Good Deal or Not? “maintains its historic charm” edition


This house is located at 1000 Monroe St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Beautifully renovated home that maintains its historic charm. Corner lot with large windows, multiple patios/balconies, new boiler, hardwood floors, granite, stainless steel, chef’s dream gas range, too much to list. Blocks to 2 metros, shops & restaurants. Gracious living in the heart of the city. Click on “virtual tour” link for more photos & floor plans. OFFERS DUE TUESDAY.”

You can see the virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $650,000.

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  • Gorgeous house! I’m guessing this will be bid up quite a bit.

  • Seems underpriced for the location, although perhaps because the basement is unfinished? If I was in the market I’d be interested! Love all the original features!!

  • justinbc

    I really like this place, especially all the wood work around doors, transoms, and living room ceiling. Curious what brand that “dream range” is, as I just went through the process of picking one out for my new kitchen and I definitely don’t recognize it. Corner lot = big bonus as well.

  • I walked by this place this morning and wondered what it was selling for. Seems like a very good deal.

  • Unfinished basement + no yard. I’d say it’s priced just right.

  • The only reason I can think of why this isn’t priced higher is that it sits on a tiny lot.

  • Very nice – seems priced about right. The kitchen looks awkward but forgivable for a small space. But why oh why would anyone ever have those sliding shower doors on the bathtub??? They are always- incurably -disgusting. All those wet tracks and cracks to get mildewy. Seriously, if I see a house with these I gag and leave immediately.

  • Compared to a lot of 2 story row houses – the houses on this street are larger – over 1800 sq ft. Most I see on POP are in the 1300-1500 range.
    But it is not totally “finished” – no central A/C, no finished basement. I’m curious how much that affects the price.

  • We looked at this house when it was on the market maybe 5, 6 years ago? While the price seems good for the area (and was at the time we looked at it too- I recall being in the 5s) we passed because:

    1- absolutely no yard or lot
    2. very awkward layout- a lot of unusable space and the rooms did not give you many options for furniture arrangements
    3. Tiny, awkward kitchen. I can deal with a small kitchen, we have one now. But this one is tiny and has a really weird layout. Couldn’t really have more than one person in there at a time and never more than one door to anything open at a time.
    4. Unfinished basement and quality of reno upstairs was eh.
    5. No AC

  • Ugly awkward kitchen. The trim is painted brown, it’s not natural. The bedrooms appear tiny. There’s no yard.

    So… if this goes for $650k, it says GREAT things for the value of my own house.

  • You’ve got to do something with that back for security. On the alley like that is a big target for public toileting & robbery.

    On a different note, could that little sidewalk area be used for off-street parking? It’d have to be a small car, but still, that’d be valuable.

    The house comps at $650k b/c of the 4 bds, 2.5 bath more than any other detail in the house.

    I’d be it actually goes for right around that. Most people with more money would better details, all that brown painted woodwork would bother me a lot.

    Clearly they expect a bidding war though at that price point by stating in all caps that offers are due Tuesday. In this market for a proper single family home, they may well get the bidding war too, despite the lack of A/C, zero semblance of a yard and unfinished basement.

    Look forward to seeing what it goes for.

  • Looks gorgeous, but the lot is incredibly tiny and isn’t even fenced off from the alley. Seems like the house would be pretty vulnerable to break-ins from the back.

  • Does anyone understand why the bathroom in the otherwise unfinished basement is beautifully renovated while the upstairs bathroom is just “meh”?

    • My guess is they put that full bath in downstairs because it bumps them up into the next comp of pricing. 1.5 baths limits what you’ll be able to list for. So since they put the bath in, they at least made it nice.

  • Nice looking place, but:
    – No AC
    – No parking
    – Awkward shaped rooms
    – Low basement ceilings (too low to convert to rental w/o digging out)
    – Alley pee-ers

    I’d say it’s priced about right. My guess is that it goes for high sixes.

  • I’m going to guess this goes for somewhere around $365 a sq/ft, which would put the final sales price right around 695K.

  • Also a very busy street with nonstop traffic, although may not bother some.

  • Also, no closet to speak of in any of the rooms (two rooms lack any; one is less than a foot deep), so that effectively reduces the already-smal rooms as you need additional furniture there. Pictures looked pretty good, but after seeing it, not so sure.

  • This house is now listed as being “under contract”. Anyone know how much it went for??

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