

    I seriously doubt it will sell for even half that amount, though. The license is only worth $500k or so (even CR and CT licenses in areas with moratoriums max out around $100-$120k, so I can’t imagine the naked people jack it up to more than four or five times that) and the only fixtures with any value would be the sound equipment and maybe the lighting and some of the kitchen appliances (if there’s even a kitchen) and refrigeration units. Almost every bar / club owner is going to rip out the bars / stage / decor to remodel it and make it their own. I don’t think I have ever actually been in newly re-opened bar or restaurant that looked more than 20% the same as the old place.

    Maybe PoP could jump in with some of the frequently changing establishments featured here with how intense the changes inside and out usually are?

    • You doubt a club that big in that location with a stripper license is going to sell for $2M?! You are out of your mind.

      Also – Ibiza generally is not a nuisance club even as is. Their security is very tight. Fur on the other hand, not so much.

    • JPs in Glover Park sold their license for $1.3M if I recall correctly and it is very tiny by comparison so this seems like a reasonable deal for a night-club/strip club license.

    • Can someone explain this whole auction thing to me? How would neither the building nor the land be up for sale? Why not just sell it outright as opposed to going to auction?

      • i don’t get your question. businesses go up for sale all the time. it only includes the assets of the company. not their rental property. or services they subscribe to.

    • I dunno about that, Hamilton’s has been owned by two different groups since it was renovated in the late 90’s and it still looks almost exactly the same just dirtier.

  • The District no longer gives out nude dancing licenses at all, so they are worth a lot of money. When several of the clubs were moved out when they built the Nats stadium, those licenses were sold for more than $1M

  • just to clarify, the building isn’t for sale, just the rights to the business. I understand the property is for sale for $40 Million.

  • Please get rid of it!!!!

  • i understand change. i understand moving into a neighborhood and yet still hoping for it to change. i don’t understand moving to a neighborhood with a few nightclubs and then wishing the nightclubs would close.

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