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  • Wow! Anyone know what it’s like inside? Does it have a vault?!

  • It’s been on the Capitol Hill House Tour. The inside is (or anyway then was) rather museum-like, very contemporary decor with a lot of modern art pieces in a room with a strikingly high ceiling that was once the bank lobby It was kind of hard to imagine arriving _there_ after a long day at work, grabbing a beer (I vaguely remember a glittering industrial-chic space that was technically a kitchen), plopping down on something that looks like a sculpture, and relaxing — but I suppose the inhabitants manage.

    • I hear you – I don’t know if I’d ever be able to fully relax with so much great modern art hanging around. “Lichtenstein is judging me!”

  • justinbc

    I found out about this home when I was house hunting and considering a commercial property to reconfigure. Happened upon the builder’s website who had done the work here, and it’s a remarkable makeover. Here’s some more info for anyone curious:


    • Thanks, JustinDC and Sherman – for the article and photos. I am a little disappointed at how sterile the interior turned out…seems like it could still be a very cool home but needs some warmth.

  • one of the most interesting properties in the city. I might have warmed it up a bit inside with different furniture, but anyway… this place is still a wet dream for me.

  • which interesection is the house located at? I live a few doors down from 8th and E Capitol and haven’t seen this property!

  • All I want to know is whether the day & night deposit box still leads to anything.

    • Ahh ha! From UrbanTurf:

      “The bank’s old night deposit box now serves as the mailbox. When the regular postman is on vacation, Mintz says the substitutes sometimes don’t know where to put the mail.”

  • It’s disappointing that they made very little effort to preserve its former identity as a bank on the inside. I guess some people are really into that tacky, 1980s-era interpretation of modernism. Ugh.

  • Did this used to be SunTrust bank?

  • I grew up going to this bank with my parents and rollerskating in the parking lot…I love that someone “saved” it!

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