How do you interpret this No Parking Sign?


From the Forum – How do you interpret this No Parking Sign?

We are having a problem with a parking enforcement officer in our neighborhood who is interpreting this sign differently than we are. The officer believes the sign means that we can ONLY park on Tuesday’s between 7am and 8:30pm. I am in contact with the DDOT about the issue and wanted to reach out to the community. How do you interpret the sign? Ignore the street cleaning sign. I appreciate your feedback.

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  • No Parking on Tuesday during that time unless you have a Zone 1 permit

  • No parking on Mon, Wed, thur, fri, sat, and Sunday in that spot between the hours of 7am and 8:30pm. Except for zone 1 holders who can park there anytime and any day.

  • Yeah, your parking enforcement officer is an idiot. “No Parking 7:00am-8:30pm Tuesday EXCEPT Zone 1 Permit Holders” means if you do not have a Zone 1 permit, you cannot park there between those hours on Tuesdays. It does not reference any restrictions of any kind (including the standard 2 hour limit without the zone permit) for the other six days of the week, which means it is open, unrestricted parking at all other times.

    If it read “No Parking EXCEPT Zone 1 Permit Holders 7:00am-8:30pm Tuesday”, then it would line up with the officer’s interpretation, which says it is a no parking period zone with the exception of this batch of times on a specific day of the week.

    • The person who wrote the sign text is also an idiot. Why is the rule only on Tuesdays? Some zone parking signs like this went up in my neighborhood in petworth (overnight) on one side of my street and now it victimizes all my friends and family that comes to visit, who have been parking on that side of the street for years…

      I now have to remember to ask them where they parked any time I have guests over. There are 1-2 residential spots behind almost all of the houses on our block. It’s a bunch of B.S.

      • No, the person who wrote the sign was being deceptive, and intentionally ambiguous. DC does this because even though a resident may fight some tickets and ultimately prevail in getting the verbiage changed, many people will simply pay the ticket. This nickel and dime revenue strategy happens all over DC.

        • That’s *too* cynical. Incompentence/lack of initiative is plenty to explain the text of the sign. This looks like an amalgam of standard sign phrases(which in themselves are reasonably clear) run on together to deal with an unusual parking restriction. No one bothered to stop and think about whether it is clear as compiled. Also, I don’t think it is *that* unclear. The parking enforcement officer is just being pretty dumb here.

      • Your friends and family really should be riding their bikes or taking Metro to your house. This is a city.

        • What?! I seriously hope that’s a joke dude. My 66 year old mom shouldn’t be expected to ride a bike or metro from Olney MD to my house, even worse if they lived out of town… This is DC, not New York.

          • I don’t even understand when people say this comment…”this is DC not New York. Furthermore when I visit my friend IN NYC there are no 2 hour limits in his neighborhood (Astoria). Sure, it takes me a (much) longer time to find a space, or I park almost a mile away, but it is much, much simpler. And why do people make such a huge deal about parking in the city?? Loosen up people!! Visitors should be able to have an easier time to park in a neighborhood when they are visiting people.

        • PDleftMtP

          Wow. Even douchier than the Virginia boyfriend comments. Well done.

  • Usually when you see this sign it is in conjunction with the street sweeping. So it would make more sense meaning that there was no parking during business hours except Zone 1 parking people can park there on Tuesday WHILE the street is being cleaned. In this case, I think they put either the wrong street sweeping sign or the wrong no parking sign as usually they match. For examples, look at the 700 block of Harvard Street NW.

  • Hehe, appears your traffic enforcer reads the sign from bottom to top!

  • Get a Zone 1 permit then you wont have any problems!

  • It means anyone can park there between 8:30 pm and 7 am any evening. It means noone can park there between 7 am and 8:30 pm EXCEPT for Zone 1 permit holders and ONLY on Tuesday. I would suspect that the other side of the street is a Tuesday street cleaning. These signs are pretty common in Columbia Heights and other places that have one side of the street parking. It also zone permit holders to be able to park where they normally would not only on certain days due to street cleaning. How do you interpret it?

    • Opps. Sorry – too quick. Yes, it means that the only people who can park there on Tuesday are Zone 1 holders. Again, it likely has to do with street cleaning on the opposite side of the street.

  • This parking enforcement officer is an absolute maroon.

    • I think I know the parking enforcement officer in question. It’s a female, car number 9905? This is my neighborhood and I often see her parks, reading or playing with her phone. I once confronted her about a parked car blocking the crosswalk and she was really annoyed with me and didn’t move.

  • Parking is fine at all times except:

    Mondays from 9:30 am – 11:30 due to street cleaning; and
    Tuesdays from 7:00 am – 8:30 pm, EXCEPT for those who have Zone 1 permits. Zone 1’ers can park there on Tuesdays.

  • janie4

    Your interpretation would make sense if the no parking sign arrow was pointing in the same direction as the no parking Tuesday arrow. They’re in opposing directions. So in the space to the right, no parking ever. To the left, no parking on Tuesdays except for Zone 1 holders.

  • if you’re a zone 1 permit holder you can park there any time (except for street cleaning). If you’re not a Z1 permit holder then you can’t park between 7AM and 8:30PM UNLESS you’re a member of city council , in which case you can park wherever you want, whenever you want to.

  • the officer is right and the sign is wrong. the sign should only allow parking on tuesday because that is probably when the other side of the street is being cleaned. otherwise it is always no parking

    • Why would it otherwise be no parking there? This is a pretty ordinary and quiet residential street with lines for parking painted on the pavement. It certainly doesn’t otherwise there is no parking here. Ignoring for the moment the exception for zone 1 permits, this signs states the rule: “No parking 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 pm Tuesday.” It then excepts zone 1 permit holders from this rule.

  • It is a typo. It should read “No Parking 7AM – 8:30 PM Except Tuesday Zone 1 Permit Holders” The other side of the street is swept on Tuesdays so there has to be temporary street parking on the other side. It is similar to Monroe Street between Holmeade and 13th Streets in Columbia Heights. Except that sign is printed correctly.

    • Wouldn’t that render the sign below it redundant?

      • I think you’re right. I think it is: no one can park here Monday. Zone 1 permit only can park there Tuesday. Anyone can park there Wed-Sun.

        It certainly is confusing.

        • I don’t think this is the right explanation. There is no reason why parking would normally be prohibted here between 7 a.m. and 8:30 pm. It is a fairly quiet residential street.

  • DDOt screwed up the signs. What they mean is no parking between between 7 and 8:30, except on Tuesdays if and only if you have a Zone 1 permit.

    • I don’t think this is the right explanation. There is no reason why parking would normally be prohibted here between 7 a.m. and 8:30 pm. It is a fairly quiet residential street.

  • Depends on who is reading it….

    Average Joe Parker = No parking to the right of the sign ever and parking restrictions to the left of the sign on Tuesday and Monday during sweeping season. I would say this is a bit much but there it is.

    Average Meter Maid = no parking any time I want to give you a ticket because one, screw you and two, I gotsta get my quota to get my next raise so errrrrbody getz a ticket, go fight it in court if you want to.

    BAM – truth is stranger than fiction.

  • I never had problems with the parking folks at this sign. I know it well!

  • Let’s start from the proposition that we must give effect to all three of the signs on the pole, because the law will assume that that none of the signs was placed on the pole as a superfluous or meaningless act.

    1. There is no question that, based on the top sign, there is no parking at any time to the right of the pole.

    2. The middle sign and the bottom sign must be read so that each has an independent meaning. If the middle sign is read to mean that there is “no parking except on Tuesdays, and even on Tuesdays only for Zone 1 Permit holders”, then the bottom sign that prohibits parking to the left of the pole on Mondays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am would be entirely superfluous or meaningless, because parking would be banned at all times for everyone on Monday anyway based on the middle sign.

    3. Therefore, the only way to give all of the signs an independent meaning is if the middle sign only prohibits parking to the left of the pole on Tuesdays for vehicles that do not have a Zone 1 permit. This interpretation properly gives meaning to each of the three signs.

    Ticket dismissed. Call the next case please….

    • Spell out the parking officer’s explanation. I would like to hear it.

    • This is the perfect explanation really. If it was no parking ever except on Tuesdays, then why do you need the bottom sign regarding no parking on Mondays. This is clearly meant to provide the parking space for residents who live there so that on Tuesdays, they can be sure they have a spot to move their vehicles so the other side of the street can be cleaned. The officer is wrong.

  • No parking between 7AM-8:30 PM on Tuesdays for everyone except for Zone 1 permit holders.

  • FWIW…

    I have a slightly different sign on my street. We normally park on the north side, except on street cleaning days where we park on the south side. The sign on the south side reads, “No Standing or Parking 7AM-6:30PM Monday-Friday”. Then, underneath that main sign, is another sign that reads, “Except Tuesday 7:00AM-7:00PM Zone 1 Permit Holders Only”

    So for my street, there’s no doubt that nobody can park on the south side on Monday; Tuesday-Friday from 7AM-6:30PM. But people with a Zone 1 sticker can park there Tuesdays, when the other side is being cleaned. Given the different language of the signs, I’d say the parking attendent is wrong.

    Regardless, it’s a really dumb and confusing sign.

  • Grammar: “Tuesdays”, not “Tuesday’s”

  • Ask Anita Bonds

  • Those signs say: “Ride a bike”

  • There’s one just as bad on my street.

    One sign pointing right: “No Standing or Parking Anytime”
    OK, that’s clear.

    Two signs pointing left: “No Standing or Parking Metro Bus Zone”
    AND “No Parking Except Sundays 8am – 2pm”

    Metro buses run on Sundays, too. So can you park to the left?
    And the towing must be done by different entities on Sundays, that sign lists a full phone number rather than 311.

  • you need a law degree to understand the stacked signs in this damn city.

  • Between the numerous, poorly worded signs on the street, conflicting signs on the meters (i.e. what the meter says and what the sticker on the bottom of the meter says), who knows where and when the F one can park in this city anymore? All I know is that it’s gonna cost you one way or the other since DC loves to gouge drivers.

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