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  • Wow, that is one boring ugly building.

  • This is great news! It’s about time the development in Silver Spring started making it’s way into the District. Hopefully the area between Silver Spring and Petworth gets a lot more development. Takoma DC is already starting to blow up. These neighborhoods don’t have as much public housing or gang related crime as the neighborhoods closer to downtown. With some more development they could be very attractive neighborhoods.

    • Ummmm, they ARE attractive neighborhoods. They have been for quite a while, I grew up in Shepherd Park and it’s always been a nice place. Lovely homes, nice families, etc. No one has slept on this neighborhood, trust.

      • Indeed, Shepherd Park has been stable, attractive, upscale, and integrated for more than fifty years. What Shepherd Park lacks now is retail and services within an easy walk. I have high hopes that this will lead to more redevelopment of the other underused spaces across the street. That said, I really hope there’s a way Morris Miller and Manoukian can stay in the immediate area.

        What we desperately need is to activate GA Ave and get a walkable streetscape all the way from the southern edge of downtown Silver Spring to the District. It’s SO CLOSE right now, but the gaps are significant for anyone contemplating walking the route alone, let alone strolling it for pleasure. I would guess this HT would attract customers from just across the District line at Montgomery College and the new condos at GA and EW Hwy, which will add to foot traffic along that stretch and support more of the nearby businesses both sides of the line.

  • Residential as in condos or overpriced luxury apartments federal employees can’t afford?

  • is that rendering a joke? cool that a supermarket is interested, cool there’s some activity going on there. i’m just going to assume the design is just a sketch and will get better as plans move forward.

  • So technically it would appear to be on the DC side of the line.

  • am I the only one who’s like…where the hell is that when I looked at the map? Not sure we have too many PoP readers around there.

    • really? morris miller is a landmark!

    • I must disagree, that’s about 6 blocks away from me, and i’ll be thrilled to have an alternative to the safeway at georgia and piney branch

    • I live closer to there than Petworth and I am thrilled I will have this new grocery store option! You should check out Shepherd Park, Takoma Park, Manor Park. Life up here in North Country is beautiful!

  • Ugly and something of a no mans land that won’t help Georgia Ave, Takoma Park or DTSS. Redoing the old Park-n-Shop (opposite side of the street) would be a better contribution to the area.

    • Rich, ugly or not, this puts a grocery store within a half-mile walkshed for pretty much all of Shepherd Park, the area SE of DTSS south of where Fenton really begins to be developed, and the neighborhood directly across Georgia from Shepherd Park, which is pretty isolated at the moment. Half a mile is “no-brainer” walking distance – I speak as a lazy person – so this will be a HUGE lifestyle improvement for Shepherd Park, where virtually everyone drives everywhere.

  • Is this instead of the Harris Teeter that was supposed to be part of the Falkland North redevelopment on East-West Hwy between 16th & Colesville?

  • This is good news. I’ve been living in the Takoma/Brightwood neighborhood for 6 years and love it. And with the eventual development of WRAMC and, dare I say it, Walmart, there will be a push to upgrade all the holes in the wall in between these superstructures along upper GA Ave.

    But really, I’m just relieved to know that the location for this new structure means that Nile Restaurant across the street can stay where it is!!

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