Good Deal or Not? “Bright southern exposure” edition

1517 Caroline Street Northwest

This house is located at 1517 Caroline Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Spacious 2BR + den townehome on quiet and serene Caroline Street. Bright southern exposure & large windows, separate dining and living rooms, KI w/ gas cooking all leading to private terrace and secured off street parking. In addition there are two deco FPs, HWFs, W/D and new windows throughout. Below there is a full lower level with generous storage”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/ 1 bath is going for $795,000.

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  • Maybe this is me being nitpicky (the above description could even be a typo, but still) but a pet peeve of mine is when people add an unnecessary “e” to the word town. Townehome? People do it with Old Town (Olde Towne) Alexandria and it drives me bonkers.

    Btw, that kitchen… yikes.

  • Nearly $800k seems absurd, but it’ll be a great comp for when my house goes on the market next month.

    BTW- that bathroom isn’t updated.

  • justinbc

    It looks really out of date, but nearly 2000 sqft of space in this area of NW DC seems like a decent deal at under $800K. Dedicated parking is definitely a bonus here too. Agreed that the kitchen is just terrible.

    • justinbc

      Only one bathroom for all of that space seems a bit odd though.

      • Assuming this place hasn’t undergone any major renovations it’s not odd at all. A typical DC 2-level “four square” townhouse only had 1 full bath upstairs when it was built.

  • For $800k, I sure as hell need more than one bathroom.

  • bfinpetworth

    Something is off – either the square footage is exaggerated or this is one very odd house.

    • They must be counting the basement… and even still, I suspect the numbers might be off. Maybe it was supposed to be 908 and not 1,908?

      My house is supposed to have ~2,000 square feet (above grade), and it has THREE above-ground levels with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

    • The tax record lists 1423 sq ft. The listing shows 1908 finished sq ft. I wonder if they’re including the basement, which I presume isn’t finished.

  • Awesome yard and beautiful outside. The inside isn’t nice in my opinion and the kitchen is definitely a yikes. Almost $800K but the location is fantastic. I’m sure someone who wants to be in that area will overlook the outdated bathroom and kitchen.

  • according to the DC tax property database, this place is 1272SF. So that’s $625/SF. Or if you value parking at $35K, then $597/SF.

    The median SF price in 20009 (per Redfin) is $544.

    So definitely not a deal. But this is DC after all, there’s no such thing as a good deal.

  • Not bad. I see they are getting a senior citizen homestead deduction, so just someone finally cashing in.

    First list price was $839K, so apparently it didn’t sell in the normal 5 days in DC. That says to me that it doesn’t show very well.

    Still, getting an entire house under $800K in this area is fairly rare. It probably needs a decent amount of updating, but not unreasonable.

  • This property was listed at $840K last week. Also, according the the DC Office of Tax and Revenue, the living space square footage is 1,272, so the 1,908 SF listed must include the storage basement.

  • Rather small rooms. The dining table is small, yet has limited space around it. The master bedroom also seems small. The kitchen isn’t fancy, but those are cheap 20-25 year old cupboards. Not clear if it’s just the one bathroom. Given the lack of an income unit, a small place like this is probably a bit overpriced, esp. w/o more in the way of obvious updates. The flooring looks original in at least some places and should be more of a selling point.

  • Looks like it was kept up if not necessarily updated – at least the kitchen. Realtor did a nice job with the photos and staging so there is nothing overtly scarey or off-putting there.

    I would say that that house sells and to a buyer who would live in it an not a flipper because I don’t think there is enough there for a flipper to make real money on and it isn’t being offered at a rock bottom price because it needs a lot of work. I don’t know that I think it will sell at that price but I don’t think it will sell for all that much less.

  • Why is there an airplane at 16th and S?

  • You can’t win in PoPville. Here everyone is complaining about the kitchen being dated, usually the complaints (that I chime in on occasionally) are that it’s a cheap and badly flipped kitchen. Personally, I’d rather buy with a dated kitchen I could renovate to my own taste than pay for a new kitchen that I hated but couldn’t justify ripping out.

  • consider it sold.

  • Oh, I’ve always wanted to live on Caroline Street! 🙂 This is a really good price for the location and I actually like the simple white kitchen. You could probably squeeze in a half bath somewhere if you really needed it. As someone else noted, it’s not unusual for an old house to only have one bathroom. We saw a lot in Capitol Hill that were like that.

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