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  • The gray and orange look wonderful together!

    • Prince,
      What a thrill! Thank you for showcasing the house. It was designed by famous Cap Hill architect Charles Gessford and built in 1890 with fantastic brick details and trimwork. It was already painted blue when I acquired it. ALL BLUE. Every square inch was blue. I decided to add black and white accents to the window details and dentil. Then I decided to really go for it by using metallic orange and silver on the ribbon and floret details, the scroll work above the windows, and the tops of the eyebrows which have a thin strip with ball details. Very few believed in me when I described my vision to them, and your attention to detail and taste has totally vindicated me! Thanks POP!

  • hey i know that house (and its people). great work 🙂

  • Aggressive paint choice…like a rainbow and a row house making sweet love.

  • You should meet the man that did all that artwork. He’s insanely talented.

  • Wow! I hope this inspires others to use more color on their houses

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