Good Deal or Not? “Price silly!” edition

1019 Florida Avenue Northeast

This house is located at 1019 Florida Avenue, NE:

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The listing says:

“Centered staircase creates serpentine effect; a smooth stretch that coils up in one pocket, extends to the next in one fluid movement.. Tempting in Eden. A winding road worth the trip w/scenic overlooks along the way. Curl up, cat-nap, in a sun-beamed bay…maybe indoor fetch? (bottle of red & 4 glasses please!) Warm wood, cool stone, industrial-strength systems + ultimate feature? Price silly!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $638,500.

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  • Priced low to create a bidding war… Doesn’t anyone watch Million Dollar Listing any more? 😛

  • It is low! I bet it will go for $50k more.

  • The price isn’t the only thing silly about that listing…

  • Form stone…….why???????????

    • because not everyone can afford tuckpointing.

    • I love formstone! I wouldn’t put it on my house now, but I love old formstone houses. Even ones that have been painted (except maybe the color of this house …).

    • Imagine the way Seinfeld says “Newman”.

      Ok, now… Formstone!

    • People thought it was a good look at the time.

      See also: wood-paneled basements, wood-paneled anything.

  • The listing agent needs to be put out of his misery :/

  • Good deal – my guess it goes for $700K net. That is based on the fact that you can see a roll up garage door out of the kitchen window. Without the secure parking spot I’d take $25K off my estimate.

  • if the near by trindad can go the rest of the year without a shooting then yes the price is reasonable

    • Shootings and other events tend to happen in the middle of Trinidad, or on the far end near Mt. Olivet cemetary. Florida Ave’s noisy, but pretty much fine otherwise.

    • ^yes. The only danger at this location is being run over by a motorist from Maryland.

  • This area is far more concentrated than petworth for one…
    In addition petworth is further behind in devt(yes projects are sprouting up all up and down ga ave but look at % wise…. much more of the H st atrea has been develpoed

  • andy

    I saw this on a real estate listings site, and given the writeup, I knew this would make it on PoP.

  • Btw, nice house. I bet it fetches over $700k.

  • Faison’s writeups make me crazy. And not in a good “I’m crazy for buying this house!” way.

  • i’m guessing they put in some good sound buffering windows? fl ave is LOUD.

  • So I don’t understand the description at all. Being new to the area (and shopping for a house…with great difficulty), I’d like to say that we actually rely on real estate listings to actually convey REAL info about house and neighborhood. Seems the market is crazy enough that at least this realtor doesn’t feel that is necessary. I find it really annoying. Maybe entertaining for blog readers – but for serious buyers it’s just plain not helpful.

    • justinbc

      Tom Faison is the listing agent. His descriptions are pretty universally absurd, and make for interesting discussions here as well. He also has a habit of listing some pretty nice properties, from what I’ve seen, that usually go well over listing price. Although that last item may have more to do with the market than his silly descriptors.

  • I see a freestanding clothes armoire in the MBR–does that mean that it doesn’t have a closet? Big, big minus if so…

  • justinbc

    They just dropped the price on this place by ~$40K to $599K. Apparently the market did not think it was a good deal.

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