Good Deal or Not? “sunny loft” edition

3039 16th Street Northwest

This unit is located at 3039 16th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Gorgeous sunny loft w/ 2 story windows (+ electric blind), fireplace, bamboo floors, stainless kitchen, 2 blocks from Metro!! Common area Roof deck (staircase access) w/ stunning views. 2 blocks to Metro, walk to all that Columbia Hgts, Adams Morgan and Mt Pleasant have to offer! (Farmers Mkt Sat.) Big open Loft/bedroom on 2nd floor, and room for a den.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $539,000 ($441 monthly fee.)

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  • No thanks.

  • this building is so ugly, lets be cool and modern, we’ll use cinder blocks and have a random red pipe!

  • I think this is way overpriced for CoHi.

    1. bamboo floors. Why do people advertise those like it’s a good thing? They don’t last as long as hard wood floors because they’re soft wood and they aren’t even environmentally friendly because they’re shipped across the world to become that CoHi floor.

    2. Not a real 2 bedroom. Maybe I’d be okay with this price if there were really two bedrooms, or if it was in another part of town. But there aren’t and it isn’t. Don’t pretend like there are or it is.

    3. There’s something on the couch and it creeps me out. I know that’s not part of the deal, but it’s part of my deal.

    • Agreed with everything. But what do you mean there’s something on the couch? Are you referring to the last picture where there’s a suitcase on the couch?

  • How is bamboo environmentally unfriendly? Much bamboo is grown right here in the US – it grows like a weed! It especially grows well in Virginia and other mid-Atlantic areas.

    I’d rather people use bamboo than old growth hardwood. The bamboo can replace itself in a matter of a few years. Trees take forever to grow.

    • From what I understand, you’d be surprised how much bamboo is shipped from China. It’s supposedly better than the bamboo grown here, so maybe it’s worth the extra fossil fuels that it takes to ship it across the world.

  • I knew someone that lived in this building – had a bad roach problem, like really bad. Like a couple of exterminator visits a month bad. This was back in 2006 or so – may not be the case anymore.

  • how on earth do they get away with saying that a totally open loft with a bed is a bedroom?

  • A similar two bed, two bath unit sold in October for $455K (after being listed for $499K). I can’t see what would justify an additional $84,000 for this unit.

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