Good Deal or Not? “Logan Circle’s biggest secret” edition

1330 S Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1330 S Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Logan Circle’s biggest secret! Exquisite & Modern 4 level condo townhome situated in the heart of Logan Circle. Steps to Metro, shopping, restaurants and night life. Low condo fee! Total renovation! Fourth level master suite w/ walk in closets & private bathroom. Tons of living space, front and rear yards, off street secured parking and much more…Open Sun 1 to 4pm.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/3 bath his going for $895,000 ($188 monthly fee.)

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  • The real value here is going to be when some developer tries to buy out the association to build a 8 story building on the site.

    • already happened. a developer offered $800K for each unit in this government-subsidized development. but the offer, understandably, was contingent on all of the units accepting. they did not and now at least three of them are on the market

      • Oh I know about the previous offers. I’m talking about waiting for the eventual Vito Corleone offer – it will happen. There’s too much potential value in the 14th Street corridor.

      • fyi… this is NOT govt subsidized. it was built by govt then sold directly to the occupants. It is now officially privately owned. And yes, the hoa requires 100% approval for any sale of the entire property. There is at least 1 owner who is defiant.

  • ughhhhh……there are now 3 of these public housing-esque units on the market, all in the same price range (2 on S Street, and 1 on 11th Street – part of the same brown brick Frontiers complex)…… who would spend that kind of money on what looks like public housing?!?! I just don’t get it — will they ever find a buyer?!?

    • The place looks nice enough inside and a great neighborhood–and likely to eventually be bought for a bundle for development, so someone will definitely buy it…

  • i don’t care if this place is plated with 18 carat gold on the inside, this is a bad deal

  • Rough looking outside… but great interiors. Plus 1 to what JS said too.

  • Never understood how folks are able to cash in on these places. Hasn’t Frontiers been a subsidized co-op?

  • Looks like subsidized housing from the outside.

  • All condos and apartments built in the 70s looks like public housing–I think it is due to the tiny windows. There was an energy crisis ya know…

    Zero curb appeal but surprisingly nice inside.

    It will be interesting to watch how this plays out.

    Location, location, location!

    • Not so sure the interiors are that nice. You’d really need to see the unit in person to see how much damage/wear the photographs are hiding.

      Mostly what I see is some pretty nice staging.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I used to live in a 1970’s townhouse in Annandale and couldn’t put my finger on what made the neighborhood look so sketchy. I think it was the tiny windows!

    • Interiors look nice, but with the tiny windows and the tiny entertaining space (no dining room for $900K? no thank you) there’s no way I would pay this much even if I had the money.

      The back yard is the best feature imho. But if the HOA requirements are as restrictive as somebody else implied (only chain link fences) I’d be wary of not being able to have anything back there except grass. Which sort of defeats the purpose of outdoor space.

  • i think this place looks nice, on the inside anyway.
    backyard. parking. renovated. one of the best neighborhoods in dc ( imo)

    while not a great deal, this is a great place.

  • I thought these were the public housing units in the Logan area that people complained about. I guess not. Location is great but for $800K I’d like a little bit more something.

    • you’re thinking of R street between 14th and 15th

      • The R Street buildings aren’t public housing, but are likely subsidized — either with Low Income Housing Tax Credits or some type of project-based voucher. Frontiers used to be public housing several decades ago, but it was converted to homeownership in the past 15 or so years. The program was called Turnkey (and then some Roman numeral, II maybe but I can’t remember). I wasn’t in the field when the conversions started (it was a really long process), but if I recall, there is some recapture provision in the documents, so that some of the profit that the original subsidized owner makes has to be paid back. For subsequent owners, profits are fair game — which is why I don’t think it’s a limited-equity coop either, but I could be wrong about that.

  • Oh FFS people, there are not public housing buildings. It was rental housing in the 70’s, became condos in 1998, and now it’s 54 privately owned homes.

    In 2011, a developer offered $810k for the S streets units (contingent on a zoning overlay).

    • From the article you linked: “The condominiums look like public housing units—and they are, built in 1977 by the National Capital Housing Authority.”

    • Why would someone spend almost a million dollars on something that was built 40 years ago and looks like public housing (from the outside), when you can spend that much and get something that’s brand new or Victorian rowhouse for the same price in the neighborhood?

      • To tear down every single one and build multiple times as many $800,000 condos.

      • Where can you get something nicer for the same price here? This was the upper end of our price range when we were looking in 2009-2011, and we only found one house in Logan Circle that met our budget and didn’t need to be completely gutted (and that one was super-tiny). I don’t know what the market’s like now but I can’t imagine prices have gone down since then.

      • Please show me something new or a victorian row home that you can purchase in Logan Circle for $895K. The only thing you can get for under a million in the area is a condo. Even 10 blocks east of here you would be hard pressed to find an entire row home for under $895K.

    • They’re not now, but they were in the no-too-distant past.

  • What the hell is that thing hanging over the towels in the bathroom? Cat o’ nine tails?

  • I thought these units were built or at least rehabbed by Manna Inc. in the late 80s or early 90s. My old roommate at the time was a carpenter for Manna, and I’m sure he did work on these places. What gives? Are we getting rid of ALL affordable housing in this city? Sheeesh…

  • well, they did a nice staging job. too bad the outside doesn’t match the inside. i’m all for a newer building!

  • Bad deal. It’s a perfectly nice unit inside, but you are paying Logan Circle townhouse prices, and living in a townhouse-style property, but with all of the drawbacks of a condo. The HOA won’t let you modify the facade or that fugly front door, you can’t fence your yard with anything other than that chain link, and you will have an HOA payment every month for the rest of time.

    I’d rather take my million bucks and buy a house I can do whatever I want with (within the guildelines of any applicable historic overlay, of course) that’s of a similar size in a similar location that has no HOA and no HOA fees. A million dollars buys a lot of very nice homes in Logan that look a hell of a lot better on the outside, won’t be mistaken for public housing, and may even have the added bonus of additional income from a rental unit in the basement. That way I can invest my $2,400 a year in something I’d rather have instead of HOA dues. Plus, if you really look at it, the extra $200 each month would give you greater purchasing power to begin with.

    On top of that, that particular complex does seem to have a crime issue. I remember PoP reporting on a handful of crimes stemming from that complex or happening right in front of it last summer and the summer before.

  • Charmless on both the inside and outside. That’s a vanilla renovation, if I ever saw one. Sheesh.

  • Liar liars liars

    “situated in the heart of Logan Circle”

    S St is the northern most border of Logan, it ain’t the heart of it.

    The condo is lovely, but 900K is a tad pricey. I would love to live in it though.

  • This unit is so typical of the neighborhood. People with expensive taste paid next to nothing for these places back when you really needed those bars on the windows, spent twice what they paid for the place on overdecorating it, and now they’re trying to sell for an obscene amount. Nobody is going to pay this much for it unless they’re planning on tearing down the whole row.

  • I thought Logan Circle’s biggest secret was that it was gay.

  • I can only imagine the offers that they get…… I’m guessing 400-500K less than list. For that price, maybe you get to live in it for 2-5 years then sell (be forced to move) when a developer pays out. Until then, it’s all speculation on an offer.

    • #1 developer literally can’t force you out, they can only make it worth your while

      #2 your estimate of what this will sell for is hilarious

      • #2 well considering its not going to sell, does it really matter? Also it wasn’t an estimate of worth. It was guessing what crap offers they will get.

      • When u list a property for a crazy high price, you get crazy low offers. This list price is comical if u know anything about this complex.

        Others have been on the market forever.

      • Geo. Washngton U somewhere around Eye Street had to build around a row house that refused to sell. I admired the owner’s tenacity. I have not been by in a while. Maybe it’s gone now.

    • I don’t know about that. It’s really hard to find a rowhouse in Logan for under a million. People with a smaller budget who are determined to live in Logan Circle, and not in an apartment-style condo, might jump on this.

  • I’ve lived here for 35 years and always thought these units were part of a public housing complex. Go figure…

  • Friend got mugged walking on S st in front of these once subsidized housing a couple years ago. He got two black eyes.

  • justinbc

    Horrible deal.

    Someone buying a $900K property can probably afford a million dollar one as well, the difference isn’t as great in that range. And with what you could find in the million dollar range this place becomes significantly less attractive than it already is.

  • Lipstick on a pig…

  • What’s with that one shower? $900K and I have to stand out in the open to take a shower?

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