Good Deal or Not? “corner unit with brand new kitchen” edition

1615 Q Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1615 Q Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom corner unit with brand new kitchen, exposed brick wall, large living/dining room, spacious bedroom, tons of closet space. Building has a rooftop with incredible views of the city, front desk and pets allowed. Walking distance to Safeway, Restaurants, Bars, Metro and all that Dupont, Adams Morgan and U Street have to offer.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $324,500 ($405 monthly fee.)

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  • Spacious? It’s a tiny unit with a Pullman kitchen. I’ve seen others like it. The Cairo was built has a hotel and many units are small and semi-impractical except as a during the week type place.

  • It’s a box for the price of a 3br house. No thanks.

    • There are three bedroom houses for sale in Dupont for $325k? I need to get on that!

      • Haha, yeah really! Where are these houses you speak of?!!

      • I know it comes as a complete shock to some people, but yes, there is life beyond Dupont!

        • Granted you don’t have to live in Dupont, but we are talkign about whether this apartment in thios location is a good deal. the only way the comment about getting a house for that price makes sense is if we are talking about a house in Dupont or similar neighborhood.

          Per redfin there are two house in NW DC that are 3 bedroom for less than 325,000 and one of them doesn’t even have any interior pictures which leads me to believe it needs lots of work. Yes you can live elsewhere, but someone looking to live in Dupont probably doesn’t want to live as far out as required to afford a house for that much moeny.

        • Good heavens, THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

          I don’t live in Dupont. There’s no point in comparing $325k DC houses with Dupont condos, because they are *not the same*, hence the price differences. This pointless comparison is like a broken damn record on PoP, and it’s absurd!!

          • +1

            You can get a McMansion out side of Dallas for $250k, ergo this condo in Dupont MUST be overpriced.

          • tonyr

            There’s a place in Cleveland (2207 Seymour Avenue) coming on the market soon. You could pick it up really cheap. I hear there’s a motivated seller.

  • I think $290 sounds more reasonable

  • Wow! That’s one cheap brand new kitchen. God.Awful.

  • I saw one of the apartments in the Cairo on House Hunters! Forgot how much it was going for, but the kitchen was completely redone. It was nicer, but like this apartment, the layouts are just so weird and not functional. I see from Rich above that this building was built as a hotel which explains a lot.

    SPOILER ALERT: The girl chose a condo in the Car Barn building in Cap Hill instead.

    • Whoa, there’s an episode where the buyer actually has taste and isn’t looking for a McMansion in the suburbs?

      • Ha, I know, right? So many of those episodes are families looking for enormous 5 bedroom houses in the suburbs of Dallas or wherever. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t make for very exciting TV. “Oh honey, this house ONLY has a 3 car garage and we really need a 4 car garage.” Those people drive me nuts!

      • Yep, I saw that episode of HH too…there was also another DC-focused one with a young-ish couple looking to move out of their high-rise rental downtown. They looked at a place in Kalorama and near Old Town, Alexandria, I think…can’t remember the third house. But yeah, the typical buyers on that show are going for size versus location.

      • I loved the episode when a couple chose the house with less desirable layout and a much worse commute because they really liked the light fixtures in the dining room and hallway.

      • There have been a few episodes where people were actually looking in DC, and not the far-out suburbs. Besides the ones already mentioned, there was a guy who looked at two places in DC and one in Arlington, and I think he picked a condo in Eckington. There was also a woman who looked at three places in DC and ended up buying one in SW, and another woman who bought a place near U Street somewhere.

        (I watch waaaay too much House Hunters.)

    • Saw that one too. **SPOILER ALERT** Her friend thought the Cairo wasn’t urban enough, but thought one on H Street was too urban and too much of a transitional neighborhood.

      • The friend’s reaction to H St was hilarious. She was all like “when I pictured a transitioning neighborhood, I thought it would be more transitioned than this”

        • Ha! I remember that one. The friend was absolutely ridiculous. I was just glad to see an episode of HH in which the buyer “looking for a home in DC” was actually IN DC. Too often they’re showing the Capitol dome, the Mall, Dupont Circle–and the people are looking in freakin Herndon or something.

          I’ve always loved this building.

        • justinbc

          That girl’s reaction to the H St area was absurd, especially given that she was the one supposedly pushing her into buying in a “transitional” neighborhood. The place she wound up buying looked boring as hell.

    • I saw that episode as well! I knew it was this building!

  • I liked that episode of HH for the same reasons others have mentioned. I’ve seen one or two others that were in DC proper – very fun when you know exactly what street or what building they are looking at. As for this place, I think it will get this price or a little higher. A small 1br/1ba in my building (18th & California) just sold for $337,500 (over asking price, according to the report in the April sales post), and its kitchen wasn’t redone.

  • A bit too much for me, but it’s worth noting that not everyone wants a house and it’s a great location so I’m sure it will get that price.

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